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Mistakes to Avoid When Creating Titles Tags

By June SpringJune Spring
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Titles aren’t going to take you to top of the competitive terms, but making sure you mark the basic SEO boxes is all important to your long term SEO strategy.

Title Tags

These are specifically the name of the web page. They are very important for search engine optimization and social sharing. They are placed in the tab at the upper side of the page, they are often used on SERPs to display preview for a given page.

Title tags should always make sense to the person looking for your website and ideally the wording should be founded upon research into keyword popularity and importance to the page itself. They are the most important being overall content, the most important SEO on-page factors. Title tags are vital to assist search engines and searchers understand the content of your pages. Ensure every page has a unique, descriptive that fall inside the character limits (55 cases) for exhibiting on the search engine results page.

While there are many things you should be practicing to improve your search engine optimization, keep in mind the things you shouldn’t be practicing. Here are some common errors when creating title tags that you must avoid:

  1. Absence of page title.
  2. Exceeding the character limit of the title tags.
  3. Title tags are same with your website’s name.
  4. Duplicating page titles on all pages.
  5. Naming of a page without relating it to its content.
  6. Using of spamming (repeating) keywords in titles.>

How to create powerful title tags:

  1. Title tags should be a maximum of 55 characters including spaces.
  2. Put the most important keywords at the beginning.
  3. Use vertical bars or pipes instead of using punctuations.
  4. Keep your vital phrases short and simple.
  5. Don’t forget to put your company name at the end of the title tag, unless you don’t need to include it at all.
  6. Use caps lock in every initial of the title.

Do your title tags make sense? In writing title tags, try to ask yourself if the content makes a lot of sense. Sense in a way that they can understand and know what are you talking about. Don’t pressure yourself in making titles that search engines will be pleased, but rather make titles according to audience mindset. After all, audiences will be your client not the search engine.

In general, title tags must be long enough to be clear and short enough to avoid being abbreviated. You must be direct with your title because search engine robots will not read all of the characters in your title page, they will read certain characters and ignore the rest of it and go on to the next. There are many search engines and they read in many different ways, but if you hold onto the limits of the characters, there’s a way for you to keep the major search engine robots pleased. Just always remember to target 55 characters for your title tags.

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