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Everything You Need to Know About Facebook Ads Scaling

By Gerry WilsonGerry Wilson (Guest)
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Facebook stands as the largest social media platform. With having more than 1.5 billion active daily users, this online social media platform not only offers a great way to socialize but provides marketers with an amazing platform to promote products seamlessly.

According to stats, an average business spends about $30 a day on Facebook ads. This amount is considered reasonable for generating significant ROI.   However, businesses are seeking to earn more revenues.

If you want to make your Facebook ad campaigns more productive, then scaling can come in handy and take your advertisements to the next level. But you should create a decent strategy so that you don’t end up breaking your bank.

Similar to logo and web designing, Facebook ads are essential to grow your business and serve larger audience’s base. On top, spending 300$ instead of 30$ is a big step and needs proper scaling of crucial aspects.

In this article, we will guide you through different ways to scale Facebook advertisements for generating great ROI. Read along to discover everything:

Audience Size

In the contemporary digital world, audience size matters a lot.  When talking about scaling, you shouldn’t consider only the lowest portion of the audience. Instead, you should view an audience from a broad perspective.

For this, you can broaden your search and utilize the Lookalike Audiences option to discover relevant prospects. So how do you do it? The answer is simple, rather than choosing the lowest percentage of the audience, you should target about at least 3 to 8 percent of the audience.

Putting it simply, scaling of Facebook ads can allow you to serve more customers at a given instance. For instance, if you had targeted about two hundred customers, you should aim to target about million customers this time.

Moreover, you can expand your reach from the lowest portion of the audience to much larger. This doesn’t mean that you should overlook the low-profile prospects, as many times, the large portion of audience belongs to low-profile. The Facebook Pixel Tool offers a massive base of customers’ information that can help you discover the relevant customers.

Besides, you can grow an audience by searching for fresh opportunities. Did you think of selling specific products or services in a different place, region, or country? If yes, then Facebook Pixel can help you discover relevant customers located in almost any place in the world. Also, there are more Facebook ads’ services that can assist you in differentiating various types of prospects. Such services can help you assess customers, helping you create an impactful message for a specific group.

Creation of Facebook Funnel

In a scaling process, expansion of the audience’s reach is the most essential step. Moreover, you can organize the funnel to ensure perfection in ad targeting across different audiences. Initially, you can start with the warm audience. This type of audience include users who are aware of your products and services as they have been either visiting your website or watching your ads. For this audience, you don’t need to promote business from scratch. Thus, you will be able to achieve more ROI.

Furthermore, bidding cost for reaching out to warm audience is less. You can aim for specific goals such as image views, video views, clicks, abandoned cars, and segmentation of sales funnel. Also, you can build distinct advertisement sets or even whole campaigns for an individual segment. Through this way, you can measure the results of individual groups and discover the type of retargeting that is capable to yield the highest Return on Advertisement Spending (ROAS).

It requires superior quality content for effective FB ads efforts. If you do not have enough knowledge about funneling different components. Then you can hire one of the paid services to do the job for you.

Budget Allocation

Interestingly, increasing your budget can come into handy and give a boost to social media marketing efforts. However, business owners are often afraid of this step. Thus, marketers need to convince business owners that scaling can’t be done without allocating a significant budget for Facebook ads. On top, you need to consider following things when allocating Facebook ad budget.

The Initial Phase

Undeniably, Facebook ads can generate great leads and conversions if you spend time on understanding and toggling campaign parameters. It comes under the initial phase or learning phase where Facebook discovers about the initial results of your advertisements.

According to Facebook, the moment it delivers ad set, be it start of the campaign or after you make an edit, the platform doesn’t hold required data to deliver it in the most effective way. To get a hold on that data, the platform tends to target ads to various people, discovering who is interested in the optimization. All these activities come in the initial learning phase.

This process can make an ad set accurate and provides you with accurate inputs about exactly how much you need to spend on a Facebook ad campaign. The formula for this concept is as follows: Cost per Purchase x 50 / Conversion Window.

For instance, your average CPP is about $50 and conversion window is set to 10 days. Then, the calculation should go like 50 x 50 /10 = $250. Putting it simply, you need to spend about $250 every day in the learning phase, allowing Facebook to discover the best preferences for your target audience.

You should also know that Facebook ads seldom offers accurate results in the learning phase, as it takes time to experiment and discover the most accurate solution. Thus, you need to stay humble and let the platform work on discovering the best preferences without altering the indicators and objectives.

Split Testing

Split testing is a great way to make a Facebook advertisement precise and effective. In the modern-day, you do not require to allocate budget individually for every test for significant scaling. Now, you can leverage the power of split testing, allowing the platform to discover the most relevant audience for ad targeting. This will allow you to make your ad campaign effective through getting rid of budget wastage and getting the best out of a daily budget.

Embrace Creativity

Until now, we have learned about scaling of daily budget. However, you need to come up with fresh ideas for content creation. You simply cannot attract new audiences through targeting same old content repeatedly. In essence, customers want to see different, unique, changed, and fresh media every time. It triggers them to click. Therefore, you should come up with different content ideas for different stages of sales.

On top, you should aim to adjust content, making it engaging for the audience. In this way, you will not only overburden the audience with useless content. Many professional logo design companies have proven to engage an audience by utilizing distinct content for logos. Having said, great content ideas hold power to improve conversions. Through leveraging the power of engaging and creative content, your business’s Conversion through Rate (CTR) and ROAS will keep on increasing.

Many times, including a brief introductory video can come present your brand in the best manner to the target audience. This approach has helped in converting the cold audience into relevant prospects. Afterward, you can include them in utilizing the content strategy. You can include great media in content strategies such as visuals, videos, images, infographic, and more media.

Also, you should understand the power of word of mouth. It has proven to convince the massive base of potential customers. However, you should remember to utilize true testimonials and insights, as you don’t want to ruin the professional image of your company. Moreover, you should consider users who already understand much about the Facebook ads funnel. They often ask for incentive to make a purchase. You can offer giveaways and discount coupon to them for engagement.

Customized Content

Creating content for Facebook requires you to have technical knowledge about effective advertisements. You should think about different audiences i.e. mobile, desktop, laptop, and tablet ones. You shouldn’t aim for an only single audience. Even if the majority of your audience is using smartphones, still you should reach out to the customer using a computer.

Interestingly, Facebook offers content customization for diverse placements. It is not a time-consuming process. Instead, all you need to do is select placements that support asset customization. Prior to making a campaign go live. It allows you to reach extended prospects.

Also, it helps in getting ahead of the competitors through utilizing diverse placement solutions. Although alternative ad placements do not cover the entire target audience, they enhance the online presence of a business, allowing it to achieve more conversions. It helps a lot in a business’s journey to earn more ROAS.

Final Words

Facebook ads scaling is a complex yet interesting process. It can be understood through an experiment over time. Businesses need to focus more on analysis and planning to make more conversions.

In essence, Facebook ads hold great potential to promote and earn online. We have revealed the best ways to scale Facebook ads and earn more ROAS. We suggest users go through experiments and see how Facebook ads work for them. In case, you are already using Facebook ads, then this guide will come into handy for you. Also, you can create effective ads by leveraging the best content creation ideas.

Author Bio:

Gerry is a tech geek by passion and writer by profession. He finds himself interested in discovering the latest breakthrough in the tech world. Be it the Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, Block Chain, or any other trend, Gerry keeps himself engaged into the modern-day tech gossips. Follow @GerryyWilson on twitter for more updates.

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