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Effective SEO Tips for Video Content

By June SpringJune Spring
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This article tackles about the step-by-step guide that will provide you with 8 quick tips to get your video SEO strategy off to a terrific start.

Choose the Right Place to Host Your Content

You have two choices when it comes to hosting video. If you want to generate value from the views and maximize total video views then use a third party site because it will have the biggest built-in traffic. But, if you want to bring a potential customer to your site, then it is best to host the video for yourself.

Select a Good Title and Description

Include most important keywords. Select good title and description and make sure that these are user friendly.

Use a Transcription Service

Associating a text transcript with your videos is a great tool to let the search engines and videos sites get a better read of your video content. It is also a key step in unlocking the content.

Consider Mass-Upload Services

There are many resources that automate the process of submitting videos to all major video sharing sites. Use mass-upload services freely if your goal is to improve your site’s ranking by driving links and traffic to the page on your site.

Include Video in Your Sitemaps

Create a video sitemap. It is a document that tells engines about the pages on your site so they have a better chance of being indexed, it is also used to specifically identify and tag videos on your site. If your site does not have a video sitemap, search engines will not be able to include your video directly in related search results.

Optimize Your Video URLs

Optimize the URLs of pages on your site by including in them information about the page itself (In other words www.store.com/maytag-dishwashers.html is a better URL than www.store.com/product12345.html.) The same logic should be applied to the page that contains your video: www.mysite.com/video/seo-tips.html is a stronger URL than www.mysite.com/seo-tips.html

Keep It Short

Make your video short and concise. You can cut it down if you have 30 minutes content of the video and make it into a series of smaller videos. It allows you to multiply the number of videos that you can optimize, tag, drive traffic to, and rank highly on Google for.

Spread the Word

After having created the content, share the word by posting a link to your video on your Facebook and Twitter accounts, allow and encourage commenting on your video, and make it easy for users to share your video on their Facebook, Twitter, YouTube accounts and personal blogs. Email friends and link to the video. Encourage your peers, colleagues, family, and employees to help share the word.

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