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Best Jobs to Work Remotely

By Timan WainianaTiman Wainiana (Guest)
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As innovation increases and the world becomes more connected, working remotely is increasingly gaining ground. Doesn’t everybody dream of working from home? The spread of the COVID-19 pandemic has even hastened the process of transitioning to working remotely.

Career researchers have found that people who work remotely are happy, more satisfied, and productive, and earn a higher average than non-remote workers. A survey from Buffer and AngelList found that 98% of people who work remotely want to stay that way because of its more rewards.

If you’re thinking about working remotely or from home, you might be making the right choice. Many jobs will allow you to work remotely.

Here, we’ve got a list of the best jobs to work remotely that are rewarding and can give you the job satisfaction you need. We do not recommend any; you’ll be the judge.

Here are some top career fields that offer the best jobs to work remotely:

      • Sales and marketing
      • Computer and IT
      • Customer service
      • Medical and health
      • Education and training
      • Accounting and finance

    However, these are not the only sectors that you need to look out for. Many sectors and industries are currently adopting remote work policies.

    Here is our list of the best jobs to work remotely:

    1. Digital and Content Marketing

    Digital marketing is also called online marketing. It has become a popular career option, especially for digital nomads. There are jobs in the digital marketing industry, such as:

    • PPC and SEO
    • Affiliate marketing
    • Email marketing
    • Traffic generation
    • Inbound marketing

    Digital marketing has a high demand and low entry barrier.

    Almost every organization has a website, which they need to market. Every successful blog also has well-planned SEO strategies.

    The typical starting salary of these jobs won’t be six figures, by earning $2-3k per month. However, you have a large room for development and upward mobility that will earn up to $100K-200K annually.

    1. Freelance and Content Development

    From content marketing to copywriting and ghostwriting, the internet has an abundance of freelance writing and content marketing opportunities. Before you find a legitimate writing gig, you’ll need a professional portfolio. These jobs are highly rewarding and suitable for people starting to work remotely.

    Per PayScale, a freelance writer or content developer earns an average annual salary of $39,704.

    1. Software Developer

    The tech industry is the current and future of the workplace. The US News & World Report ranks Software developers to be having the best jobs today. It has the highest median and an excellent choice for remote work. Software developers can work from almost anywhere, provided they have access to a computer.

    There are categories included in software development, such as:

    • Software engineering
    • App development
    • Website design
    • Ops infrastructure
    • Systems administration
    • Graphic design
    • Software testing

    It is expected that software developers will continue to be in high demand.

    The median salary of a software developer is $103,620, but you’ll need to have a Bachelor’s degree.

    1. Transcription, Data Entry, and Coding

    These jobs are suitable for entry-level individuals. Some companies and organizations need individuals to help them with data entry and transcription. If you have typing experience and advanced skills, you can also consider remote coding jobs.

    Per PayScale, the average rate for transcription and data entry jobs is $15.18 per hour, which loosely translates to no less than $2k per month.

    1. Statistician

    You’d require a master’s degree to work as a statistician and earn a median salary of $87,780, according to PayScale.

    There are many opportunities for statisticians in different institutions, such as:

    • Health care
    • Research organizations
    • Government
    • Education

    Statisticians compile, read, and analyze data, something that they can do remotely. They can also be data analysts or scientists, a career path that is one of the most rewarding today.

    1. Customer Service and Support

    Customer service and support is a highly expanding field on the internet today, spurred by the increasing number of online retailers and other digital-based organizations. You can do many of the customer service-related jobs remotely via the internet or through a phone.

    All you need is a great phone, email, and communication skills to work at a virtual call center or customer care representative offering customer service queries remotely.

    The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) notes that the median salary for a customer service representative is about $16.69 per hour.

    1. Accountant

    The BLS notes that you’ll need a Bachelor’s degree to become an accountant earning an average salary of $70,500 to be able to work remotely.

    Accountants have a wide range of opportunities in various industries, including:

    • Government
    • Working for firms
    • Being self-employed

    Regardless of their employer, an accountant’s key role is to maintain financial records, creating statements, and preparing tax forms. This is work that can be done easily from home.

    1. Software Engineer

    A list of location independent jobs is never complete without talking about software engineers.

    Software engineering is almost equal to software development but broader and includes:

    • Web development
    • Mobile app development
    • Other software engineering jobs such as in-house tools for large banks

    Software Engineers can easily earn $100K+ even when working remotely.

    1. Teaching and Tutoring

    Thanks to advances in technology and the availability of high-speed internet, teachers and tutors can work online with students across the globe. Today, enhanced by the COVID-19 pandemic, there is a growing demand for online teachers and tutors.

    The common work-at-home jobs for tutors and teachers include curriculum developer, educator, writing coach, online adjunct professor, or teaching English as a Second Language among many others.

    However, your income is based on the type of classes you teach and the number of hours you work.

    BLS notes that the average annual salary for teachers, education, tutors, and librarians is $60,790.

    How to Find Best Jobs to Work Remotely: Tips and Strategies

    Now that you’ve known the best jobs to work remotely, you’re probably asking yourself where to find these jobs.

    Before you start looking for the best jobs o work remotely, you need to know that just like normal day jobs, remote jobs are also categorized by working hours, benefits and conditions.

    Here are some categories you can search for:

    • Full-time and Part time jobs
    • Contract and Permanent jobs
    • Fulltime and Hourly jobs
    • On-site jobs with flexible schedules
    • Employee and freelance jobs
    • All hand-screened, professional and vetted jobs

    Once you make this important distinction, you can now start looking for remote jobs.

    Again, before you choose the best jobs to work remotely, know how to search. Here are tips:

    • Update your LinkedIn account and let employers know you’re searching for remote jobs
    • Choose the right field or industry, where it is possible to work remotely. Not all jobs allow remote work. For example, choose the jobs highlighted in the above list
    • Research companies before you apply: just like normal job hunting, you need to know the company you’re applying to work remotely
    • Find 100% distributed companies, to shorten you search
    • Look for startups that embrace remote jobs as they’ll always want to find the best talent
    • Search remotely on job board. Focus on job boards both within your country and outside your country

    Examples of job boards to find best jobs to work remotely include:

    • LinkedIn
    • Jobs/StartUp Jobs
    • Flex Jobs
    • Upwork
    • ProBlogger (for writers)
    • Glassdoor
    • com

    There are so many other job boards that you can look for best jobs to work remotely. The secret is to be smart. Search the right place for the right job and be careful not to fall for scam employers.

    Keep Your Data Secure When Working Remotely 

    While working from home is slowly but steadily becoming the new norm, scammers and hackers are increasingly attacking data. The steady change in working conditions means inadequate or lack data security capabilities that you may have had under normal circumstances.

    You need to take appropriate action to protect your data when working from home, such as:

    • Use a quality antivirus software, and always keep it up-to-date, to protect you from malware and viruses and keep your identity safe from hackers.
    • Use a quality VPN to encrypt and mask all your internet traffic from hackers, and enable you to unblock work-restricted or geo-restricted sites.
    • Ensure you carry out adequate research before settling on antivirus, anti-malware, or VPN. You can use review sites such as VPN Watch for adequate information.
    • Use strong passwords or use a quality password manager.
    • Install an ad blocker, to block the ads and pop-ups that often carry malware.
    • Use a reputable browser and adjust its privacy and security settings to the tune of your needs.
    • Don’t provide any personal information to sites that prompt you do so.
    • Don’t fall for the click baits and links on emails, email attachments, or other sites.
    • Download software only from official or trusted sites.
    • Don’t participate in any surveys that you don’t know their source.

    These cautions will help you protect your data while you work remotely. You do not want your computer system hacked and data stolen just because you weren’t cautious and let it happen easily.

    Summing Up 

    Working from home is increasingly becoming a new norm. If you discover that you enjoy working remotely, you can choose from these nine jobs. But don’t limit yourself to these because there are more remote job opportunities you can find online or negotiate with your employer.

    Author Bio

    As a Journalist by profession, Timan Wainiana has extensive experience in writing about various topics under the sun, including technology, gadgets, travel, social media, and digital marketing. If she’s not writing articles, she’s either watching her favorite TV series or playing video games.

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