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How to Make Your E-Store User-Friendly

By June SpringJune Spring
Woman checking the laptop showing an online store

At this time of the century, almost everything can be found with just a click of a button. And even on the palm of your hands. Most people seem to do things on the go. So the market at large tends to fit everything they’ve got inside a 5-inch screen mobile device.

But as this concept is now being widely used all over the globe, E-Costumers just want things to go even faster. And as a result, when a site has a web design that cannot be operated by a grade schooler, the CANCEL button will be the best option.

So, want to make your e-store more user-friendly? Here are the tips that can help you achieve your goal:

Make Them Read the Page from Left to Right and From Top to Bottom

It’s just like entering a food chain, you go in using the entrance door, order your meal at the counter, and pay-up and then either you sit down or go out for your next agenda. An easily followed page is better with clear instructions and proper labels.

Let Them See What’s In Your Store

First impression does last. When they see it clearly, then they will look for how much it will cost. But if they see it as blurry or dim, then they will look for the next store to check for the same product.

Have Payment Options

E-STORE means E-PAYMENTS, but not all are card holders. So for those who have no cards, they will look for e-stores that have cash payment options, so make sure you have one on your list.

So what we mean to say is, you don’t need flashing images or complicated promotional videos to catch attention in an e-store, you just have to make your website design simple, concise yet clearer than ever.

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