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Top 14 Web Frameworks Used By Developers In 2020

Associations today need to have strong online perceivability, and for that building, a website is an urgent assignment. The web and the computerized world are progressing incessantly and creating at a significant rate. With this steady development and advancement, things are done essentially another route today with scope for experimentation.

Follow Smart Web Development Process and for the work hire best php web developers.

The new-age customer isn’t successfully amazed. Having an online presence isn’t adequate to build all of the points of interest that it can procure. The customers today envision that you should remain educated concerning the latest examples and on the off chance that you fail to do, all things considered, they will remove you as a brand that is old and not appropriate today.

This is certainly why your web designers need to keep over the latest examples identifying with the web development structure. You would give you a progressively noticeable opportunity to stay in a condition of agreement with the most recent advancements and the chances of your turnovers sliding down are fundamentally limited.

Directly, different web advancement frameworks are open for you to investigate and to locate the one that suits you the best can change into a terrible dream on the off chance that you didn’t have the foggiest thought where to begin. You can likewise employ PHP web designers for work.

Here’s a rundown of the most notable web advancement frameworks:

Zend Framework

Zend is a thing organized web structure that relies upon deft methodology and worked for the development of huge business-level applications. The structure is known for being particularly fast, secure, and extendable. It suggests that this extraordinary web advancement structure is open for customization. Designers who are needing to look at including some endeavor explicit limits with least item consider Zend to be perfect for them, as the structure holds quick to PHP best practices.

The structure targets adventure applications, which is the explanation it has features like affirmation, benefits, and even structures. It has a streamlined article administrator to help the designers. It has very helpful coding devices, online investigating apparatuses and an adaptable interface that is perfect for making bewildered destinations. Be that as it may, regardless of all these effective apparatuses and features Zend isn’t commonly seen as a mind-blowing fast web application advancement structure, and that is on the grounds that it isn’t among the clearest of the frameworks to learn.


This is one of the more consistent frameworks and is impeccable to be used for adventures that are of a higher multifaceted nature. Utilizing this structure, designers gain the ability to gather locales that can change as the business necessities advance with time. Any business would be naturally one of a kind, and working up a site that doesn’t have the option to change, would not do well for long. It contains a great deal of PHP portions, a network, and an application structure that can work truly well pair to empower the locales to accomplish their goals.

Angular JS

One of the most standard and clearly got frameworks – Angular.js starts from the mechanized mammoth of the day, Google. It is a JavaScript open-source framework that can help you with making single site page applications using an MVC (Model-Controller-View) plan. It isn’t commonly a full-stack framework, yet you can consider it as a front-end structure which is unbelievable for managing your Webpages. In the event that you are building an online business site page, it is huge that you have Angular.js in your tool kit for unprecedented results.


An open-source JavaScript library, React.js is kept up by Facebook while being supported by a huge network of designers. Despite the fact that it is an online business webpage development device, React.js is particularly important in the advancement of UI for website applications.

It is furthermore entrancing that React is after a short time going to dispatch React Fiber – a reimplementation of ReactJs’ middle computation. This is conclusively why it is through and through criticalness to join React.js in your once-over of apparatuses when you are out to make a great web business website.

Cake PHP

A PHP framework is likely the most proper concerning electronic business site development, and CakePHP is supported by most designers with respect to picking one of the better apparatuses in the formed PHP position. A popular framework, CakePHP, is made on the MCV (Model-Controller-View) model. Makes CakePHP particularly entrancing that the code for all your progressively settled endeavors may be reused through it. This subsequently ends up saving the engineers a wreck of time and money by quickening the whole system of web development.


This is likely the most notable framework worked by Microsoft and has made sense of how to get the respect of engineers from wherever all through the world. Set up in the year 2002, Asp.net is especially well known due to its ability to make energetic and dynamic destinations, site pages, and even electronic interfaces. Believe it or not, a mind-boggling number of associations from the world over support Asp.net and view it as the best development in site development.


Node.js is firmly the best when you are planning to build a lightweight yet especially viable site. It is uncanny how perfectly well its capacities with consistent applications that have an enormous proportion of data experiencing on passed on devices. Node.js is more than an unimportant framework. It can ensure flexibility and brisk framework applications as they are prepared for overseeing diverse applications all the while without choosing execution.

Yii Framework

In its substance, Yii Framework is strikingly similar to Asp.net. In any case, the structure is particularly worthy in making applications for frameworks that need a particular dullness in tasks and follows the Rapid Application Development (RAD) thought. This suggests the framework enables designers to get their applications in a ‘not too bad to go’ organize in a genuinely short timeframe. Besides, it moreover credits you and straightforward data movement utility so you can upgrade or scale down the application shapes on various foundations.


Meteor, a JavaScript-based framework engages speedy programming development, and that is really why it is so popular. A full-stack JavaScript framework, Meteor is made out of a collection of libraries and groups bundled together. The structure needs altogether fewer codes which continues to show that there would be much lesser bugs and a thing that would be significantly flexible. This is what makes this framework especially invaluable for web business web application development.


In the event that you are planning to manage the back-end electronic business web advancement instruments, Laravel is one of the apparatuses that are a level out must work in your tool kit. Since it was first settled in 2011, it has recently demonstrated exceptional assurance by passing on inconceivable results for the engineers on the planet over. An open-source PHP based framework, Laravel is worked with the arrangement of making only the best quality applications. The structure offers a framework that is outfitted with a dedicated dependence chief, has an inclination towards syntactic sugar, and assistants in the application backing and sending. This is definitively why Laravel is seen as the best PHP based structure and is seen as one of the most noteworthy frameworks in building an online business webpage.


One of the most trusted and create JavaScript web development frameworks; Ember has grown rapidly since its release in 2011. The framework has made sense of how to develop its effect wherever all through the field of web development. The inside features of the stage consolidate serious affiliation, pushed a version of the official’s framework and support of both the latest and the more prepared advances at the same time. The structure lets you make properties out of limits, and this segment ends up being helpful while working with ties. Ember has an incredible reputation with respect to making snared web applications and has been used by associations like Google, Microsoft, Netflix, and Heroku.


Django is an outstanding structure with respect to building quality web applications. The structure was made to satisfy rapidly moving newsroom time limitations while ensuring that in any case, they fulfill the mentioning essentials of arranged web designers. Designers support Django in light of the fact that they find it incredibly fast, secure, versatile, and adaptable. The language used in the structure is Python, and the destinations that have been made utilizing this framework consolidates Disqus, Pinterest, Instagram, and Quora.


Express.js moreover called Express is a framework known for being irrelevant and versatile. The structure offers a chipper game plan of features for both web and portable applications. As I referenced previously, the framework is commonly unimportant, which infers that countless features are available as modules. The framework is known for fitting the development of web applications reliant on Node.js. The structure is a basic section of the MEAN programming gathering. The framework uses JavaScript as the language and has been utilized by destinations like Storify, Myspace, and LearnBoost.

Active Server Pages

Active Server Pages (ASP) which later came to be known as Classic ASP or ASP Classic is the essential server-side substance engine from Microsoft that is used for logically made site pages. It utilizes server-side scripting for making content that is then sent to the client’s web program. The site pages made with ASP Classic are not impacted by the kind of program used by the visitor on your site. Despite the fact that the default scripting language utilized here is VBScript, yet you can.

Author Bio:

Sunny Chawla is a Hiring Director at Alliance International – an IT Recruitment Agency. He specializes in hire php programmer online, staffing, HR services, and Careers advice service for overseas and international businesses.

Top 6 Mistakes to Avoid in Your First Android App Development

Android is not a new name to most of us.  It is the mobile development application developed by Google. The basis of the creation of Android is a modified version of the Linux Kernel and many other open source software. It is designed mainly for touchscreen mobile devices.

Google has also successfully developed Android TV, Android Auto for cars, and Wear OS for watches. The other variants of Android include game consoles, digital cameras, PCs and other electronics.

Android Software development is the development of many new applications created for the devices supporting Android.  It can be written using Koltin, Java, and C++ languages using SDK. Nowadays it is quite easy to learn app development through various courses available on the Internet. But with a large number of apps already in the world, you need to learn to outshine yourself through your application.

As a beginner in android development, a few things must be taken into account while creating the first application. You may have gained enough technical knowledge about the languages and many more to create an application of yours but at the same time, you need to look up for other factors like user needs marketing, app features, brand promotion and many more. This, app development is not an easy task and one needs to be proficient enough to create one.

Over time a lot of changes have occurred in this field from the way the app is developed to their distribution. The app development industry is an ever-growing industry, full of intelligent designers. As you have to face a highly competitive market, you must be careful while performing your works.

Developing an application on android is a process that takes time and effort. Being new to this area, making mistakes would be normal. All you have to do is learn from the mistakes and avoid them later on.

As you know android is open source but at times a lot of things can go wrong in the Android development process. At times a designer can perform some mistakes highly affecting the development of the app. Thus, being an app developer you need to work hard on filling the potholes that exist in your app and try to avoid mistakes to be able to compete in the competitive world.

In this article, we will discuss 6 mistakes you need to avoid as an application developer. The article covers all those major causes that have many times let app developers down. Voiding these mistakes may surely serve as a great help to you while working with your application. The major mistakes include:

Mistake 1: Creating an app with too many features

Being an application developer, you may be tempted to solve dozens of problems. You must be willing to add as many as features possible to your android app.

But you must keep one thing in mind they this is something really difficult to achieve and this may even lead to failure.

Always remember the principle of keeping everything simple. Your main focus should be on trying to do only one thing and do that in the correct way.

The major reasons why you need to avoid too many features include:

  • Too many features can also affect your app performance and make the app clumsy and heavier. This may lead to user uninstalling your application, which is what you would never want.
  • Too many features make the app heavier and thus making it slower.
  • Too many features may also require additional resources leading to the only drainage of resources.

Mistake 2: Lack of Research Work

It is equally important to know about the audience you are going to target. At times, people think they have a great app and only to realize that is has been in the market for a long time ago. So in order to succeed and stand out in competition, you must strive to prove unique and distinct solutions.

You must be known to app pricing, business models, common features, new trends etc. You must go for all the topics and research that let you know about your potential users and target groups. You must survey and get understanding of what audience needs, how they engage on mobile and what factors drive them to use an app repeatedly.

About 1,000 apps are released every day, giving a tough competition. But the companies perform a major mistake by not performing a test for their app before releasing it into the public.

The test helps you know where you stand, what are the improvements audience expects and what are chances of failure. Thus testing, will not only solve the company’s fame and promote positive growth.

Mistake 3: No Proper Marketing Strategy

The majority of apps display ads to make profits. They even display ads of other apps. Ad Mob is the official advertising platform from Google. It helps you in understanding the traffic and performance of the application. This also helps in building an app business.

Today, mobile app marketing needs to take a start while the app is under development. As it is named, Pre-launch marketing must be started before the app is launched. It is quite crucial for your app because creating a buzz is necessary in the marketplace before the app actually hits the world of competition.

The following tips must be followed for pre-marketing of your app:

  • First, decide the basics of your app including the app concept, name, and logo and design elements. Build a small website for your app and publish content on the app.
  • Create social profiles and business pages in the name of your app. Publish regular posts promoting your upcoming app. You also go for adverts, promotional campaigns, and feedbacks for your application engaging your audience.
  • After establishing the website, try to reach your loyal audience by email marketing, direct messaging and banners.
  • Try contacting the influencers and take them in the loop about the upcoming app data.
  • Try launching the app as big as possible by colliding it with a big event. Go for the public press release, run media ads and collect your audiences in the launch event.

Mistake 4: Forgetting about Battery Usage of app

The effect of your app on the battery life of the android also determines whether users decide to uninstall or retain it. You must understand that users need to have a good experience with your application without their devices running out of power. Power consumption by the app plays a vital role in determining how much your app is going to be successful.

You must also take care of the app draining battery life when the app is not in use. Checking how your app affects battery life will prevent you from many inconveniences.

Mistake 5: Post-Launch Improvements of the application

After launching your app in the market, you must think of improving your application from time to time to fix possible loopholes. You must also try to provide new features that keep the users bided to you.

Always remember that users always want more and better things to compete with new and different applications coming into the market. You can ask your customers to review your app and ask them about the changes they wish to see in your application. You can also ask them the drawbacks that they find in your app and accordingly try to improve your application.

You can also rely on the comments you are getting on Google Play Store.

Mistake 6: Developing application for several platforms

It is better to admit that every subsequent app which is about to be published has to face tremendous competition from millions of app in the market (Google Play and Apple App Store). These two platforms own biggest share of market presence are targeted by most developers. But as an app takes huge cost and effort involved in building and marketing for any of these marketplaces, it is only advisable to build an app for one platform at a time and not for both at once. When you focus on single product, your time to market will be minimized.

Moreover, in building for both platforms at once you need to engage with both versions of the app at the same time. Let us consider an example. If you wish to change certain design aspects or features you need to do it do changes simultaneously on both the platforms. So it is better to build to a perfect app on one platform and then porting it to other after a certain span of time.

So, the next time you decide to go for app development, you must take care of the following mistakes and try avoiding them so as to ensure a good success for your app in the marketplace.

Hope this article helps you in understanding the common mistakes made by android developers.

Author Bio:

Denny Kelly is a Marketing Manager at AIS Technolabs which is Web design and Development Company, helping global businesses to grow. I would love to share thoughts on uber clone android and Game Design Development etc.

10 Web Design Tips to Boost UX Conversion

If you want to convert your website visitors into regular customers, then you should focus on e-commerce web design.  An ideal e-commerce website should be easily accessible to the user. Not only that, it should be user-friendly at all times to accommodate purchases and as hassle-free as possible. Even if your site may have good advertisements, it still cannot retain visitors if it is not made appropriately for sales.

You might also be letting your budget for advertisements slip if your visitors leave your site the moment it loads, which is why it is important to consider the appearance and feel of the website. After all, the first impression lasts.

What does UX have to do with conversions?

The UX of a website is almost like the customer experience of the visitor.  More often than not, they leave because of poor website UX. If it becomes too much of a hassle and disrupts the visitor’s interest, it will most likely lose an opportunity to convert them into a customer that is why the sales design of a UX is important in conversion.

Your e-commerce store should be user-friendly for the visitor. One factor is the quality of the images you use for your products. It should be of the highest quality possible to attract a visitor’s attention. Not only that, but a good UX can also convince the customer to visit your website again and repurchase from the store.

Overall, it affects the user experience and improves your e-commerce conversions. This article will help you with this dilemma. Here’s how to design your e-commerce store to boost conversion.

Tip 1: Keep the user in mind

When creating your e-commerce web design, always think of the visitors browsing it. It is important to keep their experience in mind so that you may create a design that fits them. Each detail is crucial for the customer, be it from image quality to signing up or contacting the seller. This registers as their customer experience and should amount to the likeliness of their conversion.

Keeping the user in mind also means considering all elements of the web design that can contribute to their user experience, and ultimately their conversion. It makes the website more open to all sorts of customers and engages the audience more to browse its content.

Tip 2: Utilize simple website design

Being visually appealing to the customer is as important as the customer experience. It can attract the visitor and make the experience of browsing through your products more palatable for them. One recommended style is by using minimalistic designs where only minimal design and text are incorporated into the site. This way, the user has plenty of white space to relax their eyes while browsing. Not only that, but it also presents the most important information necessary to be displayed right away. There would be no need for any text-heavy pages that could overwhelm the customers.

Tip 3: Visual hierarchy

To improve the user’s experience on your site, you should consider establishing a visual hierarchy that presents information accordingly. The elements you use should be able to jive with one another to create a harmonious balance between the information and all the photos that you need to display. Some of the ways to achieve this are by using high-quality images that can be utilized because of its resolution, and this includes the image size as well.

Through this, the user will also be kept interested in browsing the content of the page. The flow and the layout should be as natural as possible so that it can enhance user experience.

Tip 4: Present your products in the right way

The hassle of online shopping is that the customer cannot examine the items up close. They need to rely on the store’s provided photos in order to survey the products. This is where good product presentation comes into the picture. The items you sell should always look its best when being posted online so that it builds a branding that you are reliable and credible for the visitor.

The products may also present a lifestyle for the user. It can work effectively if the user envisions themselves using the product for their own daily use. This can be done by presenting the products in a likely environment that they are to be used. It helps the user imagine the possibilities of owning these products.

Tip 5: Use high-quality product images

When using product photos, always make sure that they are of the best quality as much as possible. This includes the layout of the photo on the website and how it will be placed to make the UX more appealing to the visitor.

You should be able to utilize this feature by making the most out of the dimensions of the site on each platform.  For example, if you were to run the website on a desktop or a laptop, the layout should be optimized for that. This will not only achieve a better visual experience but will also feature the product’s attributes better and for those who are starting in the e-commerce business.

This product photography guide will guide you through the entire process of producing quality product images that help you grow your online store.

Tip 6: Choose the Right Images

As mentioned earlier, in order to build a reliable and credible brand to your visitor, you should be able to provide them with the best quality of images as much as possible. This includes choosing photos that look realistic enough for the user. It should be as authentic and original as possible for the user to be convinced with the quality of your brand.

You should present the item in the best light. One that’s as natural and as authentic as the product itself. Having the right angles, and quality can make a difference when posting these online.

Having your Images post in social media is also a part of introducing your brand, this social media size guide includes all the sizing requirements and recommendations that can help you in posting for every major social network.

Tip 7: Product reviews and user-generated video

When you have loyal customers that repurchase your items, it is necessary to utilize their views and opinions on your brand to build the trust of other users. You can ask them for product reviews and testimonials about how they used your products, and how it has worked for them ever since. Having original content from your loyal customers can not only build the credibility of the brand but also convince other users to try these products for themselves. This can also be in the form of videos or vlogs where they can record their how-to tutorials or product demonstrations.

Tip 8: Mention risk reducers

Risk reducers can also encourage the visitors about the purchasing process of the products. These include elements saying that the products are priced at the lowest price possible, or that there is free shipping included with the purchase. In a good e-commerce website, there should be at least two or three effective risk reducers for the visitors to be trustworthy for them. Each page of the site should always have these elements that you can best place at the topmost part of the page, directly beside the shopping cart, or at the checkout page.

Tip 9: Use a view cart button

Helping the users see which items they have added to their cart can increase their likeliness of conversion. It is one of the most important techniques in e-commerce websites as it provides the users easy access to looking at what items they have considered buying. This should include the quantity of the items and the total price for all.

Always make sure that this button is as visible as possible for the users, and stands out as the shopping cart for them. It should also be easily accessible and placed strategically so that the visitors can notice it, and easily find it amidst the number of elements in the page.

Tip 10: Mobile optimization

E-commerce sites should not only be utilized in laptop or desktop versions. It should also be responsive to other media platforms and gadgets as much as possible. Being able to adapt to different screen resolutions and sizes must be a priority when developing an e-commerce site so that it can accommodate all users. Remember that this amounts to the user experience.

In developing your site, you should always have a test run on different types of devices to make sure that it is functional in all screen resolutions. It can make a big difference when the user is satisfied with the mobile UX. It gives them the impression that the site is accessible anytime, and anywhere which is crucial for all e-commerce websites.

Author Bio:

Violet Smith is a marketing communications specialist who would like to share her knowledge through her blogs. She writes with the goal of spreading awareness on the topics that she writes about. Outside of writing, her other passion is shopping

Design Approach that Matters to Web Designers

A better user experience means a better website. The website should meet its user‘s needs and expectations. Website designer and web developers should build websites that can be conveniently and efficiently sustained and updated. A website don’t just work, but works well for its potential audience and the people behind its construction.

Efficiency is crucial for all websites that exist. It is the core of the project, may be in the form of responsiveness, accessibility, strategy of the content and the loading speed. The way of choosing the right CSS property to use should also be taken into consideration to make the project feasible.

Ask before you build

Ask questions on to whom the website you’re building is for? Why do they need this kind of website? Where are they going to use it? Talk to the client to understand the purpose of the website development. Know the requirements and functionalities needed by the client for their new website. Make things clear before you put your hand on your keyboard and start creating your website.

Make your code simple

Simplify your code using the shorter approach that does the same way using the longer one. Simplicity makes your code look cleaner.

Check the number of characters used

Using 45 – 75 characters are normally the accepted and safe count per line for a convenient reading. To assure that your design support this, use this simple trick of placing a line of dummy text with an asterisk at the characters 45 and 75, and then test the website to confirm if it resizes at this range.

Learn from issues and errors

Unexpected behaviors may occur even if you have tested and checked your application and to how many devices you have used. It is not common to launch an application without a bug. Bugs are found as soon as the application was launched and used by the users. Make yourself available for the concerns and issues encountered by the users by using the website. Record server errors and evaluate them. Keep track of the errors and think through on how to solve them.

Get to grips with debugging in JavaScript

Tag a functional piece of information on a specific line when you are trying to understand it. Note down the areas that you think makes sense when you’re attempting to remove a bug. Use console.log so that you can notice where the code is cracking.

Make background images responsive

Using the CSS property background – size: cover; is one easy way to make your background images responsive not considering the width of the screen. Furthermore, using this property in visual scalability when defining the size of an element of the background automates its pixel ratio where the image will display without indicating it in the rules.

Google’s New SERP: Impacts in SEO and PPC Strategy

As the world evolves, changes in technology occur fast before you knew it happened. Talking about advancement, you presumably heard about a big change Google has made in their search engine results page (SERPs). Sidebar ads were removed and replaced by a list of products and Google added at the top and bottom for more slots.

You may find it just a little shift in Adwords, but this one is a big diversity in Search Engine Optimization.
There is a clear opportunity for the advertisements that comes with money that greatly strikes the Pay-Per-Click Strategy. You can generate more clicks and send visitors to your site. People will see the ads first in the results page, that’s why it is more likely to own the first clicks from the searchers. But you have to be able to sustain your PPC strategy and remain effective to gain more clicks. A constant happenings in your account envision success. PPC matters to big names in the industry now, especially that it derives income. In PPC, you only spend money with relevant and potential people and you control the budget without compromising the good results. There are more slots for people to add their advertisements, but it can also cause negative end result since the people will compete for the important spots.

Let’s discuss how this change affects Search Engine Optimization.

In the search engine results page, advertisements are displayed at the top and you can also see images incorporated into the results. You work so hard and devote your time and effort just to increase your page rank and be visible in the search engine results page. But didn’t you notice how far a user scrolls down to get a glimpse of the organic results? On a desktop view, you can easily see the organic results for a slight scrolling. But on a mobile scenario, it takes more scrolling job to reach the organic search results since several spots in the first page of the page results are preserved for the product listings and advertisements.

You can check the traffic data that displays the ranking of organic positions and how each point would likely to get a traffic. As you can see, the organic listings are propelled down since more slots are given at the top for the Pay-Per-Click listings. So, the traffic percentages fall down even more, that it makes getting to the first page of the Google SERPs a difficult task to achieve.

When more and more users scroll down to SERPs, the traffic you will get becomes less. That’s what really happens now. To be able to continually move up to the top page of Google’s search engine page results, a good search engine marketing strategy is crucial. Getting to the first page of Google SERPs is even more difficult, but using the right strategy can shake off your doubts. Take every change in Google’s SERPs as a challenge to do better at optimizing your Website.

Improve Tablet User Experience in Your Website

Tablets were taking over a desktop interface so make sure your website is convenient to use. Today is the time to prioritize your website design while considering its functionality. Setting aside could negatively affect your website’s general conversion rate, recurrence of visits, deals and more. Here are the ways to help your website adapt the way tablet users, experience in your site.

Use Horizontal Swiping

Established on the research, users receive an overpowering instinct to swipe horizontally through a full screen photo gallery. The research further found that 93% of tablet users use horizontal swiping.

Use Carousel Layout

Users identified that carousel layout is the best for swiping and finding calls for action. With this layout, users can change focus to other categories and are able to focus consistently and efficiently.

Building Multiple Page Items Are Prohibited

By using a carousel layout, users expect swiping to able to turn the page. Attempt not to confound them by making many carousels per page. It will be unmanageable for users to swipe among pages and can get frustrations and confusions to them.

Use Bold Letters and Exciting Colors for Headings

In society to mark your headings and capture the attention of the users, use bold letters and exciting colors then separate it by each row.

Use Touchable Buttons

Unintended touches are very common errors to touchable gadgets. Use finger-friendly button design to prohibit it and add back button to avoid irritations from users.

Image for Cue Swiping Is Necessary

Images cannot be seen all if you don’t give users a cue to swipe. So make sure you provide an understandable navigational cue to them.

Indications of a Good Web Hosting Service Provider

A clever business owner prefers a web hosting provider that has a good reputation and has the capability to cater the needs of their business and customers. Lots of competitive web hosting services have been offered online. It is best to consider what will be the advantage and how does it help in setting and improving your website. But, what are the signs of having a good web hosting provider?

Server Uptime

Servers need updates and upgrades because this helps your server relevant. It is a good indication you’re on the right track when your web hosting provider guarantees your server uptime percentage.


Your hosting provider should regularly back up your server which includes your sites, databases and supporting files. For security purposes, it is necessary for customers to keep their own backup too. The backup will differ on which type of hosting plan you have. You may refer to their Terms and Condition.


A hosting service provider comes in a package that can access databases. Thus, it has features that are integrated into systems like e-commerce or content management. Mostly, this will not cause additional cost on your part as this in the package.

Sharing of Server

Talking about shared server, it means that you are sharing the available resources with other accounts in one location. This includes CPU time, memory and disk space.


There are technical issues that you cannot resolve yourself; your last resort will talk to service provider experts for the issues to be sorted out.

Top Reasons Why Your Host’s Hardware Matters

We often overlooked that host’s hardware should be considered to be as one of the vital requirement in a web hosting. Even if your website works successfully and to a satisfactory level, you should still be concerned with what hardware your web host uses. Do your providers often upgrade it? Below are the reasons why you should bother about your host’s hardware.

More Speedy Process

We cannot stop technology to evolve, which makes the processing requirements of websites increases. CPUs are working much harder to support such processes. If this hardware is not being upgraded, even performing a simple task will take time to complete. Would, therefore, lead your website to load slower and in turn, can affect your SEO ranking and conversion rate.

Eco-Friendly Hardware

Carbon neutral can be included in your hosting. If you want to have your hosting be carbon neutral, identify what hardware they are using. If they use the latest technology, the more Eco-friendly they are than those who use older kits. Simply because newer tech consumes less power.

Reliable Provider

A company that regularly improves their equipment to improve their services is probably a more reliable company. Obviously, it is a very important factor in a web hosting company. You do not want them to be going out of business 12 months down the line.

If you’re looking for a new web host, do not forget to ask them about the hardware they use and when it was last upgraded because it will be your way to have a better quality web host.

Web Hosting Tips For Your Ecommerce Website

The effectiveness of an eCommerce website determines on how the website performs and how quickly does it respond to customer’s request. If you want to have an eCommerce website, the first thing you need to consider is the mechanism of web hosting.

Once customers reach your website, how do you make them stay and shop? No matter how good your website’s content is, if your hosting is poor, it will likely push them to hit back button or find another better website. Especially if the visitor does not want to waste their time in waiting for your site to load. Therefore, having a slow website greatly affects the number of your visitors, therefore, decreases conversion rate. How to make your website’s speed fast as possible?

Opting for a Basic Hosting Package

Your e-commerce website may become large in the future, so opting for a basic hosting package may put you at high risk of performance. Having a large website can lead to a low loading speed, resulting in lost revenue.

Configuration Mistakes

You need to check that everything is properly configured. Along with your hosting service provider, determine which configuration works well for your e-commerce website. You may also use optimized hardware and software configurations to improve the loading speed of your site.

Good Website Infrastructure

Through scaling out the number of servers used by your website, you can ensure that the infrastructure is good enough to meet the number of your visitors online.

Don’t Overwork the Server

Uptime cannot be achieved if your server is working beyond its capacity. Therefore, ensure that you deploy more servers that dedicated to handling certain tasks.

There’s a lot of web hosting provider out there that is so tempting because of their marketing strategies, offered features, etc. Don’t take it too easy when choosing a web host. There are a lot of things you need to consider for you to make sure that your website’s speed is fast as possible.

Web Hosting: Managed vs Unmanaged

Start thinking now; what is the best web hosting provider that can cater the need of your online business. In managing web hosting, funds are needed in order to keep your online business ongoing. Today, we will assess what is the applicable web hosting for your online business.

Managed hosting is a dedicated suit when:

  • Your business is ready to scale.
  • Your website is absolutely vital to the running of your business
  • You have an e-commerce website and sell in reasonable quantities.
  • Your website and email has to be 24/7
  • You need a large amount of email address and want to have the ability to store these emails for the long term

Moreover, if you only have a small budget, you can choose unmanaged hosting or shared web hosting. It is the best option when:

  • Your business runs in the non-internet world
  • Your business has maximum of 3 employees
  • You are in the initial stages of starting your business and every penny counts
  • You expect less than 500 different visitors per day to your website

The best choice for your business will depend on the requirements of your business. Web hosting management has differences in terms of the business side and in a technical side. But choosing the best web hosting service provider depends on you.

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