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Social Media for Nonprofits

By June SpringJune Spring
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We love nonprofits and we love social media. Nonprofits, like us, go with social media, it’s because it may be free, fast and can go far in reaching people or can increase its visibility, but being on it, it takes time to master. You can’t just go on with social media and can gain an immediate audience. You need to introduce yourself to be known. Below are some tips on how to use social media for nonprofits:

Be a Person

You can’t just jump into social media networks, and represent the non-profit without knowing what’s leading the way. What do people post? What kind of posts do they interact? How do they interact? Dip your toes into a social networking site as a person first, and then later create an official presence for your non-profit.

Talk to People Not to Organization

Talk about them, stop talking about yourself. I refer to those donors, this connects back to your non-profit story. Provide value to your donors, value their contributions. This can have a better impact and resonate better on social media.

Be Passionate

You need to be passionate about your cause, this is how you can truly get others to be passionate about your cause too and can trigger them to participate. Give and take relationship can apply to this factor, when you are passionate in giving on social media; you can get the same in return. Being passionate about your cause can give your non-profit organization with great returns.

Interact with Relevant Pages and Profiles

You can also connect with those related nonprofits and businesses who funds your mission. Stay involved with their updates and shares by liking, re-tweeting, sharing, and commenting. It is a great for community building and helps boost your visibility.

Make Behind-The-Scenes Content

By nature, nonprofits are a bit more open than traditional business. Share your behind-the-scenes, planning sessions, backstage at events, around your office, and other activities. This can help audience to know you more, and possibly, have a big chance to follow you more.

Respond to Everyone

Responding completely to those who comments on your posts is one way to help set yourself apart on social media. If possible, respond in a timely manner, typically 24 hours or less.

Ask Questions

Ask questions in your social media posts tend to encourage conversation with your community and lead to higher amount of interactions and responses.

Familiarize Audience

Monitor and analyze those who interact with your posts. They might have great influence in a significant area to your non-profit or maybe he have many followers you can reach out to.

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