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Tips on How to Build a Multicultural Website

By June SpringJune Spring
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We know that the internet is global, yet how many individuals can genuinely say the same in regards to their website? While all websites can hypothetically be reached by anybody with an internet connection, it requires a little thought and effort to guarantee that your website design will engage as wide a crowd of people as possible.

For web designers, issues such as color, formatting, and navigation, and layout are important considerations throughout the design stage. Regardless of the possibility that you intend to begin by focusing on the home market, it’s worthwhile considering the bigger picture when you design your site so it will be simpler to change over for a global audience later on.

Select the Best Tools

It’s a good idea to build your site utilizing Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). A table-less design implies that content can be differentiated from design and you won’t need to begin without any preparation when you adjust your pages for a different market.

Utilizing UTF-8 character encoding for Unicode will expand the flexibility and allow for future adjustment. Significantly, UTF-8 can be utilized with the mainstream design tools, for example, Dreamweaver and is supported by most supported programs and operating frameworks.

Colour Considerations

Research has shown that certain colors have unique essences in distinctive cultures. For instance, white is the color of weddings in Western cultures, however, death in many Eastern cultures. Red has a scope of significance all over the world, from anger to happiness to luxury to quality. Blue is frequently considered to be the “most secure” global color. Remember that different colors can mean different things in different cultures.

Consider the Images across Different Cultures

The same with the effect of the colour, you will need to consider the fittings of your images across different cultures. Other images and symbols simply may not be socially relevant in different regions of the world. Studies carried out into the effect of new technologies shows that users show resistance to products with Western metaphors for products restricted to their social traditions and idioms. Choose suitable pictures for your web page appropriately, or be primed to use different images within separate versions of your website.

Design is Vital, However, Content is King

It is fundamentally crucial that your message is carried over into distinctive languages. While this can be completed rapidly and efficiently by a machine translation tool, to truly catch the nuances of a language and thusly the trust of its speaker, there can be no substitute for a professional translator working in their native tongue.

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