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Startup and Small Business Owners to Cope With COVID-19

Committed to lending a hand, June Spring Multimedia offers a generous discount on all services.

JUNE SPRING MULTIMEDIA, APRIL 2020 – The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, is causing a great impact on global health and economic crisis. Startups and small business owners worldwide are affected the most, experiencing a huge set back on the present market status.

June Spring Multimedia, a leader in branding and online marketing industry, aims to support startup and small business owners facing this crisis.

“We are living in strange & worrying times. Now more than ever, startups and small businesses need to stay together & support each other to stay afloat during this crisis.” – Jay Arenas, President and CEO.

In line with the company’s effort to support startups and small businesses, June Spring Multimedia is offering massive discounts up to 50% OFF on all its services. The company is giving another 10% OFF discount using the promo code: JuneSpringCares

For years, June Spring Multimedia has built successful brands and excellent digital experiences in different types of industries worldwide. The company boasts high standard of excellence and exceptional service to ensure a great return on investment.

Contact us:

June Spring Multimedia Corporation
Department: Sales and Marketing Department

Email: customercare@junespringmultimedia.com
Website: www.junespringmultimedia.com

Phone Numbers:

  • (US) +1.408.600.2621
  • (AU) +61.861.025.588

June Spring Multimedia Celebrates Black Friday, launches Site Wide Sale

San Jose, California, 16th November 2018 — In line with the company’s effort to help businesses become a better version of themselves, June Spring Multimedia is launching a Site Wide Sale from November 19 to 24, 2018 to mark the Black Friday.


There will be great discounts on all its service packages up for grabs within the promo period earlier mentioned.

“Business is reciprocal in nature, You give your client the best service you can provide them. Satisfy their needs and in return, they will give their full trust and confidence on you. This is how we establish good working relationship with our clients,” said Jay Arenas, President, and CEO of June Spring.

This event, added Arenas, is its appreciation to the never-ending trust of their clients. “Our clients’ success is our success. We value a client’s approval of the work we do. It’s important to us that we met their expectations.”

For his part, June Spring Accounts Director James Guillemer said: “This is the best time to have this event, since most of the companies out there prepare and plan their business for the next year during this season and we are here to help them.”

When asked what makes them stand out from their competitors, he quipped that speed, quality, and best customer service is their edge.

“Customers Experience play a major role when you are in this industry. We work on your project while you sleep and we attend to every client’s concern 24/7. This is how we work things out in our company,” added Guillemer.

Businesses today are leaning on digital marketing as a way to increase sales and eventually grow their business. The digital age requires companies in whatever industry it belongs to come up with an effective digital marketing strategy and online branding.

June Spring is an International logo graphic and web solutions, provider. It employs talented team dedicated to give you outstanding logos, functional and impressive website, creative and targeted SEO, content and social media strategies.

Are you ready to take your business to the next level? Explore the long list of June Spring services and find out what suits your needs. To know more about June Spring, you can visit its official website at www.junespringmultimedia.com. Rest assured that you hire our team, you hire no less than a team of experts.

#Shop2Care Campaign

Aside from Black Friday, June Spring is all set for Christmas too.

For Christmas, June Spring will be giving back to the community.

The company will kickstart its fundraising event this December for the benefit of the children under the care of United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund (UNICEF) and World Child Cancer.

“We invite businessmen to boost their business while at the same time help out and share their blessings through our #Shop2Care Campaign. All they have to do is avail any of our services, and part of the sales generated will go to our chosen beneficiaries,” said Guillemer.

About June Spring Multimedia

June Spring Multimedia is a leading graphic design and web solutions provider – trusted by business owners and companies worldwide. It offers a wide variety of services from an eye-popping logo that fits your brand to transforming your ideas into visuals in print graphics, the web or for film and mobile applications. The company provides the best solutions for your businesses may it be desktop programming, web development or even online marketing.


Sales and Marketing Department

June Spring Multimedia Corporation
Phone Numbers:(US) +1.408.600.2621, (CA) +1.416.858.3811, (AU) +61.861.025.588.

Email: june@junespringmultimedia.com
Contact Us: https://www.junespringmultimedia.com/contact-us/

SOURCE June Spring Multimedia Corporation

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Don’t Use Confusing Words or Phrase

It is significant that your reader understands what the message of your release is. So, instead of using confusing term you must explain the concept. Use words that are appropriate for the chosen type of topic. For instance, in industry publications so you must also use industry terms so that your readers can directly relate what you are trying to imply.

Be Precise

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Be Aware of the Press Release Style

Knowing press release style is very important too. Accordingly, there are two approaches in press release writing; one of this is called traditional or reverse triangle in which the press release gives a summary of the facts and make the reporter’s craft the story while the other one is called a press release primer that gives a good background on the details of the release. But, in order to come-up into a more modern and feature-style release you must start with a description about your topic and most importantly get to the point quickly.

Know Your Audience

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