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Top 3 Email Marketing and Marketing Automation Strategies for Your eCommerce Store in 2019

By MariliaMarilia (Guest)
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When it comes to growing a successful eCommerce store, email marketing and marketing automation can give you the power to boost your conversions, increase your revenue and build meaningful relationships with your customers.

Whether you have a successful eCommerce store or you are about to start one from scratch, email marketing can be the best cost-effective tool you should keep in your marketing toolbox.

To make the most out of it, you are going to need the right tools and the best strategies to make it work.

When it comes to the tools, make sure to choose the right email marketing software to give you the means to create and send exceptional emails that will convert.

Out there, you’ll find numerous alternatives to Mailchimp like Moosend to equip you with some great solutions to create your first email marketing campaigns.

Now, if we look at the numbers, you’ll see that email marketing is not only popular with customers but can give your store the best ROI. To be specific, for every dollar you spend on a campaign there is a $38 return.

A percentage graph of email respondents

Email Marketing vs. Marketing Automation

First of all, email marketing and marketing automation may appear to be similar but they have some key differences.

Email marketing offers you the marketing channel to reach and communicate with your audience cost-effectively.

Marketing automation, on the other hand, is the process of automating your email campaigns in order to save valuable time.

What’s more, when you combine the two through an email marketing automation platform, you can send time or action triggered emails that will greet your audience, give them irresistible offers and re-engage them with your brand throughout their journey.

Why you should use Email Marketing Automation for your eCommerce Store

If you are looking to increase your conversion rate and skyrocket your sales, then email marketing can be the best way to achieve it.

Here are some benefits of using email marketing in your marketing strategy:

  1. Improve Lead Generation

Lead generation is all about identifying and nurturing prospects into customers that will support your product.

Turning them from visitors into loyal customers, though, is a process that requires time and effort.

To make things easier, you should employ automation to map your visitors’ behavior during their stay at your website and determine at which stage they are.

When you have successfully collected enough data, you can use personalized emails to nurture them and offer them the perfect incentive that will turn them into customers.

According to Rikke Thomsen’s customer experience tip, “if you want to deliver an outstanding customer experience, you need to customize your content (ads, emails, on-site messages, and so on) to the individual user. We have the technology to target our audience based on where they are in the customer journey, yet so many marketers fail to do so.”

  1. Save Valuable Time

Imagine that you have a mailing list with hundreds of subscribers. Now imagine that you want to send them a personalized thank-you email for their first purchase.

How much time would that take? Well, the answer is a lot!

Sending emails manually is not a task that you should take upon yourself as it is an extremely time-consuming process.

Using email marketing automation can help you automate every step of the process with you as the creator of the campaign and marketing automation as the distributor.

  1. Lead Nurturing

Lead nurturing is another important process that will allow you to build relationships, learn more about your prospects’ needs and help you craft emails that will give solutions to their problems.

Nurturing your leads can be an integral part of a great growth strategy since the nurtured leads that you turned into customers will trust your eCommerce store more.

For instance, when a new visitor signs up, you should send them an informative welcome email to make them notice you. After that, you can schedule your lead nurturing campaigns to help your prospects get to know you and your products.

Now Let’s See the Best 3 Email Marketing Automation Strategies for Your eCommerce Store

  1. Greet them with a Welcome Email Campaign

The fact that you have an eCommerce store instead of a brick-and-mortar one doesn’t mean that you can’t make an excellent first great impression on your new customers.

To win them at first sign up, your store needs to employ the power of welcome emails. These emails will be the equivalent of your friendly staff greeting but, hear me out, it can be a lot more effective than that.

I’m sure that once you found yourself in a store and started browsing around just for the sake of it. Then, a shop assistant came to you, greet you and then, after telling them that you are just looking around, they wouldn’t stop showing you items that didn’t interest you at all.

Well, it’s not the shop assistant’s fault but the store’s policy to try to engage customers with the products whether they want to purchase something or not.

Welcome emails are more efficient than that because they are simple, informative and give your customers an irresistible discount code they can use on check out.

When you start creating the ultimate welcome email campaign you consider two things:

  • Make your message as simple and appealing as possible.
  • Give them great offers to make sure that they will take your CTAs.

Here’s a great example from Taylor Stitch:

Ultimate welcome email campaign

What makes this a great welcome email is its simplicity and excellent visual combination that make the message pleasing and straightforward.

To increase its attractiveness, Taylor Stitch offers 20% off our first purchase, which in my opinion is better than the 10% discount that most stores give.

Spending time to polish your welcome emails will help you increase your subscribers’ engagement with your store and give them more reasons to spend both their time and money on yours.

Also, including a link to the customer FAQ portal will help your customers find what they need without searching around the web.

  1. Reduce Your Cart Abandoners with Recovery Campaigns

Cart abandonment is still one of the greatest problems that businesses have to face in 2019.

Simple distractions, better deals or shipping costs are some of the reasons that have made the cart abandonment rate escalate to 69.57% in 2019.

Cart abandonment rate chart

Your greatest weapon to recover your lost revenue comes from abandoned cart emails that act as clever reminders with powerful incentives.

According to SaleCycle’s report, “the average open rate for cart abandonment emails was 48% in 2018”.

So, when you plan your abandoned cart campaign, you should consider sending more than one email to better engage your customers and convince them to complete their purchase.

Here’s a great cart abandonment email campaign I got from Under Armour:

Checkout cart notification of Under Armour

This email delivers a powerful reminder that everybody would like to get since free shipping is one of the most appealing offers a store can give its customers.

Under Armour knows that free shipping can save them more than a simple 10% discount, so instead of letting their extra special offer get lost in the clutter, they sent a second email to remind their customers that the offer won’t be on the table for long.

Take a look at the follow-up email, now. Do you notice anything different from the first one?

Under Armour marketing follow-up email

First of all, the follow-up email uses fewer visuals than the first, making it clear that if the customer doesn’t act now, someone else will beat them to it.

If you watch closely, you’ll see that the free shipping code is now highlighted in red to make it stand out and trigger their customers to click on it faster than Flash.

  1. Create Re-engagement Campaigns for Disengaged Customers

You nurtured them, offered them the best discounts and in return, they made their first purchase.

That’s enough to make your eCommerce store happy, right?

The truth is that your as ideal as it may sound, customers can sometimes be unpredictable. That means that after their first purchase, or even the second or third, they can forget about you and find another store to make their purchases.

However, you shouldn’t just give up on them because they forgot about you, but try to make them re-engage with your store.

According to Invesp, getting new customers is five times more expensive than re-engaging your old customers.

So, to get one step closer to customer retention, eCommerce stores should create a re-engagement campaign that can win back disengaged customers and strengthen their relationship with your store.

This re-engagement email from Urban Outfitters is a great example of both creativity and innovation:

Re-engagement email from Urban Outfitters

With this clever blend of humor and creativity, Urban Outfitters’ email manages to stand out from the rest.

Using a “break-up” scenario, the company shows its customers their funny and creative side, giving them more reasons to go back to them.

Urban Outfitters’ clever blend of humor and creativity email graph

To deliver amazing and successful re-engagement campaigns, brands should get to know their target audience in order to design the most attractive template that will speak to their audience at first glance.

Bonus Tip

When you plan your email marketing automation campaigns, you shouldn’t forget to optimize your subject lines for even better results. To ensure your email deliverability, you should avoid using spammy words that will send your emails to your recipients’ spam folder.

Keep in mind that a well-crafted subject line can give a great first impression and determine the open rate of your emails.


Email marketing is a powerful marketing channel to increase your revenue, nurture your leads and engage your disengaged customers without spending a lot of time and money.

With the right email marketing automation strategies, your eCommerce store can evolve into a successful profit-generating machine that will surpass even your greatest competitors.

So, next time you start planning your email marketing, use these 3 classic strategies to help you increase your sales, reach your KPIs and rock your eCommerce store.

Author bio:

Marilia is a Copywriter working for email marketing service Moosend. Her passion for writing has made her find new ways to combine the art of Creative Writing with SEO Copywriting. When she’s not writing articles, you’ll find her spending time on her drabbles.

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