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The Weight of Content Marketing to the Success of SEO

By June SpringJune Spring
Content marketing seo optimization online blog

Content Marketing, what does it mean?

A strategic approach that focused on the creation and distribution of valuable, consistent and relevant content to generate leads, achieve sales and raise brand awareness. You can do this through using social media platforms or a regularly updated blog or a webpage and a section of events or activities on your website.

SEO content

When you talk about SEO, content is certainly one of the most significant factors that affects your website’s traffic and visibility on search engines. It is stated in a survey that 75%c of the searchers use search engines on a regular basis when performing a product or service search and 60% of the searchers purchase a product or service based on that research. That’s the reason why there are specific guidelines for creating valuable content for your website.

Since the content is the substance of the consumer involvement and experience, search engines set a high value for it as a ranking factor. Something that SEO expert should keep in mind.

Consumer – centered content

Like any other ground, you must develop your existing content to really obtain the benefits. The more relevant and valuable your content is, the more chance of higher visibility on search engines you get. It is not good enough just to have a website with good and relevant content. You have to keep appropriate and new content to sustain your relevance to the search engines and to provide chances continuously for references, generation of leads and backlinks. According to a survey, 86% of the searchers said that search engines help them learn something new or significant that increase their knowledge. A website that has 400- 100 pages are said to be getting more lead than those with 50 – 100 pages only.

Strategies in content creation

  1. Create an interesting and contemporary content. Avoiding duplication is one the major rules in search engine optimization, so we better start there. An original and unique content is important. Each page should focus on one topic that appealingly centers on something relevant for the searchers.
  2. Be specific and direct with your products and services’ name. Don’t use flowery words or euphemism that may give confusion to the people on what’s the message that you’re trying to convey to them. On the grounds that search algorithms are not best in gathering information that are not clearly specified.
  3. Make use of titles and headings. Manage your content with detailed and descriptive titles and headings that concentrate and aims the topic you chose. With that, you are precisely telling the search engines and searchers what the page is about.
  4. Creating new pages. When you want to talk about something, create a new page or a column for that. Products, services and locations or branches are some examples of a content that warrant their own pages, and make sure that you have enough description to say about these pages.
  5. Filling up the pages. A page deserves to be stuffed with relevant and enough length of the content. If you can’t come up with at least 300 or more words for a certain topic, then it isn’t about time for that subject to be given its own page.
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