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Managing Seach Engine Optimization in 2017

By June SpringJune Spring
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The changes in Search Engine Optimization continue to take place like the speed of the light. The expectations from the customer and their usage, such as the updates in Google’s algorithm keeps the marketers seek more variations.

It will be critical to the favorable outcome of any website to focus on the modern method and process in marketing and optimization considering that 93% of online activities starts with searching.

We are now on the last quarter of 2016, it’s a better idea to look back on the developments and trends that take place all throughout this year to comprehend where we are most likely be going next.

Here are the trends that are favored as remarkably significant in SEO as we get ready for the year 2017:


Schema markup is getting more and more important with the changes in Google and the trends for the users. With schema, it is easier for the search engines to recognize your website to make sure that it is displayed correctly. When Google makes a decision to display rich results or answers, schema is a big help.

Google makes sure to display answers that will allow users to find the relevant information that they are looking for. Presently, there are rich snippets shown in videos, articles, reviews, local businesses and movies. Changes may occur in the future, but the use of schema helps in ensuring that your website is always ready.

A brand needs to assure that their sites can be easily interpreted by the machine as it is the third most important ranking factor of Google. A schema can make this all into a reality. One trend in SEO is the artificial intelligence that is likely to grow in the future, by using schema you can keep your site ready for whatever changes may come.

Deviations on SERPs

Google has been conducting an experiment for the Search Engine Results Page in the past years. The number of characters allowed in some of the titles and descriptions in the metadata is increased. This might be a good chance for the marketers yet a challenging one because it has not been enforced to all websites and is not made known to be permanent.

Things to consider on taking advantage of these developments:

  • Continue using your keywords at the beginning of your Meta description and title if you’re restricted to the standard character limits.
  • Extend your description by using an extra space.
  • Expand your Meta descriptions that are less than 100 characters to abstain your description from getting buried with the new length limits.

Mobile and Speed

The significance of speed more specifically on mobile devices, since the AMP project was first introduced by Google has become bigger. Google knows the needs of the users and that slow load times is painful. That is the reason why there is a 7% decrease in conversions for every second of delay.

AMP was first created for news websites. It will remove all extras that websites have and helps it to load faster. Using AMP will improve the loading speed by 15% to 85%, according to Google.

Search Engine Optimization in 2017 is likely to be exciting as the past years. Business owners will need to be ready and prepared for the trends in the future and start strengthening their sites.

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