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Success in SEO by the Latest Trends

By June SpringJune Spring
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A trend is a pattern of progressive change. It constantly transpires in SEO since it is evolving at an expeditious pace. As 2017 commenced, we should not just be cognizant of what is currently happening, but be clever as well to predict what is going to happen in the future. In this way, we are able to follow a trend and help your business in the market.

Various developments in SEO since 2016 will remain and grow today. And Google’s algorithm updates always keeps making adjustments. To ameliorate and advance within your industry, we must monitor the changes in SEO and alter your campaigns to match the new online domain.

Here are a few trends that you can look out and apply this year:

Changes in SERPs

Pages that are shown as a list of results from a search engine in response to a request or query are known as Search Engine Results Page (SERP). Google is experimenting with the SERPs to improve getting a good list of results that users wanted to have. With this, they have been incrementing the number of characters sanctioned for metadata, both descriptions, and titles.

This trend can be a challenge for marketers, however, there are great opportunities to include more keywords and more convincing descriptions to attract people to the website. To capitalize on these developments, you should perpetuate using the main keyword in the meta title and meta description just in case it is constrained to the pristine character limits, and increase the number of characters if your meta descriptions are less than 100 to prevent getting buried with the new length limits.

Content Quality and Density

Bill Gates stated that content is king. Most of us acceded because the content is at the heart of today’s marketing strategies where business can demonstrate their own expertise. But be mindful of the length of your content. Being concise is more challenging than not. So as much as we can, we need to provide a good quality content that can catch customers’ attention.

Get your content right and you’ll be able to create a solid foundation to fortify all of your other SEO hard work.

Here are some factors that can help your content and search engine optimization success:

1. Content research/keyword research

  • Utilize tools that allow you to discover keywords that people may be using when searching for your content
  • Avoid using technical jargon and use the right language in which your customer is using
  • Use keywords that can answer your customer’s query directly

2. Content words/utilization of keywords

  • Words you want a page to be found for
  • Words that are relevant for your keyword research
  • Use words naturally on the page

3. Content freshness

  • New content without integrating new pages
  • Fresh content can be applied QDF (Query Deserved Freshness) by Google
  • Compose an appropriate content that matches the real-time pulse of their industry

4. Vertical search

  • Concentration on images, news or local content
  • Focus on one segment
  • Not covering a broad range of interests

5. Direct answers

  • Menus or music lyrics
  • Directions or instructions
  • Short meaning or descriptions
  • Synonyms or Antonyms

Google is sick and tired of long contents that are not necessary and unable to help customers’ queries. So as much as possible, make your content with good and dense quality, even though it is short. Search engines might select your content as a concrete answer to user’s concern and put you on the top rank.

Mobile Optimization

People nowadays are using mobile in terms of searching and within 2 years, it becomes dominant on its search engine rather than desktops. Due to its accessibility, traffic distribution is shifting towards mobile devices and moving away from desktop wherein many websites are already getting the majority of their traffic from it.

Another important matter in mobile accessibility is the speed used. The importance of speed has grown in mobile devices from the time Google introduced the AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages). Google knows that slow load times can affect the user experience. With AMP, Google can now increase loading speed by 15 to 85%.

Due to AMP optimization, brands that do not use AMP will be affected by the higher expectations of users for fast sites.

To ensure that your brand is AMP ready, consider:

  • Not using images that are very complicated and would require long load time
  • Avoiding unnecessary images
  • Keeping only essential cookies and cache, and
  • Compressing the website if possible

Understanding Voice Search

Voice search has been improvised and becomes typical. More people are using their mobile devices to seek answers, that’s why search engines are also getting better at providing concrete answers to customer’s queries. People as well are altering the phrases they use to search.

Some marketers are taking advantage of the voice innovation. They are creating devices and applications that are capable of voice search. Amazon has an edge of this trend. They integrated their voice search product which is called Alexa to their iPhone app. Alexa is a hands-free voice controlled device that can almost do anything and it is getting smarter with added new features to amend its capability. Just like Siri, which always have massive improvements by the Apple company can evolve from voice recognition to voice understanding.

Several changes of voice search involve:

  • Keyword experiences based on frequently used apps
  • Question-style queries
  • Customized information
  • Previous searches
  • Location-based context

Voice innovation is one of the biggest trends and strategies of the digital era. With enormous enhancement to this type of trend, SEO marketers would be wise to cautiously look out and observe voice revolution which can go above and beyond voice understanding.

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