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Effective Tips to a Good UI Design

Great user interface design is one of the keys to a successful website, so spending time and effort on it is a necessity. Follow these tips that can help you on your way:


The most important thing you can possibly do is to ensure that the user interface works consistently. Having a consistent UI enables your users to build an accurate and easy understanding of the way it works that don’t need a lot of trainings and support costs.

Use of White Space

White space in design is a valuable element in user interfaces. Correct use of white space lets page elements breathe and tell us what things are grouped with other things.

Make it Intuitive to Use

Users don’t want to waste their time trying to figure out how the website works. Where should they click to get into contact us page, send an application, buy, etc. Thus, make sure that the flow in your website navigations, architecture, buttons, contents are well organized and easy to understand. So, when a user sees it, they know exactly what to do.

Use Colors to Focus Essential Elements

Properly use the color on a page and other elements, especially for ‘call to action’ function. Strong, warm, bright colors are inviting and can grab the eye; they are effective for buttons or coloring areas to which you want to focus.

Managing Errors Concerns

One dominant issue is how we handle error concerns from our users. If your users encountered errors caused by them, don’t reprimand what they did incorrectly. Instead, acknowledge it and help them how to fix the error in your most pleasant tone. Keep in mind that not all users are techie like us.

Become a Better UI Designer or Front-End Developer

User Interface designers and front-end developers are used interchangeably in website development and are continually evolving. We still use JavaScript and CSS, but lots have transformed over time. The design of each webpage has been polished, as their functionality. With the arrival of mobile devices, the restraint on front-end development has unlocked up to a whole new medium. The field is constantly developing; it only means that developers and designers need to develop as well.

Check some ways to help you become a better front-end developer and at the same time User Interface designer:

Create a Good Project Plan

In everything you do, planning is very important. It can help you save a lot of time, decreases pressure when the deadline is approaching. Simply putting down a list of patterns and elements or breaking up intricate elements into smaller parts and writing them down is enough.

Being on the Go

There is nothing worse in telling your client or boss that things are getting longer than they expected. Highlighting delays is a very powerful way to keep everyone updated. When you’re trapped in a bug you’re not alone call out some of your co-developers.

Curiosity Check

Curiosity is the best way to learn something new. New methods, languages and plug-in are being out almost every day. It is very necessary to stay open to all new things. Explore and understand them.

Don’t Just Solve Problems, Figure out What’s Really Going On

Example: “Why did you add float: left here?” or “Is this overflow: hidden really essential?”, and your respond: “I don’t know, I just placed it and it works.” If you don’t take time to comprehend the cause of your problem, you’ll find yourself in the same situation over and over again.

Speak Out

Bosses and clients are very demanding we all know that. So, don’t always say ‘Yes’ to your boss. Carefully assess what are the project requirements and align it with your skills. Don’t be afraid to call out functionality or feature which is out of your skill. Being honest is the key.

Regular Practice

There’s a saying goes “Practice makes perfect.” Regular practice should be included in your schedule. These are the following languages you need to practice HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

Stay Healthy

Healthy body and mind means a better code. So in your weekly schedule don’t forget to include some non-digital activities. Take a run, walk, gym or whatever activities that makes you forget about pixels around you.

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