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4 Reasons Why Your Web Design Company Should Know Everything About CRO

Are you not happy with the kind of leads you’re getting from your company website?  If your expectations aren’t met or did not turn out as abundant as you thought they’d be, then is quite obvious your web design team is missing out on something relevant.  This is why it’s essential that you hire a good web design company.

While the website works like a dream, it has a modern design and follows architecture strategy.  Great content with good SEO can help your sales shoot up.

What if we told you that all above-mentioned concerns were happening because your website doesn’t have the Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) it should have? CRO can be boosted by a mixture of copywriting, neuromarketing, visual design, and even psychology! It can influence what a potential customer or a website visitor will do once they land on your site. In other words, it increases conversions.

According to these case studies, your average customer might be influenced by something seemingly insignificant! The same research reported an increase of more than 100% when pictures were added to a site. Live Chat upped the conversion rate by 211%.

Thus, it is important that the web design company you hire understands CRO.  It is also essential they know the following:

  1. Tweaking the design is preferable over sweeping changes

Any web design company familiar with conversion optimization would know that it can’t be done just once.  A website would need to be continually tweaked to be improved. But they’d also know the changes to be made can’t be huge ones. Even changing a single element on the landing page, for instance, could have unforeseen consequences

So what does a skilled company do? They perform split testing, i.e., change just one element and then produce two versions of a website. Then they test both versions to see which one presents an improved conversion rate.

After the traffic has spoken and judged which version they like, the web design experts change only the element they tested for.  Nothing else – not the font or the image or even the placement of the logo – will be changed without testing for it! That is the whole premise of split testing: showing you the results of altering a single thing.

A great web design company understands that conversion optimization is usually all about micro- and not mega-changes. If they realize how important CRO is for a business, they won’t brush off this designing commandment so easily!

  1. There are multiple call-to-actions on the website

The problem with the overuse of call-to-actions (CTAs) is that it does the reverse of what it is originally supposed to do. A clear CTA should direct the visitors on your website to perform the action you want them to perform.

Whether you are asking them to make a purchase, share content on social media, or get in touch with you, there should be just one CTA.  Any more than one, and you risk your conversation rates by overwhelming the site’s visitors.

Don’t bombard your potential client with too many offers and actions. This could increase the bounce rate when your users head to something simpler. Look at the example of Whirlpool; they increased their CRO by more than 40% when they replaced 4 CTAs with 1!

A table with a keyboard, pens, and pads all in white shades

  1. The balance between white space is out

For improved user experience, it is necessary that there be enough white space on a site. White or negative space refers to the parts of the page that are left blank. That would mean there are no graphics, gutters, or margins in those parts.  While they may seem blank, even the space between columns, visuals, or lines of type is an essential part of website design. Because of the white space, our eyes will land in the right place. If you want your visitors to focus on what’s important, then white space needs to be balanced out.

Any page that doesn’t contain any negative space is likely to be crammed with graphics or text. The downside to having such a page is that the visitors won’t even know what to focus on. You’d also run the danger of them not bothering and just leaving your site!

Instead of cluttering your landing page with fifty images, opt for a simpler design because that is a better choice scientifically. When the content is balanced with the right amount of white space, it gives the website a cleaner look.

You can check out the example set by Made.com. They do white space so well that it is easy to focus on their main message – exactly what they want their visitors to do. Even with the visuals and body copy on the site, the negative space lends an air of elegance and sophistication to the landing page. Go here if you want to know more about white space and simplicity

An icon of construction heavy tractors constructing the word 'brand'

  1. Be consistent when it comes to branding the website

Don’t follow in the footsteps of marketers who have no clue as to what branding is and how it works. Could it be that your web design company doesn’t comprehend how the way they do branding on the website will influence conversions?

Look at Apple; they have turned their name into a brand that most people can’t afford. Yet nobody would fail to recognize the Apple logo if they saw it. That’s because this company has mastered the art of branding. Besides their iconic logo, they have made their brand values: sleek design, elegance, and useful tools easy to see.

Check out their homepage, and you will find:

  • Their distinctive logo is visible but not overshadowing the other elements on the page
  • They have kept the headline short but succinct
  • They have included a sleek product photo

Does it sound like a good practice that you’d emulate? After all, Apple has become a global name now, so they must be doing something right!

Before embarking on your next Website Design project and hiring new web design experts, you might want to talk about CRO. Make sure they understand its impact before you hire them for their services!

Author Bio:

Evie Harrison is a blogger by choice.  She loves to discover the world around her. Find her on Twitter:@iamevieharrison

Success in SEO by the Latest Trends

A trend is a pattern of progressive change. It constantly transpires in SEO since it is evolving at an expeditious pace. As 2017 commenced, we should not just be cognizant of what is currently happening, but be clever as well to predict what is going to happen in the future. In this way, we are able to follow a trend and help your business in the market.

Various developments in SEO since 2016 will remain and grow today. And Google’s algorithm updates always keeps making adjustments. To ameliorate and advance within your industry, we must monitor the changes in SEO and alter your campaigns to match the new online domain.

Here are a few trends that you can look out and apply this year:

Changes in SERPs

Pages that are shown as a list of results from a search engine in response to a request or query are known as Search Engine Results Page (SERP). Google is experimenting with the SERPs to improve getting a good list of results that users wanted to have. With this, they have been incrementing the number of characters sanctioned for metadata, both descriptions, and titles.

This trend can be a challenge for marketers, however, there are great opportunities to include more keywords and more convincing descriptions to attract people to the website. To capitalize on these developments, you should perpetuate using the main keyword in the meta title and meta description just in case it is constrained to the pristine character limits, and increase the number of characters if your meta descriptions are less than 100 to prevent getting buried with the new length limits.

Content Quality and Density

Bill Gates stated that content is king. Most of us acceded because the content is at the heart of today’s marketing strategies where business can demonstrate their own expertise. But be mindful of the length of your content. Being concise is more challenging than not. So as much as we can, we need to provide a good quality content that can catch customers’ attention.

Get your content right and you’ll be able to create a solid foundation to fortify all of your other SEO hard work.

Here are some factors that can help your content and search engine optimization success:

1. Content research/keyword research

  • Utilize tools that allow you to discover keywords that people may be using when searching for your content
  • Avoid using technical jargon and use the right language in which your customer is using
  • Use keywords that can answer your customer’s query directly

2. Content words/utilization of keywords

  • Words you want a page to be found for
  • Words that are relevant for your keyword research
  • Use words naturally on the page

3. Content freshness

  • New content without integrating new pages
  • Fresh content can be applied QDF (Query Deserved Freshness) by Google
  • Compose an appropriate content that matches the real-time pulse of their industry

4. Vertical search

  • Concentration on images, news or local content
  • Focus on one segment
  • Not covering a broad range of interests

5. Direct answers

  • Menus or music lyrics
  • Directions or instructions
  • Short meaning or descriptions
  • Synonyms or Antonyms

Google is sick and tired of long contents that are not necessary and unable to help customers’ queries. So as much as possible, make your content with good and dense quality, even though it is short. Search engines might select your content as a concrete answer to user’s concern and put you on the top rank.

Mobile Optimization

People nowadays are using mobile in terms of searching and within 2 years, it becomes dominant on its search engine rather than desktops. Due to its accessibility, traffic distribution is shifting towards mobile devices and moving away from desktop wherein many websites are already getting the majority of their traffic from it.

Another important matter in mobile accessibility is the speed used. The importance of speed has grown in mobile devices from the time Google introduced the AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages). Google knows that slow load times can affect the user experience. With AMP, Google can now increase loading speed by 15 to 85%.

Due to AMP optimization, brands that do not use AMP will be affected by the higher expectations of users for fast sites.

To ensure that your brand is AMP ready, consider:

  • Not using images that are very complicated and would require long load time
  • Avoiding unnecessary images
  • Keeping only essential cookies and cache, and
  • Compressing the website if possible

Understanding Voice Search

Voice search has been improvised and becomes typical. More people are using their mobile devices to seek answers, that’s why search engines are also getting better at providing concrete answers to customer’s queries. People as well are altering the phrases they use to search.

Some marketers are taking advantage of the voice innovation. They are creating devices and applications that are capable of voice search. Amazon has an edge of this trend. They integrated their voice search product which is called Alexa to their iPhone app. Alexa is a hands-free voice controlled device that can almost do anything and it is getting smarter with added new features to amend its capability. Just like Siri, which always have massive improvements by the Apple company can evolve from voice recognition to voice understanding.

Several changes of voice search involve:

  • Keyword experiences based on frequently used apps
  • Question-style queries
  • Customized information
  • Previous searches
  • Location-based context

Voice innovation is one of the biggest trends and strategies of the digital era. With enormous enhancement to this type of trend, SEO marketers would be wise to cautiously look out and observe voice revolution which can go above and beyond voice understanding.

Assessing The Foundation Of SEO

Keyword research plays a vital role in the SEO implementation as it is said to be the foundation of SEO. A building would likely collapse without a strong foundation. Thus, SEO implementation is nothing without its keywords. Keywords are like maps of your search engine marketing campaigns, they give you direction and tell you whether you have made progress, helping you to understand and cope up with the thoughts, fears, and desire of your target market. Mastering the art finding amazing and excellent keywords for your business will help you know your customer better more than your competition and will benefit you in getting more traffics.

Here is a comprehensive guide to show you with exact and effective ways on how to find words and phrases that your target market generally uses when searching the web. And when you create your own page SEO with the perfect keywords, you’ll see your site speed up to the top of Google – resulting you more traffics, leads and sales in the process.

Keywords research starts with finding Niche Topics. Most people start the process by using a keyword research tool like Google Keyword Planner but this is purely wrong because these tools will only show you keywords that are very firmly tied to the keywords that you gave it for an example. These keywords may be close but not directly related to what you sell. These are frequently profitable keywords in your market thus everyone is targeting exactly the same keywords making it hard and impossible to reach a high rank. Unfortunately, these less competitive keywords are as profitable, but really hard to find.

Let’s take a look at what we called “Niche Topics.” Niche Topics are unspecified topics that your target customer most probably is interested in. Beginning with these topics is the most effective and simplest way to look for these kinds of untapped keywords. The aim is to collect Niche Topics by mapping out different topics that your target market searches in Google. Here are some easy techniques you can use:

Buyer personas are the simplest way to identify Niche Topics that your prospective customer concerned about. After learning these topics, you will easily find keywords that are used every day. Keyword research focused buyer persona on details or information that should be included from your probable customer like: gender, age, approximate income, hobbies and interests. Things that they struggle with and things that they want to accomplish (personally and professionally). This may depend on your industry.

Forums are the same as having live focus groups through chats 24/7. The most effortless way to look for forums where most of your target audience hang out is by using these strings in Google: “keywords + forums”.

Wikipedia is frequently ignored goldmine for Niche Research.

Reddit is where you can do a little stalking to find a handful of Niche Topics with ease. After distinguishing a massive group of Niche Topics it is time to find some keywords.
Mostly SEO expert divide keywords into three main classifications: head, body and tail

Head is generally a single-word keyword with outrageous amounts of search volume and competitions.

A Body composed of 2-3 words, phrases generates a decent or a normal amount of search volumes and are more specified than the head keywords.

Long tail keywords contain 4 or more word phrases that are mostly specific. They do not get a large search volume, but when combined together they form the majority of sewww.arches online.

Best Practices of SEO in 2017

There are lots of factors to consider in planning your SEO strategy this 2017. Top ranking factor is still the links according to Google’s search algorithm and the high click-through rates are at the center of the ranking factor as well.

In the industry, about 200 ranking factors Google used to rank websites. Some of the aspect is proven and some are arguable. It can be tough in what factor you will focus when it comes to your search engine optimization.

Links are still important in doing SEO today. If someone advises you that links are not important anymore, that is a dangerous take. Everyone tends to use links as it is very essential in the 200 ranking aspects.

Out of those 200 ranking aspects in Google’s ranking algorithm, there are three vital roles of links:

  1. The more external links you have, the better. The quantity of external links that you receive is very important.
  2. The anchor text needs to be related to the target page. Links with SEO concentrated anchor text can really affect ranking.
  3. The quality of link sources needs to be from a reliable or reputable blog source.

Keep in mind that links have always and will always be a valuable factor of an SEO strategy. Many search engine optimization companies stick with creating relevant links so that they can be on the first page of the search engine results page.

Practice Building Relevant Links. An important SEO practice is building links. You need to incorporate relevant and reliable links because it is the crucial part of your ranking efforts. Below are the two key factors in incorporating your link building strategy:

  1. Specify reputable links. Ask yourself in searching reputable links. Is it reliable enough?
  2. Prioritize links relevancy. SEO needs to look for relevant links in order to optimize website ranking.

According to Google’s announcement, link building is important and still need to incorporate links with a powerful content too. Major ranking factors includes CTR and User Experience. Google identified click-through rate and user experience as major ranking factors. Essentially, the higher the click-through rate you have, and the more user experience your site receives, the higher the Google ranks.

Here are some tips to optimize your CTR and User Experience:

  1. According to Backlinko, using bucket brigades is one great SEO strategy to increase user experience. You better use simple words and phrases to keep people engaged.
  2. Use better meta title and meta description. In order Google can emphasize fast results, your content needs to reflect on that.
  3. A powerful subheading can convince your visitor to stick around and see what the content has to offer.

Successful and Tactical Ways Used for “Outside Web Activities”

“ Off-Page SEO ” refers to all activities that website owners do outside their own website to raise their page ranking with search engines. The core of an off-page SEO is this whole process called link-building. According to studies, website owners spend about 30% of their time on off-page factors. An SEO Expert from San Diego share 3 effective ways to use off-page SEO to market your business:

1. Quality links matters more than quantity links

A large quantity of non-reputable links are of NO USE. Links from reputable websites even with just a few varies more due to the quality. Thus, building good relationships with smaller websites with a good reputation is essential for greater exposure.

2. Usage of keyword-rich anchor text

It is beneficial and important to use the right kind of anchor text, based on major keywords, to help your website rank higher.

3. Social media

Social platforms allows your content to become trendy. The number of social followers, and your activity on social media, is a major ranking factor within search engines. Shared posts are very influential.

Understanding and good bond between websites are of basic necessity to consider aside from the 3 effective ways given above.

Here are some more advanced off-page SEO strategies that may help build your online reputation and standing to market your website and excel ranking on search engines.

Community creation in social networking sites

Known as the online reputation management. Be a member of the most popular social networking sites create a profile of your own. By doing this you can extend your network online, get connected with friends, share posts and promote your company/website to build an online reputation.


One of the most powerful ways to promote your company/website online. Write a blog of your own for your company/website and include lots of unique content to capture more attention.

Search engine submission

Submit your website to the most popular search engines like to get listed for free.

Link exchange

This is commonly termed as thematic link exchange. This increases your link popularity, which is a major factor of Google’s PageRank algorithm.

Link baiting

Suppose you have copied/published another website’s don’t forget to place their website link as a reference. Do it for others and, if your content is trustworthy, let others do it for you. As simple as “Do unto others what you want others do unto you.”


This is commonly termed Internal linking. The best known example of a successful internal linking is Wikipedia.

Business reviews

Write reviews about other businesses or ask your friends/clients to write a review of your business in major business review.

Social shopping network

A good strategy for advertising and easily branding your products for free is owning e-commerce website.

CSS, W3C & RSS directories submission

Submitting CSS, W3C & RSS directories drives attain more traffic to the website.

Widget / gadget development

Developing interactive and innovative widget/gadget applications for your website publishing them popular social networking sites will help you increase your branding and website visits.

PPC Ad campaign

PPC Ad campaign with your targeted keywords will absolutely be a lot of benefit, but driving more traffic to your website would mean a lot of bills to pay.

Therefore, Off-Page SEO tactics and strategies are crucial and indispensable to your overall approach to marketing your business. Reaching the top means learning the basics and acknowledging them.

Is SEO Transformation Important To SEO Experts?

“SEO” is a three letter acronym for Search Engine Optimization. This can be used as a strategy, technique or a tactic in order to increase the amount of visitor and give the website a higher ranking.

We also define the word transformation as “update”. We are going to accomplish things and possibly achieve goals. Staying with the old techniques will decrease the probability of good results.

We will help you understand how important transformation is. We will share the benefits and good impact it may bring to a website. Also, the convenience for online marketers, users and/or visitors on a website. Remember, the transformation of a certain thing or ideas would not possibly happen without YOU. Yes, “YOU” as an effective SEO Expert.

Importance 1: SEO transformation carries more opportunities to SEO experts

Opportunities mentioned above are the latest techniques to use. Opportunities in expanding sites ranking and opportunities in gathering lots of visitors.

Importance 2: SEO transformation gives a fresh look to a website

It feels that your website still looks new because of the transformation of the strategies that you are going to apply. If you are an online marketer, the benefits you get from this is a win-to-win situation between you and your customer. It gives you convenience in selling your products. You can easily have your product demonstration and your customers as well would directly purchase your product online.

Importance 3: SEO transformation provides wider knowledge to SEO specialists

You have been on a lot of researches and when you are in this you gain lots of knowledge in transforming your strategies. Why does researches exist? We do it to gather ideas and thoughts to use in the transformation. Research help you to determine if all data gathered are efficient or inefficient. You can formulate effective strategies for the next transformation you are about to produce.

Importance 4: SEO transformation guarantees higher return on investment (ROI)

Offline and Online business or any business that we are planning to take, capital and/or investment is always present. We cannot proceed with our goal without this resource. However, taking good care of your business might turn to its success.

This time we are focusing on the online business. The transformation of these strategies is vital to SEO expert in reaching what the company deserves to receive. We transform to figure goodness on the business and not to bring them to worst. We transform to catch the attention of visitors and to satisfy all their needs. We transform to have high ranking on the search engine. Reality says that one of our goals in SEO transformation is to satisfy the needs of the business – to have a “bigger return on investment”. Transform your strategies with goals.

SEO Techniques and Tactics: The True Value and Its Importance

A website without Search Engine Optimization is just the same as a person without food to eat, nothing will happen. A person can’t live without food. On the other hand, a website can’t live without SEO.

SEO in today’s generation is very important. It plays and gives different roles in a website. It helps a website to boost or increase the amount of visitors through proper usage of techniques and tactics.

Below are different techniques and/or tactics to recognize the true value of SEO and how it is effective on websites.

TACTIC 1: Speed monitoring

Slow loading pages will affect your audience and consumer behavior. Viewers will become impatient and disappointed when they don’t see the information they need right away. They will end up leaving your website. These are some of the cases that might happen if pages are loading too slowly.

However, SEO expert helps us to solve this trouble through monitoring the speed of a website. This technique is effective since it provides you with advance information. This helps you find ways on how to maintain your speed and notifies you when you need to improve it. Remember, page speed is important.

TACTIC 2: Linking to other sites with similar contents

This tactic may help you hit the largest amount of visitors. Linking to other sites may not be easy because you have to ensure that you are connecting with a reliable websites. But you do need to take some risks in order to gain more visitors and to obtain a high-ranking placement in the search result page.

TACTIC 3: Creating content consistently to increase ranking

Creating the right content produces a great impact on your site. A user always visits a site that would feed them with the right details.

TACTIC 4: Using keywords properly on images

Website users will put more value on it seeing that your websites have corresponding images to the topic they are interested in. When applying keywords on images, you have to make sure that the keyword is properly used in order to be seen. Using keyword is one of the effective technique that SEO adopted.

“Keyword” is only a simple word, but when you use it to find the answers, it will lead you to a lot of information, widen your knowledge and satisfy your needs.

Backlinks: The Implementation and Its Importance

Building high quality backlinks is not easy, but you have to stay focus to hit the mark. A backlink is one of the main reasons why there are lots of successful websites today. Why? Because it produces links that will connect from one website to another. The word “Backlink” and the word SEO is still connected to each other. Backlink, defined as an incoming hyperlink would become a strategy a search engine optimization must possess since both of them have the same goal, and that is to increase the amount of the visitor to a certain website. The more backlinks you have, the more popular your website will become. The process may be hard to obtain, but the impact will give you these following results mentioned below:

  • boost your website and become well-known
  • produces high blog rankings
  • gives excellent search result

First and foremost, understand how to produce an effective backlink. We cannot achieve the fruit for every plan we create if we do not put effort on it. These are the things that we need to keep in mind:

1. Keep good quality links.

The quality of the links that you are using plays a vital role since the output of your goal depends on how good your link is. Better use a primary effective tool by choosing good quality links so that successful implementation will directly follow.

2. Build a broken link.

These are dead links on a web page that no longer works. Existing broken links promotes good chances in helping you produce incoming hyperlink quickly. You can email the owner of the website by telling them that their site is not working. After that, offer them another similar link from your website and inform them to do what’s needed.

3. Target highly-recommended networks (Google, Facebook & Twitter).

Tagging these popular networks is also counted as backlinks. Through connecting with other, you provide great opportunity to make your links well-known. A chance in which a higher rank in the search results may occur.

4. Follow and comment blogs frequently.

Do this idea for a blog which is relevant to yours so that it points back to your website easily.

5. The power of testimonials.

Add testimonials in your blog and provide links while doing this. The links you provided will lead them back to you.

These are some basic needs of a website. A backlink is a tool which gives convenience, offers accessibility, provides high service, and produces more sales. This is how powerful backlink is.

On – Page SEO Approach To Improve Website Ranking

What SEO expert wants is to drive more traffic, keyword – targeted and SEO – optimized website.

If you want search engines to understand what keywords your page or website should rank for easily, then learn the formulas of a keyword – targeted page or blog post.

In Search Engine Optimization for websites or blog post, there are two primary factors that take part:

  1. On – Page Optimization
  2. Off – Page Optimization

But, don’t get confused between On – Page SEO with On-Site Optimization.

On-Site SEO

This one talks about optimizing the entire website. Setting permanent link structures and site mapping.

On – Page SEO

This refers to the optimization of content for a targeted keyword inside a single page or blog post. Encompassing proper headings, ensuring the quality of the content, proper placement of keywords and take notice at many other factors that is crucial to search engine optimization.

Why On – Page Optimization is important?

When we carry out SEO for a post, there are certain set of proven ways to increase its rank in search engines. Google doesn’t only take into account on – page optimization in ranking your content. It also considers many other factors such as signals from social media like shares, likes, follows and tweets. It also takes into account the backlinks, the authority of the domain and other metrics for off – page.

The main goal in SEO is to optimize pages or contents naturally in a smart way that the search engines can easily comprehend and recognize the targeted keyword and drive in targeted visitors to the website.

A lot of changes take place over the past years. Apparently, it shows that off – page SEO is crucial and on – page SEO shouldn’t be off your hands.

On – Page Optimization Techniques to Increase Ranking in 2017

1. Title

One of the most significant factors used in on – page optimization. The more interesting and enhanced title is, the more you drive clicks to your website. The more clicks, the higher it will rank. Make sure to use targeted keywords or phrase properly specifically in the beginning of the title tag if possible. Never repeat the same keyword more than once in the title.

2. Keyword density

Keeping the keyword density around 1.5% for a better optimization. Use main keyword in the paragraph once and also in the last paragraph. Also place it in the content where it fits the best and not just put it anywhere for the sake of putting the keyword in the content.

3. Meta tags

Adding relevant and unique meta description in each blog post is crucial for search engine optimization. Include keywords in your meta description, but don’t let it appear like a spam in your description. As much as search engines pick up on your keywords, it is equally important that users click on the post. Your meta tags should make sense.

4. Heading tags

Highlight various important points, headings and subheadings using heading tags. Remember not to use too many H2 and H3 tags, Google algorithm is not fond of that.

5. Engaging content

Original content is very important in SEO. If you want to stay in the game, write engaging content. Understand and take into account the needs of the searchers. For the users spend longer time on your blog, you need to feed them content that suffice what they are looking for.

What ranks higher on search engines are the ones that are more relevant, engaging, unique, informative and useful. Keep in mind to write content that will catch the attention of the users.

Powerful SEO Techniques: Leads to a Double Result Search Traffic

SEO needs the help and support of Search Engine Traffic. SET refers to a big amount of visitors who arrive at a certain website through clicking search results and it also causes leading to a particular website.

These techniques are implemented not just for the entrepreneur who is doing business online, but these are created to meet the needs of the target audience.

1. Monitoring of Site Framework

There are some instances that not putting an eye to a certain task or work to do can cause failure of the result that you are expected to achieve. Monitoring is one of the best way to do in running things smoothly and have less of possibilities that conflicts may not occur. Also in this area, it is the time where you are able to know why you are not having enough visitors who arrive at your website and sales as well. So best practice monitoring and inspecting all the time because it will create a good impact to the website that you are working at the same time double the results of website’s search traffic.

2. Making A Mobile-Friendly Website

Mobile users are one of the most target of SEO experts in order to have more sales and visitors. This strategy could possibly increase your sales since people nationwide are much more dependent with their cellular phones or other gadgets than those desktop computers that they can only access to their homes and offices. It will cause double – search traffic since by using handy gadgets they can now access everything that they want to know or to do regardless of wherever they are located for as long as they have an internet connection or even mobile data will now suffice. Mobile shoppers and users are increasing every day. They much prefer to use mobile to access their needs in a website.

3. Creating A Well-Informative Infographic

Others would prefer in visualizing pictures than reading long words in a certain website. Customers would like to focus on infographics. They love seeing charts and diagrams in representing information and data than using long sentences in order to explain because for them, images are the best representation to explain data’s very well and/or even situations. They can easily define and get the right point. Thus, in creating a high quality infographic, you will possibly catch more attention of visitors and increase your web traffic.

Focus on the fresh ideas that most customers are searching for and create an infographic about it by using trending and updated resources that visitors can visualize easily. Make it simple yet effective and powerful.

4. Studying Direct And Indirect Website Competitors

The main reason why part of doing social media marketing is to study your competitor because they can always be a threat to your business online. Study on what they are doing and be observant in order for you to beat the competition and always on the top of the ranking.

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