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Business Card Design Tips

By June SpringJune Spring
Bundles of business cards with Lord Darth Vader design

Having an outstanding business card design lets you stand out from your competitors. If you haven’t got a card where you can give out to your potential clients, therefore you’re missing out an opportunity for your marketing. But, what comprises an outstanding business card design? This article gives you the best tips to achieve a superb business card design:

Sell Yourself a Little More.

The essential tool a business is having a business card. If your card is not designed well, but has important contact information, it is still useless. Now, if you have the managerial responsibility of the organization, then there’s nothing more effective than a card with your name and contact details. If you’re a newbie to the world of business and don’t operate at such a high level, you should sell yourself a little more.

Choose One Side of the Card or Two.

There are two sides to choose in designing a business card; it’s on one side of the card and two. The first one is applicable if you personally advertise yourself or a representative of the organizations, however, for the second one; use both sides if you are trying to transform your business card into a mini advertising flyer.

Standard Size of the Card.

There are couple standard sizes for business cards. For example, 55×85 mm, even if working with this tiny canvas you can still be creative. You can present your card in a creative way with its important details such as name, phone number and email address. Why is it important to choose what size it has to be? This is to avoid the card looks annoying that they know they cannot create a deal. It should be organized properly.

Choice of Color.

Add your business cards with a little effect of colors for sure you’d be stunned what a difference it makes. You should choose a color that complements one another and will not annoy the content of your card.

Quality Matters.

A competently designed business card is a valuable tool for your company’s branding identity. In every card, the approach should be, that quality matters. The following contribute to an effective business card: stock, design, and colors.

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