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Google Rolls Out Its Latest Update

By June SpringJune Spring
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The changes in search rankings are visible as Google introduced its latest core update. At first, there was a lot of confusion between the SEOs and webmasters thinking that the update is related to Penguin. The update seems related to more core search or Panda related. The data collected reveals compelling proof that Google rolls out major updates and changes. There will be a massive change of SEO visibility all throughout that will track the performance of both mobile and web search engine optimization.

Some sites dropped in rankings because of the current update, thus it includes:

  1. A site that has a number of thumbnails to sponsored content at the top of articles
  2. A site will likely be dropped in search results because of a number of ads but a little content
  3. A site will drop in search results contains irrelevant content
  4. A genetic type of content will result in dropping of rankings
  5. Bad indexing issues will cause fluctuations in search results as this causes content not being properly crawled by Google

Content quality is crucial versus User Intention

User intent instead of content will work to improve visibility. This user intent will foster much on rankings not just focusing on the content, but it is more important to reach your target users. It is expected that thousands of URLs are affected by this ranking updates both mobile and web, so working on its SEO is needful. From a traditional SEO perspective, these rankings can hardly be explained, but working on the quality of the content for easier visibility is an approach that optimizing can be a great help. For example, if someone is trying to search “how to check product authentication” and finds a search result of these, then the user intention is met. Remember that each page ranks for a few keywords, based on the content performance analysis. To have a valuable content for the targeted audience without losing Google core algorithms is to work on your user intent.

Google update affects branding

In order for you to determine, if the core update affects your branding, you need to check your website performance. You can revisit your websites, keywords and see if there is a change in ranking may it be dropped or gain because this update probably affects websites. You need to evaluate and check the current status of your website performance by ensuring the quality of the content.

Mobile algorithm

Similar to the desktop, expected changes will occur on mobile. The mobile will be the spotlight of the next updates and refreshes of Google’s core algorithm. The changes are defined on SEO based projects and found out that quality is more important than tools. With the right tools used, you can easily access relevant articles, images or videos and the time spend for downloading will be minimized.

When Google rolls out its update, this means that there is a need to work on each page so that better rankings will be achieved.

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