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Social Media Management: Ways to Save Time and Get Better Results

By Thomas GlareThomas Glare (Guest)
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Running a social media marketing strategy can be tough, especially for startups. You should split your time to serve existing clients, market your business, and pitch for new ones. Stiff marketing competition requires managers to observe specific measures for assuring success.

With many items on your to-do list, prioritizing your social media strategy is key to a productive working schedule. From creating a plan to avoid multitasking, below are seven social media management tips to help you work efficiently.

Have a Social Media Strategy

Without a doubt, there is no dull moment on social media. As such, you can find yourself posting or sharing content on your profile haphazardly. To avoid such, you should develop a social media marketing strategy that organizes your daily routine into time blocks for specific activities.

Your strategy should allocate time for attracting new prospects, engaging your followers, converting potential clients, and retaining them. Strategizing your social media management will not only save on time but also efforts to run your profile. However, for your management strategy to be effective, you should understand your target audience and identify the best information that they can interact with.

When scheduling, note that different platforms have varying usage times suitable for posting new content and interaction. For a wider reach, the best time to post new content on Facebook might not be the best time to update your Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn profiles. As such, you should conduct an in-depth analysis to identify suitable times for a wider reach. Don’t forget to include your employees in the social media marketing strategy.

Balance Quality and Quantity Content

Social media platforms are a fast-paced marketing space with stiff competition. New updates are made every second, which might make it challenging for slow marketers to reach their audience. As such, most marketers resort to making constant updates in a bid to maintain their relevance. While this is not a bad idea, you should ensure that you balance your content quantity and quality.

A successful social media manager should feed their followers with continually engaging, educational, and amusing content. This could be in the form of images, creatively written articles, videos, and more. While it counts to be active and seen regularly, maintaining your brand quality is of much more importance. Creating quality information not only saves you from random posting but also builds and protects your brand image. People will be searching or looking forward to seeing your content every time.

Always ensure that your content is curated correctly. You can as well opt to use recycled material for various reasons. Recycling pre-existing content involves turning new content into different formats. This allows you to reach a new audience and remind your clients of your business potential. When doing this, ensure that you recycle and re-promote content that is still relevant and performed well historically.

Plan Your Content

An essential recipe for producing quality content for your followers is planning them. Apart from assuring quality, planning frees up more time to engage and build your audience. An editorial calendar is the best tool to plan your content. The tool allows users to plan, create, implement, and review content orderly. Once you have identified content that resonates with your audience, you can schedule it ahead of time, creating more time to focus on other things that require immediate attention.

Scheduling content ahead of time saves you from the last-minute rush and boost efficiency. Sharing the right information at the right time also increases the chances of success. With your weekly or monthly content outlined, you have enough time to improve on creativity and quality before publishing.

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Engage With Your Followers

Maintaining an active social media relevance is a crucial management tip. Social media platforms serve as the best place to get up-close, interact with your followers, and gauge their reactions. As such, you should ensure that you interact with them regularly. Besides making regular updates, you should ensure that you reply to comments from your followers, answer their questions, and provide additional information promptly when requested.

In the current fast-paced world, you should leverage your social media platforms to market and build a solid reputation. While this doesn’t mean that you have to be active on your social profiles every time, maintain some consistency. With this, your followers will know that they are engaging with a real person and know the best ways to reach out.

The essence of social media is to get social. As such, you shouldn’t ignore your follower’s comments, don’t disregard shares, and mention. You can use your follower’s comments as a user-generated marketing tool.

Leverage the Use of Automation Tools

Automating repetitive tasks is the right way that managers can use to save time. Advancing technology has brought forth a plethora of smart automation tools that ease marketing. Scheduling tools are probably one of the popular and commonly used tools, making it easier for managers to upload new content to their profiles, even in their absence.

A wide array of software solutions can be used to save time and get better results. You can rely on these tools to analyze different accounts, making it easy to cross-reference results. With this, you can know which platform brings more traction, which account needs improvement and implement measures for better engagement.

Another incredible tool is IFTTT, which automates repetitive tasks. With some simple steps, you can set up simple commands that link up several applications to perform multiple actions when triggered. IFTTT automatically shares posts from one platform to another, send custom emails when clients ask questions and much more.

You should also consider using Zapier, which automates tasks between multiple social media platforms. For instance, you can set it to send a tweet from your twitter account every time you post a new blog or publish a YouTube video. Smart keyword monitoring is another incredible thing to automate. For sure, it is quite impossible to monitor all the keywords without automation software. The right tools can help you track all the relevant keywords or brand mentions with ease.

Additionally, to foster engagements with your followers, you should consider installing a chatbot. Responding to every single message on all your pages is certainly tedious and time-consuming. However, with an automated messenger chatbot, you can handle many inquiries within minutes.

Batch Similar Tasks

As the name suggests, batching tasks involve doing the same type of work for a given period. For instance, you can spend your early mornings answering inquiries, mid-morning sending pitches, and afternoon creating new posts. Batching tasks saves a lot of time, as you will be focusing on the same activity simultaneously. Instead of switching from one task to another, batching helps in maintaining focus all through.

When batching, it is important to prioritize important tasks. You should also minimize distractions by avoiding multitasking. Handling one task at a time will enable you to think critically and work faster compared to multitasking.

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Use Social Media Analytics

Your social media strategy would be meaningless if you can’t evaluate the effectiveness of your campaign. Therefore, you should review your performance to evaluate what’s working and what’s not. For sure, there is no point in implementing the same measures without worthwhile results. Analytics are important as they help in studying performance and market trends. With these, you can adjust your marketing strategy accordingly.

Measuring results is also essential in evaluating returns and profitability. Your metrics could suggest high profile visits, increased traffic, and followers, but stagnating conversions. Based on this, you should put the necessary measures in place to better your conversions. Otherwise, you’ll continue spending on marketing efforts without realizing any profits.

Bottom Line

Running a successful social media marketing strategy is not as easy as it seems. For starters, you should begin by identifying a platform with your target customers or audiences. With this, you can curate your posts and updates to reach the intended audience with ease. As a manager, you should study all platforms to understand various variables, including best posting times, the best content to post, the best ways to reach your audience on the platform, and much more.

What stands out from great social media management is sharing good content. Your posts should be creative, informative, and educational. With such content, your followers will always be on your page for more. You can also check out how American Express runs its social media marketing strategy for more insights.

That said, which of the social media tips outlined above do you think would work for your business? Share your suggestions in the comments section below.


Author Bio:

Thomas Glare demonstrates his expertise through various social media management pieces. Through various blogs, he has helped a significant number of social media managers succeed. He also consults for various websites and online businesses. When not writing, he spends his time sampling various casino games from the free £10 no deposit.

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