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What’s the Best Redirection Method for Your Website?

By June SpringJune Spring
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What are the best redirect options to use in SEO? Does it affect SEO? These questions tend to give confusions for people who want to optimize their web page. Setting redirection to your website’s pages is a hassle thing, especially when you don’t have an idea what is the best way to use between 301 Redirection and Canonical.

If you are looking for a web page redirection that is efficient enough, 301 redirects suit your website. There is also called Canonical, which supports your rankings and control duplicate content issues.

Using the 301 redirect inappropriately can cause errors. Here are the suggestions when you should use 301:

  1. As default
  2. Pages are being permanently moved or replaced
  3. 404 pages and expired content

In order to provide better user experience, in an effective way, there is a tool that helps to avoid identical issues in the search engines, it is called as canonical. We have suggestions when you should use canonical attribute:

  1. Dynamic pages with multiple URLs on a single page (from sorting features, tracking options, etc.)
  2. When 301s can’t be implemented, or take too much time.

In general, 301 redirect is the most preferred route, but still, it gives the best course of action.

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