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Turn Customers into Brand Ambassadors

By June SpringJune Spring
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Your customer should trust your brand and website in order to connect with them. There are a number of checklists that customers have set before doing a transaction with your business via the website. The list of criteria’s that make individual trust one company website is composed of:


Refers to ease of access, the clarity of approach, prominent and easy contact details, transparency of information and accuracy.


Personal details of who you are and what you are like blogs, contact details, photos, and bios of your expertise are some of the important things that should be shown in your website design to prove your reliability on doing business with them.


It actually refers to recommendations, testimonials and reviews made by your clients; and accreditation transparency in pricing. It is informative, with honest and transparent details what you do, what you offer, your opening hours, how long you’ve been in business, your range of choice you are offering, and pricing.

Customers therefore want a responsive and effective website that could provide an easy communication to sort out any potential issues. They want to know whether your business is really reliable in providing services that they need. Consider these criteria in your website development and rest assured that the need to build trust between you and your client will never be difficult for you.

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