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Step by Step Guide on Creating an Influencer Outreach Strategy

Influencers can help you establish a new business and scale up an existing business within a few weeks. A well-defined influencer outreach strategy can help you reach your target audience quickly and effectively. Marketing via influencers is cost-effective, wide and convenient for most businesses. A research suggests that over 70% of the current generation of millennials across the globe prefer product endorsements by non-celebrity bloggers (Source).

You need a working strategy to ensure that your partner in this business delivers effective results. Here’s how you can create a simple and effective influencer outreach strategy that will take your business profitability through the roof.

Step 1: Understand the Requirements of Your End Customers

Before jumping into the influencer strategy, you need to define your target audience first. This pre-planning stage will help you with all the upcoming stages in the strategy.

If one thing was common amongst all the top marketers and salespeople of the world, it would be understanding the end-customer. These professionals are at the top of their fields because they know their customers’ requirements correctly. Here are a few ways you can assess the requirements of your end customers.

  • Assess their Pain Points: By assessing the pain points of your customers, you can design and target your campaign to tackle them. Instead of showcasing a long list of features for your product, you can showcase how your offer helped the influencer solve a critical life problem. Most of the followers of your partner influencer will relate to these problems and buy your products.
  • Look for Product USPs: You need to understand what your product can offer and how is it different from all the other products on the market. When you establish this kind of a USP for your offer, you are already way ahead of the curve.
  • Provide Free Stuff: Everyone loves free stuff. If you are starting your business, you can mark up the price of your product and offer other products free in conjunction with the deal.
  • Offer Discounts: If you are not willing to offer anything free with your product, try offering a discount on the price. Here, you can mark up the price of your offer and then award a discount to still retain that margin of profit.
  • Show Urgency: By showing urgency in form of a limited time deal, you can catch the attention of people who are looking for a good deal and a quick fix.
  • Perform Competitive Analysis: By performing the competitive analysis you can understand the strengths and weaknesses of the products offered by your competitors.

Step 2: Assign a Cause to Your Campaign

The millennials will relate to your campaign better if you can couple it with the latest news. Although most millennials do not read newspapers daily, they keep a track of the global events on social media. Look for the most consistently trending hashtags on social media and design a campaign around them.

A campaign banner with tagline of 'Walmart'

For example, memes are trending on the internet right now. They are a constant source of entertainment for several millennials who share them actively across social media. By latching on to such a trend, you can create a viral campaign within the market that has the potential to launch your product on a massive scale.

Step 3: Look for the Right Influencers for Your Product/Service

The right social media influencers will help you get the best return on investment for your product campaigns. Choosing the best one can be a real hassle since you have a large variety of them available for every conceivable type of product on the internet. Here are a few tips on how to choose the ideal influencer for your company.

  1. Interaction Per Post

The number of likes and comments that the influencer gets per post is an important metric that you cannot overlook while choosing the ideal partner for your business. The overall number of followers is another metric that plays an important role in the selection of the influencer. However, these metrics do not overrule the following tips on the list.

  1. Target Audience

Your influencer partner might have a million followers on the social media platform. However, their posts are useless if they do not cater to the right type of audience for your business. Let’s say that you are trying to sell a new electronic gadget on the market.

  • Scenario 1: This influencer focuses mainly on beauty tips and has 10 million followers on her account.
  • Scenario 2: This influencer reviews the tech products on the internet and has 2 million followers on her account.

In the first scenario, your product will get a better exposure. In the second scenario, it will get a more focused one. The conversion ratio will be significantly higher in the second scenario, thereby making it a better deal although the outreach is restricted to a fifth.

  1. Exposure to Multiple Social Media Platforms

The best social media influencers have accounts and a dedicated fan following on multiple social media platforms. He/she might use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, etc. actively to promote

your products. If your product caters to the needs of the millennials and Gen-X, you need to go with an influencer that has a fan following on all these platforms.

  1. Clever Use of Social Media Features

The best influencers use video, photos as well as text-based content to generate interest for their partners. They know how to leverage the social media features to the best of their abilities.

Banner with social media icons

  1. Cost of Partnership

The ROI is generated on the cost that you are willing to put into the deal in the initial stages. Hiring quickly growing influencers is often more affordable compared to the ones that are already well-established on social media.

  1. Levels of Associated Micro-Influencers

The most popular social media influencers have their own fan pages. Every post that they launch is relaunched by these fan pages at a smaller scale. This creates a ripple effect in the market that helps you tag a larger audience base quickly.

  1. Online Brand Identity of the Influencer

Is your social media influencer involved in multiple shady deals and a bad reputation? Hiring such an influencer might not be a good idea since they can tarnish the identity of your product along with their name quickly.

  1. Target Niche and History of Campaigning

Look for the most promising and professional influencers since they have better chances of helping you establish a strong online identity. Top influencers have already established partnerships with several major companies and launched their campaigns successfully.

Step 4: Establish a Written Partnership with the Influencer/s

Once you have found the perfect set of influencers (always try and choose 5 to 6 different influencers for your campaign rather than sticking to just one of them), it is time to establish a solid partnership. Never go for the verbal agreement for the partnership. Instead, you should look for a signed document that will define the role of the influencer in the campaign precisely.

The document should ideally consist details on the number, type as well as time of posts that the influencer will stick to for the deal.

Step 5: Modify the List of Your Partner Influencers Regularly

You should consistently modify your list of influencers to target the best talent in the industry. Sticking to just one influencer for a long period might not help you get the best return on investment

in the long run. Instead, hire a group of influencers that have an overlapping set of audience to run campaigns more effectively.

Step 6: Equip the Partner with Right Tools

The signed document with the influencer should clearly state the tools that you need to provide for the marketing campaign. Most influencers will have partners that can provide them with photo and video editing services. However, some of them may require assistance from your end. The influencer should charge a lower bill in case you are providing the necessary assistance for the marketing campaign.

Step 7: Set Micro-Goals for Your Partner

Setting micro-goals for your partner will help you keep a track of the campaign effectively. Do not confuse the goal setting process with micro-management. Remember! The influencer knows his/her followers much better than you do. So, you should let the creative decision-making process land on the shoulders of the influencer.

Step 8: Invest in Reporting and Analytics

You can use online tools to keep a track of the success/failure of the campaign and reinvest in other influencers if the set strategy does not fulfil its goals.

A chart with comparison of social media icon and a cash icon

Step 9: Optimize Your Campaigns

Put the analytics of your campaigns to a good use by optimizing your campaigns with various influencers and marketing strategies. Mix up the strategies and provide true value to your customers to make sure that you get the desired output.

Follow these steps to ensure that your influencer outreach strategy reaps a set amount of results in short period. Choose your influencers wisely to make sure that you get the desired results from the deal.

Consumer Insight Marketing Through Social Data

Consumer Marketing Insights professionals mainly work in the research market. They strive to identify target areas that will help them build better and more systematic strategies for the company. One example is their effective and efficient social media management. It is practiced in various sections of the company. They lead a minor team of market researchers who connect to different retailers and track data points to know what the consumers are up too. They create reports based on their research and pass it on to different sectors in the company that help them formulate and decide on what will be the course of their social media marketing plans.

Their job sounds uncomplicated and plain, but it is not that simple. CMI professionals have to exert a lot of efforts just to accomplished their task. They also have to face challenges before getting to the peak of success. This has become a powerful role because of its never ending challenge.

Here are lists of the common hurdles faced by social consumer market insight professionals:

Acquiring Superior Buy – in

CMI professionals provide the association with insights that will let operations across business to gain better and reasonable results and carry out market needs more efficiently. Getting superior buy-in requires a specific skill set, so how consumer marketing insight professionals make things work?

Present Reliable and Concrete Proof

Based on the experience of most of the CMI leaders, they all agreed that using social data for gathering insights from customers shows that vital for revealing and exposing the opinion of the customers.

Verifying the Importance of Social Insights Throughout the Organization

Based on experiences and learnings from pulling social data to get better results and drive marketing plans, social data is very important. The impact of using social data had on marketing is apparently huge.

Sharing to all departments what social will provide better relationship and better way to think of a more intelligent and efficient marketing strategies.

Dig out Authentic Insights from Social Buzz

Consumer Marketing Insight profesionals go all out to make use of the social data that when use to its advantage will impact ROI ( Return on Investment).

Before you sink into the social data, set your goals first that will function to drive a more specific research efforts. This will simplify all the necessary tasks you have to perform to pull valuable data that is relevant to your marketing needs.

Understand what your company needs to deliver better service and satisfy the needs of your customers and how to maintain that kind of relationship with them.

Another thing is to determine what social data can do within all other marketing tool kits. Know how and when to use it. It does better when you combine it with traditional research, you’ll be able to discover insights way more powerful.

As the expert consumer marketing insights professional gets better in their job and gains more credibility in the world of marketing, new trials take place. They will held responsible for justifying the value of social data and its importance.

Latest Digital Marketing Practices

Overstressing the potential and significance of digital marketing to the success story of your business is impossible these days. Powerful and on-track companies created their reputation in a virtual space to interact with their customers, build a relationship, make a connection with the business industry leaders and share the stories of their brand in an informative, creative, authentic and appealing approach. Digital marketing provides the crucial chances to measure which fundamentals in your strategy are functioning in real time. There are new digital marketing practices that are used by every company that give them the chance to create an impression online.

With that being mentioned, here are digital marketing tools and practices to help you get started.

Social networking tools

Having so many social media services and platforms present, it is more likely that you are already using one of those as a way to connect with their customers. One of the best digital marketing tools for improving your brand and bridging with your customers is through social media marketing. A solid digital marketing strategy combines all social media discussion suitable to your business and that includes Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and Linkedin. Each tool function differently.


Remarketing or retargeting traces customers through the placing of a cookie and prolonging the display of ads for the products they have viewed in the past across a mesh of websites is one of the latest attention – grabbing practices. Retargeting is a simple, great way to attach your brand to the minds of your target customers and that only requires a minimum effort from the company’s end since on the first visit, only 2% of the traffic converts. Adaptable brands will stay ahead of the game to run into a more organic ways to build up your brand profile as the retargeting technology improves.

Content marketing strategy

One factor that never goes off trend is content marketing. It is basically a storytelling for your brand. Your content is essentially anything with a distinct message. For a better content, it must be original, compelling, and shareable. Use a comprehensible tone to tell the stories that obtain the trust of the customer and build an optimistic repute for the company’s brand.

Community building

The common plot in these new digital marketing practices is the necessity for the brands to provide the customer for their needs and desires to be discovered as individuals and not as a group.

Go mobile

Most of us want to access all information in a more convenient and easy way. A website that has a responsive design for a variety of mobile formats: tablets, smartphones, etc., keeps your business in the game. A mobility step is taken into account by many marketers by using the location data brought together with customer check – in tools available in Facebook or from the data given by Adwords and GPS to target campaigns for marketing and identify completely who really are your customers and their activities and wants.
Digital Marketing paves your way to go beyond your comfort zone and explore other possibilities thrown at you into the world at large.

Simple Steps to Create a Social Media Marketing Plan

Planning is very important to everyone. Without proper planning, everything you are intended to do will fall-out of place. Planning should always exist wherever we go and whatever we do.

In this area, let’s tackle about simple steps on how to create a social media marketing plan in order to have a successful career in business online. But before that, let’s have a short definition on what is Social Media Marketing Plan.

SMMP is a tool that can identify as the vision of your business using social networks. A vision that will help you to easily look ahead over competition and a guiding hand for you to have enough knowledge of the business flow.

Embrace the simple steps below because these steps will directly create an opportunity for the enhancement on your social media marketing.

Step 1: Social media goals and objectives should come first

You plan because you have your goal. This is the first step to make because your social media marketing plan will also be based on the social media goals and objectives that your business wanted to reach. When setting your plan to reach your goal, be sure to apply the SMART principle. Create a plan that is Specific – Measurable – Attainable – Relevant – Timebound. Pretty sure the result will satisfy you because through proper planning, you will totally achieved your target goals.

Remember, you cannot create plans that are not in-line with your goals because it’s just a waste of time. Surely you cannot achieve the right and successful result.

Step 2: Be inspired with clients and competitors thoughts and opinion

To effectively create a social media marketing plan, listening is also important. You can gather more ideas with the help of others through their individual thoughts, comments and opinions. Be open-minded and welcome every comment and opinion they share with you about social media services. If you have a goal to increase clients and to have a successful business in this line, I recommend you to embrace this step #2.

Step 3: Assessment of the current social media use and how it works

Having an assessment is vital in your social media, especially if you’re using a different type of marketing strategy. In this part, you will clearly identify which section in the techniques used in social media are effective and those techniques that needs improvement. Also, it will give you an opportunity to come up with an idea that will help you to obtain more knowledge and those gained knowledge can be used as another tool in obtaining more techniques. Assessment of social media will continually offer you room for improvement.

Market Your Business through Social Media

A research shows that one customer can be a long term brand fan due to a good interaction between them and the company. The internet made possible for businesses to build and sustain a good relationship to their customers. Here are good ways to keep in mind for a better social media marketing and in promoting your business using these different social media platforms.

Choose the right social media platform

Are you having the right audience for your business? If not, then you are doing things in a wrong way. There are things to consider to know your audience more and to what social media platform they are more active.

  • Switch channels, focus targeting the audience where they are active. Use ads to get more of them to your website.
  • Ascertain your recent channel’s demographics
  • Ascertain which channel you aim to have more visits

Within reach analytics tools such as Twitter Analytics and Facebook Insights will give you information to know more your social media audience and have a successful social media marketing strategy.

Be consistent with your tone on social media

It is significant to have a distinct tone consistent all throughout your social media channels. Be as polite and professional to your customers as you are talking to them in a face – to – face conversation. The tone and the way you interact with your customers is one of the deciding factors in how their decision to come back or fancy other brands.

Provide relevant and valuable content to your audience

It is enough to put a content on your website and be it done for the day. Don’t put the quality of your content into risk for your social presence. Whatever the type of business you are running, the content must always be informative and valuable to your audience. Once a customer visits your website and stumble on a content that reads nothing but giving center stage to your business and promotions, then don’t expect them to look through and follow your profile. Research set eyes on promotional materials as spam and frequently disregarded on social media feeds. Considering that this is the very last thing every businessman want to happen, you want to give your audience the best content they all deserve.

Promote telling and sharing stories

Encourage your audiences to tell their own personal stories that is relevant to your brand as a part of your campaign strategy. It is a huge opportunity to present to the people the development and proficiency of your business. Create an interaction between you and your audience. Make use of the social media to get to know the needs of the customer and to introduce the people behind the success of your business. You can give them a sneak peek of a “behind the scenes” look at how your business started and what motivates you to be at your best in running the business. Turn your customers shared stories into a tool that advocates your brand.

Establish your profiles on social media

Providing the right information in all your social media profiles determines the credibility of your company. Your profile should link you to your official website and the branding is appropriate for the cover and the profile photos. Write a concise and certain description that speaks about your business, services offered and your products.

Social Media Marketing Strategy That Saves You Time

Having a problem in getting the tasks done could be an additional stress, especially dealing with social media marketing. Know that a proper handling of task will lead to a productive experience. On top of your normal work, there are meetings, scheduled work and network to ensure that your online channels are always updated. And so, I have here a heads up for you to ensure that you are efficient in completing your task on time as possible.

Stick to your schedule

Proper scheduling of time could be an indication that you diligently do your tasks well. But, how? Prior to creating to do list schedules is part of the work and allocating a little time for social media tasks could be effective to save you hours from working. You might decide to allocate a little time aside from your normal work.
Therefore, you have to stick to your schedule so that it will be effective.

Prepare content in advance

Not only content, but the scheduling of posts in advance will do. Preparing in advance should always have ideas, posts and images that aren’t time sensitive. Although, you will spend much time gathering content, make sure to include the reference or the source images. Just like any other social media pages, you can also include postings for holiday, which I think will be visible to some audiences. Some sites allow to reschedule your time of the postings.

Break down and assign

Breaking up of duties is needed. The task manager has to distribute tasks to the team. One can be assigned in responding chats or emails. The assigning of task will always depend on the type of company you have, the availability of people and how busy the schedules are.

Customer queries be directed

Nowadays, social media people give direct line to a company, so people can inquire on certain product. They may be leaving feedbacks and complaints on your product, so this channel is important to reach out to your customers. Emphasize that all inquiries and complaints will go to one site like Twitter. That way, the problem could be resolved as details should be included. If the issue doesn’t still persist then you can assist them through email.

Know audience interest

Before gathering contents for posting on social media accounts, you should know your target audience well. In social media management, managers are using multiple accounts in posting for large audience reach.

Less is more

If postings are getting low engagements from audience, then you may think another content strategy to avoid its downfall. On some sites, if the postings don’t work well it means only a few fans are reached. Eye catchy postings are helpful.

One factor that saves you time and effort doing social media tasks is to use the right tools that track performance. To develop a social media strategy that lets you save your valuable time, you must learn to focus on its goals, improve the social media status, and produce a relevant content.

Digital Marketing: A Vital Technique to Improve Your Business

Entrepreneur nowadays, especially in social media services will not only focus on simple steps and strategies to have a successful business. They always bear in mind that in order to clearly identify the strength, weakness, opportunity and threats (SWOT), they must create other techniques that will surely broaden their knowledge on how to beat the competition between its competitors, how to increase their potential customers and how the product will be much known to the public.

However, to make all these possible, digital marketing is the best solution to all these issues since it offers a two-way communication between your business and customers. Thus, it will create an opportunity to easily communicate to them. Through digital marketing, you can also educate your customers about the product usage without having to personally see each other. Communication through laptop, mobile phones and desktop computers will suffice.

Potential customers are the lifeblood of a business. Yes, it is. Businesses are impossible to reach success without the help of these people. Entrepreneurs can gather different information to them that can surely provide a good hint on how to build a much more progressive business.

Some important aspects of doing business are mentioned below. See how it works and widen your ideas on the importance of digital marketing.

SWOT analysis

Digital marketing will help you analyze the SWOT of your business. You will know what areas of your business is good at satisfying customers and how you can improve the weak areas. You can develop strategies that promotes growth. Have a clear focus on your goal and turn this into your strength. Digital marketing will give you a wider opportunity since you will have the power to reach out to your consumers easily on social media. Digital marketing can also help you identify possible threats at an earlier stage so it makes it easier to eliminate it before it gets worst.


You cannot control people’s minds and decisions if they want to engage in a similar business as yours. However, digital marketing will give you an edge on how to beat the competition. First, observing your competitors online gives you a wider knowledge of what is going around and what is trending, you would not want to get left behind. So being updated is important. Second, observing through digital marketing helps you implement a much effective strategy that produces innovative products and services. Lastly, with the help of social media marketing, even if you don’t have direct competitors your business will strive more with the right strategy, in the eyes of your customers, your products/services will always be the best in the market.

The Importance of Engaging Visual Content in your Marketing Strategy

How important is visual contents in your social media presence? Visual content can have an impact on your social media growth. It could actually improve your visibility on social media platforms. This is because we are programmed to look at images first before the text.

Visual Content is becoming more successful compared to other forms of communicating with your audiences. Content marketers that go to the side of using visual content come to have rewards of successful returns based on the number of followers, audiences, clients and most all income. If you’re still not into visual content, it’s time to re-imagine your strategy for social media marketing.

People hold on to 80% of what they see, 20% of what they read and 10% of what they hear. A huge percent of the information transferred to the brain is visual. The larger images increased sales by a total of 46%. Sites that use video content increased their conversion by 46% also. To identify the value of the brand and its uniqueness, companies use company logo, colors, typography, symbols and imagery. Visual content is shared three times faster than text.

Social Media Platforms that Visual Media is Popular:


  • 100 hours of video uploads within 60 seconds
  • Direct sharing to other social media platforms
  • Live stream video to a larger audience using google hangouts
  • Top 2 largest search engine
  • Offline streaming on mobile
  • Billion searches in every month


  • 50 billion pins to more than a billion boards
  • 14 million articles pinned in 24 hours
  • Inbound Links and drives engagement


  • 300 million users
  • 30 billion photos shared to date
  • 60 million visitors


  • 35% retweets contain photos and 28% videos
  • 18% clicks and 89% more favorites


  • 87% posts shared mostly contain photos
  • News Feed increased 3.6 times every year for video posts

Factors for your road to success:

  1. Use eye candy visual content. The one that catches the eye and the attention of the readers and link to your blog.
  2. Optimize designs for all social media platforms.
  3. Use amusing content to generate a long – term expression.
  4. Be uniform with the design templates.

Incorporate visual content on your social media campaign to develop your brands, increase your reach and earn more. It will help other people discover more about your company. It is very significant that you also consider the needs of your audience. Take time to make good content, generate high quality images that can draw the attention of the people.

Effective visual content is an immense medium because they extend to innovative freedom. Always be consistent on the company message and share content that reflects the company brand.

Social Media Marketing Trends You Need to Know

The trend in social media network, invariably changes every year just as how Google works on algorithms to rank up in the search engine results page. There are trends in search engine optimization & social media management that deserves attention and are not that important. That is why, you need to be updated on behalf of your audience too. In this article, we will find out about how to leverage social media marketing strategies.

Real Time Instant Update

Real time update is the latest trend now. The trend of instant updates will continue to expand across social media networks even this year! Even a hash tag feeds can pull up onto a site and live reporting is the new face of social media. It needs you to be feature savvy on whatever social media network you are up to so that your audience keeps following you.

Develop Original and High Quality Content

It is important to pay attention to security of information, privacy and confidentiality of others. The increasing or decreasing of users will either risk the losing of audience or gaining because you need to pay attention to user information. There are things to consider in order avoiding losing of audience: it is either they will not take time to be engaged in low quality content. The SMM specialists need to raise and develop an original and quality content.

Social Video Trend

Actually, this just started last year as it is called as “Year of social video”. It is considered as the effective marketing strategy because the relationship between brands and consumers is highly influenced. As we can see on Facebook and other social media networks, maybe you will notice, the ads are paid. With the help of social media, videos, it critically increases user engagement. It is also the way for brands to discover, more potential audience reach.

Mobile Gadget – Friendly

A large percent of users are using gadgets. But, why there is a need to consider mobile users? It is because users are using their mobile devices to access social media networks. It is important to recognize the importance of broadcasting social media messaging that accommodates to and focuses on mobile device users. Remember to optimize even your mobile interfaces to reach more audience.

Cost of Advertising Increases

Video spending is ascending rapidly and the cost raises too. It is a comprehensive strategy for social media marketing in all channels its cost makes sense. The advertising cost will likely depend on your budget because after all it is all about business and you have to risk such. The consumers are viewing videos on social media because it is more complacent watching videos using mobile devices for the reason it is portable and can be easily accessed with just an internet connection.

Social media proved the return on investment in some sectors. Nevertheless, it helps the strengthening of organic visibility, which plays a major role in increasing the value of advertising.

Tips for Rich and Effective Content Curation

If you’ve been a marketer for a long time, you already know how delicate content curation is. You are considering the importance of keeping up with the industry you belong to. The content that you read and share has a big impact on how you convey ideas and draw the eyes of your audience and derive fresh and better marketing strategy.

A massive amount of marketers uses content curation that makes it a crucial factor for a successful marketing campaign. It is the reason behind incorporating content curation on social media management or SMM as one of its features.

To better integrate your content curation, you must first know and master the technique and let SMM do the rest of the job for you.

Sharing on social media

One of the best way to gather and spread content is through social media services. Most of the marketers make use of these media to find interesting, usable and entertaining content and share this to their audience. Content curation includes tracking and segregating thousands of social media accounts related to the industry you’re in and your passion.

Subscribe for ideas

Another way to a better content curation is including emails, newsletters and direct from the site as the source. Sixty-three percent of content marketers are depending on these vents and it should be neglected. These are in line and more consistent platform to use in acquiring data on a certain topic. Subscribing to potential companies will help you stay in line if you missed their updates on social media.

Command is on request

After deciding where to extract data or information from for your social media management is to lend it to command. There’s a lot of different ways to do this, here are the most common method of content curation:

  • Distillation – Stuffing in ideas in the social media posts or quotations in your own content your posts in a social network.
  • Aggregation – Putting together content with the same topic into one. If your curation vent is only for Software as a service, for example, focus only on the things about SaaS.
  • Chronology – Developing a timeline for your content. Slightly similar to aggregation, but accumulate news and content about a single topic and chronologically post it for a no brainer and reasonable reading.
  • Elevation – Gains conclusions to make novel content. You may invest in original content with fresh information with the significant content the SMM has curated.
  • Mashups – Content that is curated as motivation to complement ideas. You are demanded to read the content curated to get inspirations from your own works.

Consider how your content is curated. Do not rely everything on the machines. You should read your content and administer your remarks. Any social media platforms has the ability to share related content on keyword basis all throughout the day. But while Social Media Management can systematize compositions of curation, it can’t carry out everything.

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