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Effective Tips to a Good UI Design

By June SpringJune Spring
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Great user interface design is one of the keys to a successful website, so spending time and effort on it is a necessity. Follow these tips that can help you on your way:


The most important thing you can possibly do is to ensure that the user interface works consistently. Having a consistent UI enables your users to build an accurate and easy understanding of the way it works that don’t need a lot of trainings and support costs.

Use of White Space

White space in design is a valuable element in user interfaces. Correct use of white space lets page elements breathe and tell us what things are grouped with other things.

Make it Intuitive to Use

Users don’t want to waste their time trying to figure out how the website works. Where should they click to get into contact us page, send an application, buy, etc. Thus, make sure that the flow in your website navigations, architecture, buttons, contents are well organized and easy to understand. So, when a user sees it, they know exactly what to do.

Use Colors to Focus Essential Elements

Properly use the color on a page and other elements, especially for ‘call to action’ function. Strong, warm, bright colors are inviting and can grab the eye; they are effective for buttons or coloring areas to which you want to focus.

Managing Errors Concerns

One dominant issue is how we handle error concerns from our users. If your users encountered errors caused by them, don’t reprimand what they did incorrectly. Instead, acknowledge it and help them how to fix the error in your most pleasant tone. Keep in mind that not all users are techie like us.

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