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Understanding On-Site and Off-Site SEO

By June SpringJune Spring
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When planning on optimizing your website, it is very common to ask where you should give you focus, should be on on-site or off-site, or combination of two? What search engine optimization strategies you are going to apply on your website, whether black hat or white hat SEO? What keywords should the website use? To make things easy, we gathered useful information that will greatly help in creating effective SEO strategies.

On-Site SEO

This generally refers to tactics that are applied within the web programming language, and appear on the website itself. These include strategies to help search engines in indexing and ranking the site in question, as well as boost visits, particularly recurring visits.

A key piece of on-site SEO is keywords. You have to make sure that you are using the keywords properly all over the copy of your site. Don’t forget to use the keywords in every title and headline on each page.

After the initialization of your on-site optimization, there are some things you can do to increase your optimization. If you’d noticed that the keywords aren’t effective anymore then adjust your tactic to bring continuous optimization.

Off-Site SEO

These are SEO strategies implemented off-site – those which join with third-party websites. Common examples of off-site strategies include back linking and email marketing. Take note that not necessarily all off-site strategies are performed online.

Off-site SEO is a little more difficult. Most of the search engines are looking for other sites to connect to your website. It will look for reputable sites that want to link with your site. It is important because the more connection to other reputable sites, the more optimization you can get.

With off-site SEO, always remember to do it frequently. Always add links to your press release and guest blog posts so that it will lead back to your website.

The most effective SEO plans, apply the combination of on-site and off-site strategies. They extremely help improve your website’s search visibility.

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