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Top Animation Trends Marketers Should Learn

By June SpringJune Spring
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Video is among the effective way to engage audience in this so-called digital days. Since most of us are visual, the appeal of videos are simply hard to ignore. Information is absorb faster using this medium, thus marketers should adapt to such trend.

So how do you create video content? An easy option is animation. It has been said that animated video clips can help garner more engagements because of its attractive nature. Here are some animation trends that marketers should consider this year.

Non-photorealistic Rendering

Animated videos aim to stand out and look trendy. If you want to achieve such goal, try using Non-photographic Rendering (NPR). It is a technique that uses 3-D program to create 2-D looking animation. NPR has appeared in movies and advertisements too.

Stop-Motion Animation

The revival of Stop Motion Animation has become a new trend in video contents. Using modern and catchy methods, animators had been making a lot of imaginative techniques. It is currently popular for marketing and explainer videos because of its versatility.

Hyper-Surreal Animation

Another great animation trend right now is Hyper-Surreal Animation. This style utilizes the power of CGI in combining photo-realistic elements with fantastical imagery. As a result, it creates a dreamlike worlds and action that is enticing to the eyes.

White Board Animation

This animation has been widely used by marketers, particularly in explainer videos and product run-down videos. With the development of easy-to-use and powerful tool, White Board animation has been easily accessible even to those with no animation background. If you’re operating on a low budget, consider using this and you can see an immediate ROI on your videos.

2D Comeback is Real

There was a time when 2D animation has stepped down of the limelight when 3D animation arrived. Many companies focus on 3D imagery despite the cost, time and effort needed to create it. But now that almost all end users are online, many companies seek to create animations that are cost-effective, faster to make yet attractive. Such need has paved way for 2D animations big comeback. Its ability to make simple but effective video contents make it ideally in trend today.

These are just some of the animation trends that marketers must explore this year. There are still a lot of styles and techniques out there, but the challenge is how to make your animations catch the attention of your target audience. Remember that you have to deliver your message, so think deeply when you do concepts for your video content.

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