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Why You Should Enhance Your Article Images?

By June SpringJune Spring
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Many people treat images as valueless, but you may not realize this. Images can generate a ton of traffic from search engine ‘image-based’. To know more about how to get traffic through images, you must learn how to optimize those to boost some traffic to your website.

ALT text

Not everyone can easily recognize what the picture is all about, it is a problem. In order to make it possible to recognize, you must help the audience understand each image with the use of ALT text.Do you know what ALT text is? It’s simply the text that search engines use to understand images. For example: < img src =" meta-data.jpg " alt – "Meta Data" /> .

File size

Page load times matter for SEO. In order to make sure that your images don’t dissolve your fast page load times, ensure a small file size image without sacrificing the quality. When you have a large image and you want to make it smaller, visitors load first the large image than the browser resizes it, that’s a big NO! Do not resize your image to look smaller with your browser. The only solution is that use an image editing application to achieve your desired size.

File name

When uploading an image, select a descriptive filename, it is preferred to choose a filename you want that image to rank for because it will aid with your search engine rankings. If you want to see this in action, do a sample search and view the image rank. The keywords you searched are always in their file name.


Image captions and search engine rankings have no direct relation, but bounce rates are taken into account. Bounce rate is when someone searching for a term, clicks on your page and bounces back to the search page quickly, it can be used as a factor for rankings. Someone should go back to the search results because the image or content they clicked didn’t satisfy their needs.

Image captions are very important because it is one of the most readable content on your entire website. So don’t fail to use them, if you do, you can’t get a chance to lower down your bounce rate.


If you spend your time writing a perfect post, don’t waste it. Make sure to optimize your images for a bigger search engine benefit.

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