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By June SpringJune Spring

If you have outstanding skills in writing and would freely share your proficiency in graphic design, website development, mobile app development, social media, search engine, online marketing and technology with over 20,000 June Spring Multimedia blog readers. We want you!

We know that guest writer’s contribution are data-driven. Even we consider and value your opinion, we chose justification that is researched based and actual life examples.

Our critics are interested in content that help them achieve their business goals more efficiently. Hence, while we tend to choose contents about creative, marketing and technology, that’s not all we write about.


Follow our three-step article submission guidelines.

Step 1: Give your Idea

We want to hear more. Email us at june@junespringmultimedia.com and make sure your idea includes:

  • Article title options
  • An article outline with a clearly stated topic keyword

Step 2: First draft

Once a topic is agreed, you have the green light to start writing your article. First draft submissions should include:

  • Completed article in Google Docs with the editing option enabled
  • Separate folder with images
  • Short author bio

Step 3: Draft finalization

After the first draft review, we’ll inform you whether it’s something we’d want to share with our readers.

Feedback with our suggestion on what to improve will be sent to you. The suggestion should be taken seriously when creating the final draft.

Submission requirements

Few things we look for in every submission:

Keyword. To avoid covering wide topics, submit your article with a specific keyword in mind. This word or phrase should be the main topic of your article.

Structure. The article should have a clear structure: Introduction, Body, Conclusion, and Author Bio.

Language. Present original ideas and interesting arguments in a casual and friendly tone. Be helpful, and try to stay away from jargon.

Length. The article should be at least 1500 words.

Links. Leave no more than a maximum of 3 links to a safe landing page or website. We would not consider links from a “same service” website. However, feel free to include third-party links as information sources. For security purposes, we encourage guests bloggers to provide safe links and get rid of “vulnerable links” when submitting articles.

Visuals. Include high-quality graphics (1500px wide) with attributions. Ideally, use graphics that showcase real-life examples.

Submission process may take up to 5-7 days only. We offer a “Do Follow” backlinks and “No Charge” Blog post. We reserve the right to include calls-to-action to June Spring Multimedia content or services within the submitted content.

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