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Take Your Spot with the Top Logo Design Trends 2019

By Gerry WilsonGerry Wilson (Guest)
A hand holding up a mobile android phone with bing logo on the screen

A lot has been introduced in the graphic design industry from the fascination of animated logos to the wonders of responsive layouts.  It’s now time to look at the past design techniques and ideas along with blending some experimental shades and color schemes to innovate livelier and bold picture of your company.

Nowadays a brief and interesting story is summarized in the logo. You need to learn the way to connect with your viewers. Attracting attention is one thing and building up an emotional connection is completely different. You have to look for ways through which you can appeal your target customers. You need to think out of the box if you have to mark a prominent position in this digital era. The clever use of logotype and some smart electrifying colors are what dominate the year 2019. Read on to the list of amazing logo design trends 2019.

Variable Logo Design

It is a time of variability and flexibility. Designers, today, are concerned over the fact that a strong relationship is important to lay the foundation of a progressive brand. To achieve this aim they need to get their hands on variable logos. Variable logos have the quality to perform well across each platform. They not only do justice across the various platforms but also address individual customer groups in a respective manner.

The variable logo will address businesses and families in a distinctive manner targeting the key points and ensuring conversions. The biggest advantage of having a variable logo is that you can reshape or change it according to your need or trend. A bit of more creativity can be added with time to refresh its look. So, the effectiveness of variable logos marks its position in the top 2019 trends list.

Geometric Logos

Just when a new trend surfaces, the skilled experts begin to limit its reach and restrict its approach with thousands of boundaries and complexities. Such happened with the trend of using geometric logos where designers have used over tricky mathematical techniques and got themselves puzzles in the angles and their compositions. However, as the New Year breezes set the mood of creativity high, professionals now seem to willingly get involved in blending their creativity mixed with enchanting color schemes and using simple geometric concepts. Such an example is shown below: Take a look!

A hand holding a tumbler with logo of Dr. cup

Note the entire aesthetics of the logo. It’s simple, sleek and utterly appealing with the use of such simple geometric concepts. This trend is named as the “New Geometric Trend” as you do not have to step into the web of complexities just to prove yourself innovative. You can keep an entirely minimalist approach and create something even more captivating.

Tricky Logos

This new logo design trend has its foundation on the French term “trompe l’oeil”, which means, “Deceive the eye”. It is created using such techniques that it forms either a 3D look, a smudged typography or a tricky layout of the fonts that gives more than one meaning at a time. Where marketers are striving to create easy to grasp logos that a viewer understand in a blink, others are investing time in making such a logo that can be hard to comprehend within the first couple of seconds.

An infographic image with wordings 'Transform Acad Radicals'

The tricky logo trends keep the motivation and enthusiasm of designers elevated as they get a new challenge to come up with a logo that can be both interesting and confusing. It is a productive trick to not only grab the attention of viewers but to challenge them to fight their distraction and try to understand the meaning behind the figure. It’s more like the art of distortion and perspectives. In a fragmented and wrapped layout, you can incorporate your rich brand’s meaning and appeal to the customers.

Purposeful Color

Colors have always been an important part of a logo. It is used to express many great ideas, concepts, and meanings. With the right selection of a color scheme, you can add more feel and appeal in your logo. In the trend list of 2019, the technique to careful selection of colors has marked its position. You need to pick colors that rightly express the look and deliver the message of your brand.

Basic concepts are triggered. You need not be an expert to decode the secret that the color red expresses love and boldness. Similarly, a lighter shade of blue to the darker tone of black all delivers certain meanings and messages. Some logos are there in which designers have used strokes of multi colors where each color is speaking about a certain trait itself. The right selection of colors can help you deliver your brand’s message across your target audience much more efficiently. You do not need to incorporate any complexity.

Negative Space

The trend of utilizing the negative spaces in a logo is not going to leave the trend anytime soon. It spreads such alluring class and outlook that people gets helplessly attractive towards the logo. From the sleek design to the rich meaning it encompasses, it can help you deliver many great messages within new strikes curves or patterns. It keeps the logo memorable for years to come and challenges you to keep an elevated approach of making adjustments within the negative spaces.

An icon image of a woman with a tagline 'Costa Surfboards'

We’re making the best use of negative logo has always been in the minds of professional designers, for the year 2019, the techniques have stepped in a much more competitive landscape. Now designers have to bring an innovative flair to blend creativity in their artwork.


In the list of top design trends, one thing that has never left the field is minimalism. Over the course of years, form simplification or minimalist approach has always received praise and appreciation. It is considered one of the most successful technique to create a prospering brand. Many new brands and tech giants have even taken the minimalist approach to keep their brand names. Incredibly simple layouts, design features, and colors were the top trends of 2018. Now as we head towards welcoming 2019, designers have planted seeds to unfold greater brilliance and to drive excellence through the creative yet simple approach.

An icon of a horse in black outline

In the year 2019, designers are planning to strip down the design features and to prefer using a more abstract manner of creation. This shift to using abstract techniques highlights minimalist principles and transform the logo into a much more effective display. It’s more like an anchor that doesn’t weigh down the creativity and skills instead it brings out appeal and captivity.

The experts about creating contrast and abstract logos stated about the design features that, “this contrast is meant to be questioned by the perceiver. Why did I recognize an animal here? Could it be something else?”- Iva Ron. With minimalist design scheme working at the backend, you get to focus on every single area of your logo. You can highlight many targeted messages and attract customers. Your logo will be more targeted and oriented towards a specific goal.

Pedigree Logo

The famous example of Stella Artois’s timeless logo is the aim of the designers in the New Year. Creating a logo that can withstand the trendy changes and the rapid evolution has been an aim of the designers; however, now the experts will be focusing on creating a logo that despite undergoing mere changes do not get spoiled or overlooked in the long run. The motto will be to create an authoritative brand’s identity and to leave a lasting imprint in the mind of target customers.

Brands are now moving ahead towards having more of a classic image. Using experimental logotypes and blending many new ideas are all signs of advanced improvisation and modernization. Impressive lineage, artisanal touches, vintage textures, precise lines work, enchanting color schemes and appropriateness are among the cornerstones of their design features.

Overlapping Elements

The last trend in the list is the use of overlapping elements. It looks a bit more creative, captivating and unique. Choosing the right font and an appropriate color is important when making an overlapping logo design. The pectoral marks, wordmarks are appealing icons overlapped onto each other look impressive and depict professionalism. Often designers free logo maker app download to get a logo created that can stand out from the clusters. Major brands like PayPal, have already been working on it. If you see the logo of PayPal shown below you will see how it looks so compelling and sleek.

Paypal logo

Wrapping Up

The tip for the year 2019 is that one must strive to bring out an innovative side within the creation. Choose colors wisely and do not follow the herd blindly. You have to stay grounded and make an aim before dipping your hands in logo making. Keep your approach targeted and make the most out of negative spaces.

Author Bio:

Gerry Wilson is a technology freak and a professional blog writer who loves to write about tech/Apps related articles. Follow him on Twitter for further details.

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