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The Importance of Engaging Visual Content in your Marketing Strategy

By June SpringJune Spring
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How important is visual contents in your social media presence? Visual content can have an impact on your social media growth. It could actually improve your visibility on social media platforms. This is because we are programmed to look at images first before the text.

Visual Content is becoming more successful compared to other forms of communicating with your audiences. Content marketers that go to the side of using visual content come to have rewards of successful returns based on the number of followers, audiences, clients and most all income. If you’re still not into visual content, it’s time to re-imagine your strategy for social media marketing.

People hold on to 80% of what they see, 20% of what they read and 10% of what they hear. A huge percent of the information transferred to the brain is visual. The larger images increased sales by a total of 46%. Sites that use video content increased their conversion by 46% also. To identify the value of the brand and its uniqueness, companies use company logo, colors, typography, symbols and imagery. Visual content is shared three times faster than text.

Social Media Platforms that Visual Media is Popular:


  • 100 hours of video uploads within 60 seconds
  • Direct sharing to other social media platforms
  • Live stream video to a larger audience using google hangouts
  • Top 2 largest search engine
  • Offline streaming on mobile
  • Billion searches in every month


  • 50 billion pins to more than a billion boards
  • 14 million articles pinned in 24 hours
  • Inbound Links and drives engagement


  • 300 million users
  • 30 billion photos shared to date
  • 60 million visitors


  • 35% retweets contain photos and 28% videos
  • 18% clicks and 89% more favorites


  • 87% posts shared mostly contain photos
  • News Feed increased 3.6 times every year for video posts

Factors for your road to success:

  1. Use eye candy visual content. The one that catches the eye and the attention of the readers and link to your blog.
  2. Optimize designs for all social media platforms.
  3. Use amusing content to generate a long – term expression.
  4. Be uniform with the design templates.

Incorporate visual content on your social media campaign to develop your brands, increase your reach and earn more. It will help other people discover more about your company. It is very significant that you also consider the needs of your audience. Take time to make good content, generate high quality images that can draw the attention of the people.

Effective visual content is an immense medium because they extend to innovative freedom. Always be consistent on the company message and share content that reflects the company brand.

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