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Simple Beauty in Web Modern Minimalism

By June SpringJune Spring
Word simple appearing behind torn red paper

You might have observed more websites are now changing their old, more complicated designs into simpler, yet modern and clean designs. This is a way for companies to entice more customers. Simple websites are easier to get around and comprehend. With ads, sounds and images taking up and asking for attention, it can be more pleasant to find a simple site that is pleasing to the eyes. Minimalism is where design is advancing now. See helpful tips below on how to achieve a minimalist design:

  • Simple and flat does not mean boring. No animated graphics, video clips or GIFs in sight, at least not on the first page would actually be a comfort.
  • Everything is readily available. A clear navigation bar that provides right away the facts of the business.
  • Website design is not all about pretty and colorful graphics and shading combinations. Modern minimalism can still be powerful in many ways. Use very few words to complement with the soothing and confident impression.
  • Simple graphics are always better showcased. Though more vibrant graphics are also useful, these extremely basic images cleanly and clearly help express what you are trying to say.
  • Aside from using tiles, have only a few blocks of text, brief yet concise info about your products, services and an opportunity to join the newsletter would be good.
  • Crisp, professional yet still personal, epitomizes the goal of flat web design.

It’s very obvious that graphic designer across the web are now discovering and applying the technicalities and simple beauty of modern minimalism. Whether it’s in flat icons, images and/or logos, minimalist designs are used to make web experiences better, more pleasant and easier to use and comprehend.

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