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Competitive Analysis for SEO Using Search Analytics

By June SpringJune Spring
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There are loads of Google tools used in search engine optimization. Either it used for traffic diagnostics, position changes, looking for content ideas and chances for optimizing. While there are many tools that can contribute to your success, the Google Search Analytics has been at the core of the SEO tools.

We will give you effective ideas on how to use Search Analytics together with Google Spreadsheet to boost your SEO. Make the most out of the Search Analytics and learn to use it the right way. This will lead you how to do competitive analysis using excel.

Search analytics UI drawback

The core problem of the search analytics UI is the grouping. To manage and sort data in search analytics is a difficult task to do that even the comma separated value downloads don’t make it less hard. Seeing the list of keywords and getting their corresponding landing pages in the search analytics is not possible. As an alternative, it should be filtered query by query or by page by page.

Primarily, you can’t group on a large scope using the search analytics UI. You have to use each keyword, each country, landing page to filter just to obtain the data that you need. This will also cost you time.

The API for the save comes which let you do almost anything that you want with web UI, applying any kind of grouping and filtering.

What is search analytics for sheets?

It is a Google sheets add – on that you can use for free. It will allow you to fetch data from the Google Search Console that were filtered and group based on your own preferences and creates a monthly backup. You can install this add – on from the Chrome web store, search for search analytics for sheets.

How does search analytics for sheets assist you?

  • Check opportunities for keyword

Use sheets to filter and show only the rows on the second page of the results and see if the landing pages can moreover be optimized to pull the pages to be visible on the first page. Work on your title tag, content and link building on your pages a little bit.

  • Performance of the landing page

Inspect if there is a mismatch between the landing page and its query. Perchance you can create more landing pages or you can instead have landing pages that target the queries but are not reachable by Google.

  • Monitor traffic status

Noticed changes in traffic? Use the VLOOKUP in comparing two data. Check Google search console for increased errors, faulty site, etc. when positions dropped throughout the board. You can also manually examine queries and distinguish whether Google UI has changed. Yearly monitoring can also be done to see the differences that happened to your website every year. It will make you aware of the status and prepare for a plan to optimize your ranking.

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