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Why is a logo and web design development essential for your business?

By Evie HarrisonEvie Harrison (Guest)
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As we move towards a social-driven world, businesses of all sorts and sizes have become enlightened of the importance of keeping their presence on the web. Logo and web designers and developers have become increasingly important for businesses to maintain their online presence.

The two words, i-e web designers and developers, are often used interchangeably; however, there is a little different that needs to be understood. Web designing refers to the aesthetic part and the usability of a website and make use of design programs like Illustrator and Photoshop. Web development takes these designs and turns them into a functioning website using HTML, JavaScript or any other programming language. Putting it more simply, a logo and web designer create the layout and visual elements of a website, a web developer brings life to the design files.

Due to increased internet penetration, consumers tend to look for products and services online before going to stores. Whatever industry you are in and whatever the type and size of your business, chances are that your consumers have looked for you on the web before reaching out to you. Therefore, large businesses have started keeping dedicated designers and developers to carry out the logo and web designing for their businesses to highlight their presence on the web.

Business owners have hastened to professionals to avail their web and logo design services in an attempt to make their products and services more accessible and increase their conversion rates. In addition to logo and web designing, the right SEO techniques and quality content have turned websites into assets for businesses. In this article, we explore why logo & web design and development is essential for your business and how they can contribute to your success.

  1. Brand’s identity and image

Logo and web designing represent the visual identity of a business. They are the most recognizable aspects of a business, which portray the brand’s image to the customers. The job of logo and web designer is to ensure the logo and website conveys the vision of the brand and align it with its image.

A study from Statistic Brain Research Institute revealed that the average human attention span reduced to 8 seconds in 2015 from 12 seconds in 2000. This means that customers take only a few seconds to form an opinion on whether to accept or reject a brand. Your logo and web design are the entities that can help you build a positive brand’s image and encourage customers to connect with it. Hence, it can be an effective tool for shaping public perception about a brand.

  1. Grabs customer’s attention

A deeper understanding of consumers behavior is required to make an effective online business strategy. A study revealed that a customer’s decision about a business can take as less time as one-third of a second. So, how do you attract customers and make them hooked to your product or service in such a short span of time? The answer lies in creating a lasting first impression of the brand.

Your business’ logo and website design can prove helpful in drawing customer’s attention and encouraging them to make a purchase. Another aspect that needs to be considered is the choice of colors, fonts, and style while designing a logo and a website for business. Every color has a different behavior pattern associated with it. Hence, it becomes important to hire web and logo design services of a professional who, through his or her skills, can drive customers to your business and intrigue desired responses from them.

  1. Credibility and trust

No one can deny the importance of credibility and trust in business. It becomes even more important in a world where sellers and buyers deal with each other at distant locations without meeting each other face to face. Trust is the only fabric that holds these dealings together.

In the old days, trust was built through word of mouth; in the digital world, it is your website that helps you earn a customer’s trust. As a large number of customers tend to review products and services online and even recommend trusted companies to others, the vitality of websites for businesses become more prominent.

  1. Global outreach

The internet has completely transformed the way we do business today. Local products now can become global products with the right SEO strategy and an effective website. You can now reach to any targeted audience within no time and increase your visibility and hence your sales. This instantaneous global outreach was not possible without business websites and the proliferation of social media.

Before the proliferation of the internet, businesses had to put huge efforts and resources to reach out to their intended audience through different media including TV and newspapers and still fail to achieve the desired results, but now a single post or blog can be enough for them to promote their products and services.

  1. Dedication to business

Investing in logo and web designing may seem expensive at first, but due to its importance in the digital age, it cannot be ignored. A good logo and web design indicate professionalism on your part and show your dedication towards the business. Consequently, customers are encouraged to put their trust in the brand and do business with it.

Customers also tend to associate the quality of logo and website to the quality of products and services. The customers expect that the efforts that go into designing a logo and website will be put into the products and services as well. As the quality of the logo and website is expected to project the quality of the product, it is not an area where you can cut corners.

The bottom line:

Logo and web design are important elements that distinguish your business from others. It conveys a message of assurance and good quality and creates a lasting impression in the viewer’s memory. An attractive logo and a good website design drive the customer to the website and even turn them into loyal consumers of your product. With so much of the business success depending on it, it becomes imperative to invest in this area and hire the services of a professional logo and web designer to take your business forward.

Author Bio:

Evie Harrison is a blogger by choice. She loves to discover the world around her. She likes to share her discoveries, experiences and express herself through her blogs. Find her on Twitter:@iamevieharrison

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