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SEO: Higher Rankings and Increase Traffic

By June SpringJune Spring
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Search Engine Optimization is an important aspect when building a new website. However, it is sometimes given a little attention after the site has been up and running for a while. For website owners and bloggers, it can be beneficial to do a routine check-up on the SEO health of your site periodically.

Here are a few things you can do to help improve your website that can lead to higher rankings and more search engine traffic:

Check for Dead Links.

A website with dead links to look out can be time-consuming and annoying if you try to do it manually. Look for a broken link checker which you can easily find on the internet. You can correct them once you know where the dead links are.

Check for Web Crawl Errors.

Another way to identify broken links is to use some tools like Google Webmaster Tools and check the crawl errors that are listed.

Check for Missing Title Tags.

The title tag of a page is one of the most important on-page factors for search engine rankings. Each page on your site should have a unique name and description. You can easily check for this manually if you have a relatively small website.

Find The Most Productive Search Phrases.

Tools from Google also provides some valuable information about your site’s rankings and what phrases searchers are using to find you. You can find a few phrases from its information given for which you didn’t even realize you were ranking well. By optimizing your site or a specific page to specifically target that search phrase, it increases your rankings even more.

Use “nofollow” Tags.

Links from another website that you don’t want the search engines to follow, you can use a nofollow tag. While there is no need to use nofollow on most links from your website or blog, they can be used for links to sites that don’t need your link juice such as Google, Yahoo, etc. It’s helpful to go through your site and see where it might be good to add nofollow tags.

Adding Internal Links.

Your website with internal links can help to tell search engines which pages are most important. Adding internal links to those pages that you would like to rank higher can potentially help it rank. Older pages/posts may be well-suited to link to a page that hadn’t yet been created at the time when it was published.

Test Your Page using A Spider.

A spider simulator can help you to quickly see how a search engines views your page, you can find some free spider simulator on the internet. It will check several factors and provide you with a brief report. Some simple improvements that can be made is easily identify with the used of its report.

If you have no expertise in the field of search engine optimization, consider hiring an SEO expert for your website. SEO experts can help you in choosing the most economical among SEO tools and services as they are informed which are the best SEO programs that are offered in the market, which means you will avoid ineffective SEO tools that don’t work and you don’t need.

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