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SEO Best Practices

By June SpringJune Spring
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Competitions do really exist on different type of businesses. However, let’s focus on the online businesses with specific website involved. Do you have any idea about the importance of these three letters S, E and O on your website? Now start combining it all and you can produce SEO and we will define that as Search Engine Optimization.

Search Engine Optimization will help your website to be competitive if you follow these best practices. In fact, you can actually stay in the midst of competition for as long as you are using proper techniques and practices. Try to analyze the SWOT (Strength, Weakness, Opportunity and Threats) of your website and to your competitors as well.

Better grab the chance to apply these practices below and surely it will lead you on the right track where you can create an ideal website that digital marketers wanted to achieve.

Prioritize Mobile-Friendly Website

Website users are much more attached and dependent on mobile phones since they can carry and/or bring these gadgets wherever they go compared to laptop and most especially to computers with a CPU. For as long as mobile phones have internet connection or even through the use of mobile data, they can surely access information to a certain website.

Implement a mobile friendly website and make this as a priority, especially this time that Google, a player in the search industry have lots of plans and innovations to do with their search algorithms to cater satisfaction and retention to users. You need to prepare as early as you can so that you will not get behind in whatever improvements Google and your competitors achieved.

Performance of Website Speed

Satisfaction and retention of a user on a certain website will also base on its speed. Others prefer to visit faster website pages than slower ones. The speed will give a great impact to your website since it produces higher and better ranking. Try to imagine that if you have a good speed on a website, advertising of your product can increase its earnings, at the same time it will increase visitors and it will gain trust from users.

You have also implemented a mobile-friendly website and speed is useful for this. Mobile searches need a faster speed that users will no longer take time to wait, a speed that can offer satisfaction to users. Speed still matters in the digital industry, or any businesses where technology involves.

Twitter-Google Relationship

Trending topics are usually found on Twitter. This social media network is a consistent tool to engage and get connected with other people in business, industry or even to users, to advertise your product and/or promote the content of the website page.

In the field of SEO, it is another chance to get a high remark on Google search results since Google also find ways to have access to twitter’s data. Twitters could give high ranking because of its trending topics which are the latest news, stories, tweets and events they might produce.

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