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Google’s New SERP: Impacts in SEO and PPC Strategy

By June SpringJune Spring
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As the world evolves, changes in technology occur fast before you knew it happened. Talking about advancement, you presumably heard about a big change Google has made in their search engine results page (SERPs). Sidebar ads were removed and replaced by a list of products and Google added at the top and bottom for more slots.

You may find it just a little shift in Adwords, but this one is a big diversity in Search Engine Optimization.
There is a clear opportunity for the advertisements that comes with money that greatly strikes the Pay-Per-Click Strategy. You can generate more clicks and send visitors to your site. People will see the ads first in the results page, that’s why it is more likely to own the first clicks from the searchers. But you have to be able to sustain your PPC strategy and remain effective to gain more clicks. A constant happenings in your account envision success. PPC matters to big names in the industry now, especially that it derives income. In PPC, you only spend money with relevant and potential people and you control the budget without compromising the good results. There are more slots for people to add their advertisements, but it can also cause negative end result since the people will compete for the important spots.

Let’s discuss how this change affects Search Engine Optimization.

In the search engine results page, advertisements are displayed at the top and you can also see images incorporated into the results. You work so hard and devote your time and effort just to increase your page rank and be visible in the search engine results page. But didn’t you notice how far a user scrolls down to get a glimpse of the organic results? On a desktop view, you can easily see the organic results for a slight scrolling. But on a mobile scenario, it takes more scrolling job to reach the organic search results since several spots in the first page of the page results are preserved for the product listings and advertisements.

You can check the traffic data that displays the ranking of organic positions and how each point would likely to get a traffic. As you can see, the organic listings are propelled down since more slots are given at the top for the Pay-Per-Click listings. So, the traffic percentages fall down even more, that it makes getting to the first page of the Google SERPs a difficult task to achieve.

When more and more users scroll down to SERPs, the traffic you will get becomes less. That’s what really happens now. To be able to continually move up to the top page of Google’s search engine page results, a good search engine marketing strategy is crucial. Getting to the first page of Google SERPs is even more difficult, but using the right strategy can shake off your doubts. Take every change in Google’s SERPs as a challenge to do better at optimizing your Website.

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