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What are the skills of SEO Professional?

By James BondJames Bond (Guest)
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SEO is a popular field of digital marketing and gaining a lot of admiration. The reason is quite obvious SEO is the best approach to make a website rank higher on the search engine. Once a website starts to rank higher, it starts to engage more and more visitors resulting in higher ROI. Many companies are hiring SEO professional on a large basis. If you are the one looking to become an SEO professional, have a look at the below mentioned skills. These skills are quite crucial to be an SEO professional.

  1. Website Designing & Hosting

Website designing & hosting is a very important work of SEO professional. To start SEO on any project, the website needs to be customized according to that. Proper links should be present, attractive layout and loading of the website should be higher. Many websites are not ranked higher on the search engine because they lack attractive layout, as well as the loading time, is high. No visitor wants to wait for a long time for a website to load. This waiting time makes the visitor irritating and they switch to another website. The websites designed should be responsive because most of the users are working on their smartphones only.

  1. Checking Content Quality

Content posted on the website must be checked, whether it is unique or not. There several tools to check plagiarism and readability of the content. To be an SEO professional, knowledge of these tools is very important. Duplicate content causes a low rank on the search engine. If duplicated content posted on the website on regular basis, search engine makes that website spam. So, before publishing the content check its originality and then work according to that. Regularly modify the old content of the website to make it rank higher on the search engine. Search engine likes to track the updated content on regular basis. On weekly basis change the content for your website for its higher rank. This will surely increase the rank of your website. Content on your website must be clear and if this is lacking from the website, the result will not be satisfactory.

  1. Keyword Planning

Keyword Planning makes a huge impact on the website rank and its visibility. If keywords used in the website content are selected as per the trend, the chances of getting good rank are very high. There are several tools available for free as well as the paid version to check the trending keywords. Once these keywords are used in a proper manner, rank and ultimately ROI will be high. Analyze the keywords volume, trend, and competitor to use that keyword only. Keyword density also plays a crucial role in the working of the website better on the search engine.

  1. Communication Skills

Communication skills are not only a crucial factor in becoming an SEO professional but also to be a good leader. With top quality Communication skills, you can easily express your ideas and understand the requirements of a client. Communication skills help to engage more and more client. This helps to grow the business and finally personal growth in the company. With high communication skills, you can easily cover up the loopholes in your work.  All these factors are very important to be a good communicator.  A different client has different requirements and to understand these requirements communication skills must be top class.

  1. Social Media Activities

SEO integral part is social media activities. If you are proficient with social media platforms, you can become an SEO professional. Social Media is a great source to promote or make a stuff viral. And the main purpose of the website rank is to make it viral. Once it becomes viral, several users will engage towards it resulting in higher ROI. There are several social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and Google Plus. All of these platforms are very good means of promoting any website. Regularly post attractive content on these social media platforms and promote the stuff you want to. You can make videos, infographics about the brand and post it. Several groups are present which are always available for free or some are paid to make your brand viral.


From above we can conclude that to become SEO professional all the above skills mentioned should be on fingertips. All these tips behind to be an SEO professional. To grow your skills on regular basis, try to take some projects and invest some time on that with the above tips. To increase your chances of being hired from the renowned companies, follow the above tips in your daily activity and see the result. These tips once you start to apply, the results will be in your favor and this is a motivational factor.

Author’s bio:

I am a professional content writer since 2011 working with SEO Services Company Delhi and a graduate of the English with a degree in Mass Communication. My written blogs and articles have been published in several online publications. I am fond of writing, reading, traveling, and Internet surfing.

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