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Effect of Link Building to Your Website’s Ranking

By June SpringJune Spring
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You might keep on asking yourself, “How long does it take to impact rankings through link building?” According to a study, it would take ten weeks to get the results of your strategy. On the contrary, some findings show that link building, a tactic used in search engine optimization can have an instantaneous and constant affirmative impact if it’s high – end links.

The findings are obtained from the study that was conducted in a completely different manner on a fairly large website that encloses approximately 200, 000 pages and contains keyword rankings that are considered difficult. It was indicated that it is tough to pin down the impact of the ranking factor for search engine optimization or SEO, for instance, the links. The study shows a living example of how links deliver an immediate impact to your website.

History of the study

The people behind the study works solely with the legal industry and they produce high quality link building to website business that are small or have just started. The impact of link building for them should be in maximum amount. Case studies for link building are then picked to separate the impacts of the links.

Case studies that are suitable of the following criteria:

  • Immensely successful in bringing forth high quality links;
  • Focused in a short time interval, with the real component of link building controlled for about a few days; and
  • For the clients that are non – retainer

Theoretical differences in the studies:

Huge penetration of links.

In this instance, collaborative campaign should be made to the large amount of relevant and high quality links in a short course of time. And perhaps increase the number of quality links from 50% to 300% in not more than two weeks.

Lower authority.

Small business apparently has lower authority, so getting a high impact of link building or even the slightest change is very helpful.

Aim more on traffic instead of rankings.

We prefer using traffic to measure success rather than rankings because it seizes long – tail queries and expansive benefits of links individually. It is also more relevant because it transpose into an actual business. It is more noticeable with local businesses such as law firms, as local results are profoundly affected by links. To that end, overall website traffic should increase quickly with the whole domain authority developments.


Hardly any of these link building campaigns were pushed forward to answer the contemporary events. Graphs are used to display any changes in optimizing websites through link building as the study continues. SEO traffic that goes out to specific content were filtered to write down the distinction in traffic with the rest of the contents found on the website.

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