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Gaining Exposure as a Web Designer

By June SpringJune Spring
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As a designer you may encounter challenges in getting your work and your abilities in front of others. In this case, there are different things you can do to gain exposure:

Submit Your Designs to CSS Galleries.

The leading CSS Galleries have a wide audience that will see your work. CSS galleries display high-quality designs, and you can submit yours to be considered for inclusion.

Crate a Blog.

Maintaining a blog can be a great way to boost your exposure. Blog posts will give you an opportunity to share your knowledge with readers, build repeatable traffic to your website, increase search engine traffic, and also promote your services.

Give Free Templates and Themes.

By creating templates or blog themes you can display your quality of work and provide something free at the same time. Many website designers who give away free themes also make money by offering to customize the theme for clients. The free templates and themes can link back to your own website, which will increase your exposure with click-through traffic and improved search engine rankings.

Give Free Design to a High-Profile Client.

Contact someone who has a significant influence and a high-profile client. Whether you design a website or blog theme for a well-known or high-traffic website, it will be an incredible source of exposure for your work.

Make a Profile on Freelance Websites.

Freelance websites allow you to set up a profile as a service provider and bid on jobs that other members have posted. Anyone who is looking for services will be able to find your profile and contact you about website design.

Post Your Own Tutorial.

Writing tutorials is a very good way to show your knowledge, help others, and gain some exposure at the same time. There are lots of sites to which you could submit tutorials, or you could start your own tutorial website. Those who are reading the tutorials will see you as an expert on the subject.

Give Free Icons.

There’s no shortage of free icons online, but designers are always interested to be involved in other things. If you’re good at designing icons this can be a great method for drawing inbound links to your website.

Give Free CSS Navigation Menus.

Creating some navigation menus and providing the code to visitors is one of the easiest ways to provide the design community with something of value and to increase exposure. CSS navigation menus are a part of almost every website, so there is always a need and a demand for easy solutions.

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