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June Spring launches ‘Creepy, Squeaky Me!’

By June SpringJune Spring
An image of a nun in a interchanging spooky images

International logo graphic and web solutions provider June Spring Multimedia officially releases its edition of 2018 Facebook Halloween Frames.

In time for the launch, the company also announces that it will run an online selfie contest dubbed “Creepy, Squeaky Me!” from October 30 until November 5, 2018.

“Our team came up with funny but scary Halloween frame designs to twist your profile photos on Facebook,” said Derlie Jane Laure, Social Media Specialist at June Spring Multimedia.

The official Facebook page of June Spring has more than 60k followers.  It has an average reach of 2.5M per month. The page gathers an average of 2,500 new followers and maintains an average engagement of 60,000 per month.

As June Spring achieved recently an influencer status, it came up with the Halloween Frames as a way of expressing its gratitude to their followers and online community.

“We want our followers to have fun this Halloween by quickly transforming into some scary, creepy creature with our custom made Halloween frames,” added Edison Tamparia, Production Director at June Spring Multimedia.

Meantime, the “Creepy, Squeaky Me!” challenge is open to all Facebook users.

All you have to do is choose from any of the June Spring Halloween Frames. Use one and update your profile pic.

Exciting prizes are at stake for the creepiest and squeakiest selfie shots. The chosen best profiles will be posted on the official June Spring Facebook page @junespringmultimedia.

Statistics show that the social media network Facebook has more than 2 billion monthly active users to date and with the figures constantly rising.  

To know more about June Spring, visit its official website at www.junespringmultimedia.com.

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