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#LIKEwithaSHARE = Facebook Reaching!

By June SpringJune Spring
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For we all know that Social Media – like Facebook, plays a vital role in reaching further places in shorter time. And as of the current era, almost all information is passed using the said medium. But how can one maximize such platform in the most effective and efficient way? Here are some tips that one must remember before sharing anything on the net.

“I like what I do, and you do what I like, so in the end I liked you!”

Whenever you have something and you want others to have it also, there is more than one way to present it. One must first see how your fans see things in their own perspective. And since “we cannot please everybody in a single moment”, you can always choose to express things in a generally accepted template, but with twists that majority of your audience do deeply appreciate. It is all about giving your fans what they want to see that makes your brand stand out in Facebook.

Just do it like the “ABC”

Nowadays people find it hard to find enough time to fit a day’s activity. Some do negotiations thru phone calls while driving to a venue of his/her second job. While others put up several screens to monitor multiple pages at a single time. The point is, almost no one now has a day spent to read articles that will consume more than five minutes. So deliver your message in an accurate, brief and concise manner, but always with clarity with your intention. And never forget to ask them to at least share the content of your post.

Always put something in the BOX!

Make your first count in your own advantage and make your posts shorter yet overflowing with exciting views and input. But don’t fall in a one man show. Let your readers partake things and always open your posts to comments and suggestion. Since you have caught their attention during your first time, make the succeeding posts be of higher standard. Always remember, content that attracts your fans in their Newsfeed is the Holy Grail.

Engaged in a give and take relationship.

A short recognition like “tnx!’ fills a heart with joy and places one’s admiration a notch higher than before. Let your audience know that you do appreciate what they did. In this way, you show them that your presence is not just to share yourself, but rather to make them part of your own growth.

Never take a 3rd Wheel

Never ignore the possibility that there would be future followers around seeing your posts and are getting interested in it. Make the discussions easily understandable and fast to digest. This is because if a friend of your friend will always see what your friend is reading, it may sound that you were referring to them all this time. Never make things exclusive to friends only. Your audience base will only expand if you allow anyone from everywhere to join the ride at the same time acknowledging their presence.

To make it short, everyone wants quality, but make yours embrace the majestic beauty of simplicity. Make these as part of what you do and let Facebook multiply it for you.

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