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Sins of Retail Site Design

By June SpringJune Spring
The apple and snake

A retail website design is considered great when it displays current trends with the best and the latest in functionality. The appearance of the site and the ease of navigating it affect how visitors trust the site, which ultimately leads to whether or not the visitor will make a purchase. Most of the retail site visitors will use mobile devices and these users expect that the site will render well on their phones.

The following are the most common retail site design sins:

Poor Checkout Experience.

Customers get disappointed with very long and complicated checkout process and end up with limited or worse only one payment option. The checkout process should be simple and fast yet secure.

Didn’t Consider Mobile.

It is a sin not to have a responsive site design that reacts to the user’s device or a site that is built specifically to render on small screens. Users nowadays want a mobile-specific shopping experience.

Forgot to Keep it Simple.

Having very heavy and complex graphic designs on a retail site with confusing navigation, weird icons, or unique layouts is a big flaw. Choose a design that is both attractive and simple.

Small and Few Images.

Photographs and videos are the best ways that online retailers can present products to site visitors. There is no excuse for tiny images or, worse yet, no product images.

Fonts are Tiny and Old.

Increasingly, online shoppers now include less computer savvy users, some of which might benefit from larger, legible fonts. A website designer may use any of ten thousand fonts and fearless make them large. Don’t commit the sin of having tiny text.

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