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Top 6 SEO challenges of an E-commerce website & ways to get rid of them

By Morris EdwardsMorris Edwards (Guest)
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Just like general websites, the raking of E-commerce websites depends on the quality of SEO. If your site is optimized well for different search engines and the targeted audience, the ultimate success knocks at your door sooner or later. However, E-commerce SEO is not a child’s play. Fluctuations keep coming in your business volume from time-to-time. Mainly, it is caused by SEO challenges. Today, we will discuss those problems and talk about solutions as well. Let’s get started.

  1. Your E-store is Not Optimized for Mobile Devices

These days, most people use the Internet on different mobile devices. So, if your website is not responsive to mobile devices or its pages are not optimized with a mobile-first approach, don’t expect speedy success in the web-based business. Adapting web design for mobile devices is one of the most important elements of SEO optimization of the online store. Mobile-friendly sites are much more likely to get on top positions in different search engines.

Quick loading of websites and its pages allow you to attract and retain more visitors. So, test its speed and make the required changes if necessary. Search engines have already launched algorithms that consider the responsive structure of websites while displaying them in search results. The adaptation of the mobile version of a website is an important ranking factor apart from the quality of the text content.

  1. You Don’t Optimize Your Site for Voice Search Queries

Many users are accustomed to voice assistants to find things easily and quickly on the internet. So, there is a great advantage of optimizing the online store for voice calls. Always keep in mind that voice requests are longer than printed and reflect the user’s desires more accurately. If you optimize your website for voice search, search engines will start showing your website in top search results and help you to earn more business opportunities.

  1. The Use of Inappropriate Keywords

There are many ways to get rid of the headache associated with the selection of keywords. In order not to repeat in posts, you should choose relevant phrases and keywords. There are services that help SEO optimization, for example, Rank Tracker.

You can also use the Google AdWords scheduler to choose right words targeting your business. Always keep in mind that if you use inadequate keywords in your SEO activities, all your efforts for website optimization will go in vain.

  1. Ignoring The benefits of Local SEO

For several years, the trend of local optimization of the site has prevailed in Google. In other words, this is called “local SEO”, where websites are optimized for geographical area. Increasing the importance of voice search on Google makes this factor very important. Long “tails” of voice requests can lead a potential customer to your site. Therefore, take care of the availability of addresses and contact details of all branches, outlets, and offices of your online store, if you want to achieve the perfect SEO optimization.

  1. Not HTTPS on Your E-commerce website

Over the past year, many site owners have the same question: “Should I move to HTTPS, or not?” The answer is unambiguous and straightforward- worth it. Always keep in mind that the HTTPS protocol provides data encryption and makes them unavailable for viewing by unauthorized persons. A secure site makes it clear to the user that all of his data is safe. Moving to a secure protocol is not at all difficult. If you do everything right, there should not be any problems with losing traffic, and the benefits of SEO are obvious.

  1. Lousy and Boring Content

Always remember that the text content still plays a big role in the competent SEO-optimization of the online store. So, Analyze the content of your site, remove what you think can be boring and, ineffective. Do not forget to add video, photos and audio clips to your website – all these are necessary elements of SEO-promotion of the online store. Adding quality media content significantly increases the behavioral indicators on the site. Analyze and learn new SEO tricks as far as possible. A constant advancement in SEO techniques is necessary to produce the desired result.

Final Words

A huge part of the Internet is now dedicated to E-commerce. The people who own those sites are in fierce competition with one another for the finite market share available in any given industry as far as possible. This means SEO is incredibly important, to the point where making a single mistake can doom your site to mediocrity.

If you feel like your site isn’t performing the way it should, or if you’ve seen your Google ranking decrease with no explanation as to why, take a look these points to bring your web-based business back on track.

Author Bio:

Morris Edwards is a web developer ∓ Marketinpert, employed with Awebstar Technologies Pte Ltd- which provides the best Ecommerce Website Design in Singapore. Follow him on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus to get his new articles and updates instantly.

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