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Increase Your Website Page Rank

By June SpringJune Spring
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Search Engine Optimization or SEO is a logical process of making an impact on the visibility of a site in search engine results. Building your site more search engine friendly and relevant to optimize them and increase its page rank. SEO will give you your money’s worth, improve your site and offers static traffic.

One of the two major forms of search engine optimization is On Page SEO. On page SEO is to make strides of the individual web pages to increase rank and obtain relevant traffic from search engines. It points out to the source code (html) and content of a page that can be optimized. This is the most critical way not just for higher rankings, but also to be ahead of the game internet marketing campaign and social media marketing.

Every website wants to own the first page of a search engine. Being in the top positions of search engine results seize superiority of the clicks and impressions. Depending on your industry and services offered, you’ll need to have a strategy to dominate each element.

On Page SEO Approach to Boost Visits and Increase Page Rank

Content is King

High quality is a characteristic essential for SEO-ready content. Quality content work makes people to read it. Perhaps people will link to your content on its integrity. The originality of your content is also a major influence. Having an authentic material proves your site’s credibility. The point here is that while your content must have the relevant keywords in a reasonable number of times throughout the article, whatever you write must be significant to what the viewer is searching for. It should also have sufficient information to hold their attention and thus getting the people visiting back.

Meta Tags, Page Title and Description

Meta tags, page title and description are treated to be some of the most important factors influencing search engine rankings. Unique and well-written Meta tags and description show importance of encouraging people to click and visit your website from the search results pages. It should introduce the user to what the page is about and contains a touch of persuasiveness.

What is a title tag? What is its importance to SEO? These tags represent the title of the document and tell the search engines and people what your page is for. It should be at least 65-70 characters in length. The title tag is a necessary part of SEO because it gives you the idea of the content of the page.

SEO-Friendly URL Structure

Use URLs that include keywords, the location of these keywords can be a big influence. Shorter URLs seem to achieve better in search engine results. Great URLs should not be more than 255 characters and use hyphens as a separator.

Speed as a Ranking Factor

Another factor to consider for higher page rank is speed, since Google announced it in 2010. Faster load times will indeed increase your ranking and will help you gain more organic traffic. Some ways to boost speed is to optimize your database by an adding an index. It is your responsibility to check that your website will load fast based on Google’s reference to gain recurring visits.

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