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Outstanding SEO Tools to Improve Your Ranking

By Ramon FranciscoRamon Francisco (Guest)
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Going online for your business these days is a need rather than a want. It has become a prerequisite to remain competitive and to become relevant against competitors. Online strategies may include social media marketing, leveraging on email to reach your target audience, enhancing your website for optimum performance, and improving your search engine optimization (SEO).

SEO brings much potential in your digital plate and can help deliver your goals in your online initiatives. It has become the heart of many digital marketing efforts these days. SEO makes brands grow and bring attention to the content on your site.

Here are some of the essential reasons why you need SEO in your digital marketing efforts.

Importance of SEO

  1. Brings Traffic

When people look for something on the internet, the first thing they turn to is the search engines. The search engine giant, Google, is the most visited site on the web, with approximately 5.6 billion searches per day.

Doing SEO allows you to appear in search engine results like Google and increase your visibility so people can know about you and eventually click on your link. SEO is considered to be the way to bring traffic to your site.

  1. Builds Online Trust and Credibility

As you appear in search engine results and as you rank higher with more people visiting your site, it helps you build your online trust and credibility. However, building authority and trust with your customers cannot happen in a day. It is something that you work hard for earned over time.

When you establish online trust and credibility, you need to exert effort and commitment to your clients. But remember not to overcommit as this will affect your reputation. Delivering a valuable service and quality product will always be detrimental in building your customers’ trust in the brand.

  1. Increase Engagement

As SEO helps you become visible online, this also gives the audience a chance to engage with your brand. If people do not know you exist, they not even look for you and start to engage with you. You cannot expect all of your potential customers to just stumble upon your site by accident. You need to stand out, and SEO can help you achieve that.

Quality content for your SEO can also improve your engagement as visitors stay longer on your site. Google and other search engines pick this up and recognize your website to be of value, which provides insightful information. When this happens, it will reward with a higher-ranking position.

  1. Relatively Cheap

Though SEO is not entirely free and still requires you to set aside a specific budget, it is still cheaper than any other marketing strategies like placing a billboard or running an ad on television channels. Yet it can give a whole lot of potential and a broad audience.

  1. Long Term Process with Long Term Reward

Doing SEO is not easy nor fast. It is not an overnight success. It requires a lot of your patience as it would need your time and effort. However, when you have already established your SEO campaign, you will reap the reward for a long time.

SEO does not stop after you post any content. It is a long process as results do not come in quickly. It may even take a few months before it can take effect. You need to make continuous efforts in your SEO campaign as competition in this industry is also getting tougher each day. As you do this, you are making your SEO game reliable, which can give a long-term reward that will even last for years to come.

  1. It is Measurable

One of the most significant things about doing online marketing is that it is quantifiable. Your efforts can be measured and allow you to check if your strategies are working for you.

This feature also gives you a chance to revamp efforts that are giving little to no positive results in your SEO efforts.

  1. Opens Up New Opportunities

Since you can quantify your SEO efforts, it can give way for you to discover new opportunities that you can leverage in making your brand visible to your desired audience.

Doing SEO requires skills and knowledge on how to do it effectively. Luckily, there are many tools in the market available these days that can help you step up your SEO game. Here are some of the SEO tools worth checking out to help improve your ranking.

Outstanding SEO Tools to Boost Your Ranking

  1. Screaming Frog

Many SEO experts recommend this tool as it can save you much time as it audits your site’s SEO performance. It finds possible issues related to content and link building. It can also do a competitor’s check for you. It can take insight from your key competitors that you can use to enhance your strategies and have a step ahead.

Screaming frog websitePrice: Comes with a free and paid version that costs $183.43 per year.
Visit website

  1. Answer the Public

One of the most promising tools in SEO, Answer the Public is a keyword tool that checks on questions often people ask on forums, social media, and blog sites. These questions are then turned into keywords. This tool can even provide “vs. Keywords” that can provide insights on how to enhance your organic traffic through SEO.

Answer the public websitePrice: Comes with a free trial run and an option to upgrade that starts at $79 per month.
Visit website

  1. SEMRush

Many have loved and still loving this powerful tool that has been helping many SEO practitioners for years. One of its takeaway features is its ability to check on your competitors’ best-used keywords. It can also provide an in-depth analysis which you use to elevate your strategies.

SEMRush is an all-in-one tool that makes it a fan favorite. It can also do a backlink audit and even social media posting.

Semrush websitePrice: Starts at $99.95 per month
Visit website

  1. Ahrefs

This tool has been the most well-known and often used by SEO experts. Its Site Audit feature is the main takeaway and considered by many to be the best SEO analysis tool in the market.

It can look for your site’s weak part and highlight it so you can do a revamp to strengthen it. It can also dwell on your competitors’ performance and even check on the keywords that they are using.

ahrefs websitePrice: Starts at $99 per user per month.
Visit website

  1. SpyFu

SpyFu boasts with its features set that can provide in-depth reporting that be an aid to analyze your SEO efforts. It can as well check on a keyword’s performance, so you’ll know the times it has appeared on search engines. You can also determine the keywords difficulty to rank so you can do a better strategic keyword planning.

Spyfu websitePrice: Starts at $33 per month.
Visit website

  1. Google Search Console

Still, an essential tool in doing your SEO campaigns, Search Console by Google, should always be included in your list. Since Google practically runs this, you’ll know the information is from a legit source, which can be a key in making your SEO success. It shows your site’s traffic and your contents’ performance.

Google console websitePrice: FREE.
Visit website

  1. SEOQuake

This tool is another favorite of SEO expert. It is a free plugin in your browser that conducts site audits and even web comparison, so you will know how you are performing against your competitors. It also quantifies your social metrics and internal/external link.

SEO quake websitePrice: FREE.
Visit website

  1. Woorank

Woorank acts as an SEO and website analysis tool that can track your SEO performance score.  It also provides data and recommendations on how to improve your on-page and off-page performance. Woorank can also do in-depth analysis in your site and give you a detailed report and checklist to improve any loophole in your website in terms of either technical and content.

Woo rank websitePrice: Comes with a free trial run for 14 days and an option to upgrade that starts at $39.17 per month.
Visit website

  1. Ubersuggest

This tool has been developed by one of the leading experts in digital marketing, Niel Patel, who offers this tool for free. It allows you to see your domain ranking and generates new keywords that can be helpful in your SEO strategies.

It can also check on backlinks, do site audits, analyzes traffic, and a lot more. Many experts consider it to be one of the best tools in the market today.

Uber suggest websitePrice: FREE.
Visit website

Final Thoughts

Making your online efforts to make you stand out in the competitive pit is not easy. Growing your business, building trust from your customers, and improving your visibility is not an easy feat, and you surely need help to make it work.

Technology has given you so many advanced tools that you can leverage to make your efforts a success. Getting access to reliable SEO tools like the ones in this list can make your SEO game stronger. With the valuable insights you can get from all of these tools, you can always step up and achieve the goals you have set.

But SEO is not everything about the tools. It is also about you. You are the key to how to make things work, to juice out an in-depth analysis of these SEO tools, and to implement the best campaign you think will be more beneficial for your brand.


Ramon loves to write about technology trends, entertainment, and gaming ever since he left the busy world of corporate HR Tech behind. He currently writes about software and user experiences for Softvire Australia – the leading software e-Commerce company in Australia and Softvire New Zealand.

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