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What You Know About Website Spokesperson Videos Is Wrong!

By June SpringJune Spring
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An increasingly popular way to promote your business online is through Website Spokesperson videos or the so-called virtual actors. Here are some myths about the use of the website spokesperson videos.

Myth #1: A website talking head or video spokesmodel will lead your customers to leave your website.

TRUTH: People are drawn to originality, relevance, and trustworthiness. If your spokesperson speaks in a warm controlled manner, people will be drawn further into your website, especially if the customer’s concern is properly addressed.

Myth #2: Website videos are not attractive and low in quality

TRUTH: If your video creators use a bit rate of 250k or greater, your videos will definitely look great. Video producers of website know all these things and the best way to judge their quality is to check out their work for other clients.

Myth #3: Only a professional writer can create a better website talking head script.

TRUTH: If you don’t have the skills to write a good advertising script then might as well get a professional writer to do it for you. Many virtual actor websites offer professional script writing services at an affordable price, between $39 and $199. Or unless you think you have elite writing skills then you can do it yourself.

Myth #4: Website spokesperson videos are expensive.

TRUTH: There are affordable website spokesman services that charge as little as $37 for a completed video. Shop around and search on “Choose a Website Spokesperson” and you’ll find some affordable website spokesman services. You need not spend big if your budget is not big enough.

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