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Successful and Tactical Ways Used for “Outside Web Activities”

By June SpringJune Spring
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“ Off-Page SEO ” refers to all activities that website owners do outside their own website to raise their page ranking with search engines. The core of an off-page SEO is this whole process called link-building. According to studies, website owners spend about 30% of their time on off-page factors. An SEO Expert from San Diego share 3 effective ways to use off-page SEO to market your business:

1. Quality links matters more than quantity links

A large quantity of non-reputable links are of NO USE. Links from reputable websites even with just a few varies more due to the quality. Thus, building good relationships with smaller websites with a good reputation is essential for greater exposure.

2. Usage of keyword-rich anchor text

It is beneficial and important to use the right kind of anchor text, based on major keywords, to help your website rank higher.

3. Social media

Social platforms allows your content to become trendy. The number of social followers, and your activity on social media, is a major ranking factor within search engines. Shared posts are very influential.

Understanding and good bond between websites are of basic necessity to consider aside from the 3 effective ways given above.

Here are some more advanced off-page SEO strategies that may help build your online reputation and standing to market your website and excel ranking on search engines.

Community creation in social networking sites

Known as the online reputation management. Be a member of the most popular social networking sites create a profile of your own. By doing this you can extend your network online, get connected with friends, share posts and promote your company/website to build an online reputation.


One of the most powerful ways to promote your company/website online. Write a blog of your own for your company/website and include lots of unique content to capture more attention.

Search engine submission

Submit your website to the most popular search engines like to get listed for free.

Link exchange

This is commonly termed as thematic link exchange. This increases your link popularity, which is a major factor of Google’s PageRank algorithm.

Link baiting

Suppose you have copied/published another website’s don’t forget to place their website link as a reference. Do it for others and, if your content is trustworthy, let others do it for you. As simple as “Do unto others what you want others do unto you.”


This is commonly termed Internal linking. The best known example of a successful internal linking is Wikipedia.

Business reviews

Write reviews about other businesses or ask your friends/clients to write a review of your business in major business review.

Social shopping network

A good strategy for advertising and easily branding your products for free is owning e-commerce website.

CSS, W3C & RSS directories submission

Submitting CSS, W3C & RSS directories drives attain more traffic to the website.

Widget / gadget development

Developing interactive and innovative widget/gadget applications for your website publishing them popular social networking sites will help you increase your branding and website visits.

PPC Ad campaign

PPC Ad campaign with your targeted keywords will absolutely be a lot of benefit, but driving more traffic to your website would mean a lot of bills to pay.

Therefore, Off-Page SEO tactics and strategies are crucial and indispensable to your overall approach to marketing your business. Reaching the top means learning the basics and acknowledging them.

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