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Top 6 Mistakes to Avoid in Your First Android App Development

By Denny KellyDenny Kelly (Guest)
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Android is not a new name to most of us.  It is the mobile development application developed by Google. The basis of the creation of Android is a modified version of the Linux Kernel and many other open source software. It is designed mainly for touchscreen mobile devices.

Google has also successfully developed Android TV, Android Auto for cars, and Wear OS for watches. The other variants of Android include game consoles, digital cameras, PCs and other electronics.

Android Software development is the development of many new applications created for the devices supporting Android.  It can be written using Koltin, Java, and C++ languages using SDK. Nowadays it is quite easy to learn app development through various courses available on the Internet. But with a large number of apps already in the world, you need to learn to outshine yourself through your application.

As a beginner in android development, a few things must be taken into account while creating the first application. You may have gained enough technical knowledge about the languages and many more to create an application of yours but at the same time, you need to look up for other factors like user needs marketing, app features, brand promotion and many more. This, app development is not an easy task and one needs to be proficient enough to create one.

Over time a lot of changes have occurred in this field from the way the app is developed to their distribution. The app development industry is an ever-growing industry, full of intelligent designers. As you have to face a highly competitive market, you must be careful while performing your works.

Developing an application on android is a process that takes time and effort. Being new to this area, making mistakes would be normal. All you have to do is learn from the mistakes and avoid them later on.

As you know android is open source but at times a lot of things can go wrong in the Android development process. At times a designer can perform some mistakes highly affecting the development of the app. Thus, being an app developer you need to work hard on filling the potholes that exist in your app and try to avoid mistakes to be able to compete in the competitive world.

In this article, we will discuss 6 mistakes you need to avoid as an application developer. The article covers all those major causes that have many times let app developers down. Voiding these mistakes may surely serve as a great help to you while working with your application. The major mistakes include:

Mistake 1: Creating an app with too many features

Being an application developer, you may be tempted to solve dozens of problems. You must be willing to add as many as features possible to your android app.

But you must keep one thing in mind they this is something really difficult to achieve and this may even lead to failure.

Always remember the principle of keeping everything simple. Your main focus should be on trying to do only one thing and do that in the correct way.

The major reasons why you need to avoid too many features include:

  • Too many features can also affect your app performance and make the app clumsy and heavier. This may lead to user uninstalling your application, which is what you would never want.
  • Too many features make the app heavier and thus making it slower.
  • Too many features may also require additional resources leading to the only drainage of resources.

Mistake 2: Lack of Research Work

It is equally important to know about the audience you are going to target. At times, people think they have a great app and only to realize that is has been in the market for a long time ago. So in order to succeed and stand out in competition, you must strive to prove unique and distinct solutions.

You must be known to app pricing, business models, common features, new trends etc. You must go for all the topics and research that let you know about your potential users and target groups. You must survey and get understanding of what audience needs, how they engage on mobile and what factors drive them to use an app repeatedly.

About 1,000 apps are released every day, giving a tough competition. But the companies perform a major mistake by not performing a test for their app before releasing it into the public.

The test helps you know where you stand, what are the improvements audience expects and what are chances of failure. Thus testing, will not only solve the company’s fame and promote positive growth.

Mistake 3: No Proper Marketing Strategy

The majority of apps display ads to make profits. They even display ads of other apps. Ad Mob is the official advertising platform from Google. It helps you in understanding the traffic and performance of the application. This also helps in building an app business.

Today, mobile app marketing needs to take a start while the app is under development. As it is named, Pre-launch marketing must be started before the app is launched. It is quite crucial for your app because creating a buzz is necessary in the marketplace before the app actually hits the world of competition.

The following tips must be followed for pre-marketing of your app:

  • First, decide the basics of your app including the app concept, name, and logo and design elements. Build a small website for your app and publish content on the app.
  • Create social profiles and business pages in the name of your app. Publish regular posts promoting your upcoming app. You also go for adverts, promotional campaigns, and feedbacks for your application engaging your audience.
  • After establishing the website, try to reach your loyal audience by email marketing, direct messaging and banners.
  • Try contacting the influencers and take them in the loop about the upcoming app data.
  • Try launching the app as big as possible by colliding it with a big event. Go for the public press release, run media ads and collect your audiences in the launch event.

Mistake 4: Forgetting about Battery Usage of app

The effect of your app on the battery life of the android also determines whether users decide to uninstall or retain it. You must understand that users need to have a good experience with your application without their devices running out of power. Power consumption by the app plays a vital role in determining how much your app is going to be successful.

You must also take care of the app draining battery life when the app is not in use. Checking how your app affects battery life will prevent you from many inconveniences.

Mistake 5: Post-Launch Improvements of the application

After launching your app in the market, you must think of improving your application from time to time to fix possible loopholes. You must also try to provide new features that keep the users bided to you.

Always remember that users always want more and better things to compete with new and different applications coming into the market. You can ask your customers to review your app and ask them about the changes they wish to see in your application. You can also ask them the drawbacks that they find in your app and accordingly try to improve your application.

You can also rely on the comments you are getting on Google Play Store.

Mistake 6: Developing application for several platforms

It is better to admit that every subsequent app which is about to be published has to face tremendous competition from millions of app in the market (Google Play and Apple App Store). These two platforms own biggest share of market presence are targeted by most developers. But as an app takes huge cost and effort involved in building and marketing for any of these marketplaces, it is only advisable to build an app for one platform at a time and not for both at once. When you focus on single product, your time to market will be minimized.

Moreover, in building for both platforms at once you need to engage with both versions of the app at the same time. Let us consider an example. If you wish to change certain design aspects or features you need to do it do changes simultaneously on both the platforms. So it is better to build to a perfect app on one platform and then porting it to other after a certain span of time.

So, the next time you decide to go for app development, you must take care of the following mistakes and try avoiding them so as to ensure a good success for your app in the marketplace.

Hope this article helps you in understanding the common mistakes made by android developers.

Author Bio:

Denny Kelly is a Marketing Manager at AIS Technolabs which is Web design and Development Company, helping global businesses to grow. I would love to share thoughts on uber clone android and Game Design Development etc.

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