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Social Media: Reasons Why Animation Helps in Your Campaign

By June SpringJune Spring
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Social Media Marketing is very important because it has a positive impact on user involvement and brand consciousness. More business is committing into social media marketers to engage more with existing and potential clients. In the past, marketers are using videos to impress more audiences. Videos could be more on the introduction and promotion of the products and services. Social media marketers are continually exploring a different approach to attract more viewers and one of the approaches that are popular nowadays is Animation. Here are the 5 reasons animation helps in the growth of social media campaigns.

Animation Represents Products and Services

It’s challenging enough to promote products and services and consistently standing out from the competition. Holding your target market to convince them your offering is becoming difficult. It is important to find creative ways on how to approach customers. Animation, as a marketing channel can help achieve this.

Animation Must Be Aesthetically and Emotionally Appealing

Since animation comes in many styles like 2D, 3D, Cartoon and many others, there are elements that consist a good animation: 1- A right and suitable script based on a storytelling approach. 2- Characters, objects, and shapes must be well-defined. 3- A mood that is considered perfectly to create a good impression on audiences. 4- Choosing the right colors to evenly match the brand that would look appealing to the target market. 5- Well selected professional to do voiceover and background music suitable for the animation as a whole.

Animation Increases Web Traffic, Web Conversion Rates, and Social Sharing

Put “a popular video is a sharable video” simply because it can bring more traffic to your website. Users are likely to visit your website to learn more about your products and services if they are caught by what they see in your animated video.

Animation Connects on a Personal Level with your Viewers

It is always essential to understand that in order for any marketing endeavours to succeed, it should create a connection with the target viewers on a personal level. Anything from In-N-Out Burger to McDonald’s or Mac makeup, etc., all these brands and their advertisements (could be on television and online video ads like YouTube), connect emotionally and logically with the viewers.

Animation is for everybody!

The animation is not just for children and does not only come in the form of cartoons. The so-called “photo-realistic” animation are known professionally, which are animated videos used in regular advertisements announcing discounts and sales offer. A good animation studio can cater to a variety of animation styles to produce sharable videos for your social media marketing requirements.

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    As a social media analyst, I recommend small business owners to invest in online video marketing as it is the best platform to convey your business idea to your potential customer in a more engaging way.

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